Working Mother of Twins

Book title: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child - book cover picture

I wish someone had given me this book when I was still pregnant. I would have done things differently from Day 1 when my babies came home. This book explained things in a very common sense way and made me understand. We went from having twins who did not sleep through the night at 7 months to two fabulous sleepers in less than 2 days. It really worked. Now I give this book as part of every baby shower gift I give. Our doctor recommended it to us when he saw how sleep-deprived we were.

EAN: 9780449004029
Pages: 345
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Marc Weissbluth

The best cookbook!!!!

Book title: The Frog Commissary Cookbook
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Frog Commissary Cookbook - book cover picture

I have spent time working as a chef all over the world and this is my favorite cookbook of all time! The recipes are precise and easy to follow, yet still extremely creative. So far I haven't made anything from here that hasn't been fantastic. I always end up giving this as a present and I am very sad to hear it is going out of print. I'll have to try to buy as many as I can, because my copy is starting to fall apart. The last recipe I made was the Grand Marnier Chocolate Mousse Cake, and it was great!!!! However, we all were getting drunk from eating it!

EAN: 9780385184571
Pages: 288
Publisher: Doubleday
Steven Poses
Anne Clark

Very Detailed.

Book title: Life on the Other Side : A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Life on the Other Side : A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife - book cover picture

If you believe in psychics and is open minded than this book is for you. The best thing about this book is that it is very detailed. She tells you the:
What we do for Eternity.
Who will meet us when we go Home.
What animals do.
How Home looks like.
How we get prepare when we leave.
What Goddess and God do when we leave Home and meet up with our fav. messiahs.
The phylum of Angles. (Does not include 2 phylums.)
Changing of the appeariences. Literally.
Doing things with our minds.
Oh, and saving the best for last, if there is any sexual contacts. Which there is.

EAN: 9780525945390
Pages: 249
Publisher: Dutton Books
Sylvia Browne
Lindsay Harrison

Journey from light to darkness and back to light

Book title: Speak
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Speak - book cover picture

Laurie Halse Anderson writes a compelling novel about a teenage girl who suffered a rape at the hands of a popular guy at school. Melinda Sordino was raped at the end-of summer party with her friends. When she calls the police, they bust up the party, yet Melinda is unable to speak of the tragedy she had endured. Her friends think she has betrayed them and Melinda spends the next school year as an outcast. Slowly but surely she works through the pain and is finally able to confess what had happened to her when her ex-friend starts dating the rapist. This powerful story of a teenage girl's journey back to the light after much suffering will capture the heart of the reader. Melinda's courage and ultimate triumph over her demons will leave the reader cheering through tears. Anderson captures the heart-wrenching harshness of Melinda's struggle for acceptance of her peers and her self.

EAN: 9780141310886
Pages: 208
Publisher: Puffin
Laurie Halse Anderson

Great XML coverage

Book title: The Guru's Guide to SQL Server Stored Procedures, XML, and HTML (With CD-ROM)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Guru's Guide to SQL Server Stored Procedures, XML, and HTML (With CD-ROM) - book cover picture

The intro to XML in this book is the best one I've seen. In one chapter I went from not knowing anything about XML to how to build some pretty complex documents and style sheets. I appreciate the thought that went into including the intro. Although it is not about SQLXML specifically it helps you understand the SQLXML chapters later in the book.The SQLXML chapters build on the earlier XML info and helped me get going with SQL Server's XML features. I was especially fond of the templates coverage. These are pretty cool and Henderson explains them in terms anyone could understand.Something that was also great to read was the .Net chapter. It convinced me that I needed to get into this more than I have.

EAN: 0785342700466
Pages: 576
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Ken Henderson


Book title: Zodiac
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Zodiac - book cover picture

This is actually my favorite Stephenson book. As a writer, his curse is usually that he lets the plot go spiraling wildly out of control. Stephenson's books usually don't so much end as grind to a halt. Zodiac is a pleasant exception. Its taut plotting and brevity is clearly modeled on the great detective novels of Dashiell Hammet et al, and doesn't stray into self-importance, and it still has all the wit that makes his books so much fun. Great reading!

EAN: 9780553573862
Pages: 320
Publisher: Spectra
Neal Stephenson

An excellent resource

Book title: Hot Plants for Cool Climates : Gardening with Tropical Plants in Temperate Zones
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Hot Plants for Cool Climates : Gardening with Tropical Plants in Temperate Zones - book cover picture

As a professional horticulturist gardening in zones 5 through 7, I have searched high and low for a good reference book on tropical and subtropical plants. At last I have found it!Hot Plants for Cool Climates is informative, interesting and well-organized. The design suggestions are new and exciting, and the encyclopedia is stuffed with detailed information regarding cultivation. Particularly helpful were the cultivar names listed under each species (god help me, how did they ever whittle down the list under Coleus?) and the overwintering tips. Serious amateurs and professionals alike will benefit from owning this book.

EAN: 0046442963237
Pages: 224
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Dennis Schrader
Susan A. Roth
Susan Roth

The standard cookbook in our house

Book title: Jane Brody's Good Food Book : Living the High-Carbohydrate Way
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Jane Brody's Good Food Book : Living the High-Carbohydrate Way - book cover picture

I love to read cookbooks, and I credit Jane Brody for that! My mother gave me this book years ago when I was trying to eat healthier and it worked. The information on nutrition in the beginning of the book is excellent and I have referred to it again and again. When I got married to a man who would almost rather eat dirt than eat "healthy" food, I won him over with recipes from this book. Now my kids love them, too. I can't say enough good things about Jane Brody - I also have her "Good Food Gourmet" - another triumph and a staple in my kitchen.

EAN: 9780553346183
Pages: 736
Publisher: Bantam
Jane Brody

More Adams-esque Humor

Book title: Last Chance to See....
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Last Chance to See.... - book cover picture

I had to read this book for my Biology class, but unlike most of my fellow classmates, I looked forward to it. I love the works of Douglas Adams and this was no exception. Most of the book was the type of writing you'd find in the frist two Hitchhiker's books but there was also the reflective "Humans are bad, we have to stop destroying the planet" that was in So Long and Thanks For All The Fish. In this case it worked. He made you feel sorry for the endangered animals. So I recommend this book for all fans of Douglas Adams, it's well worth your time

EAN: 9780330320023
Publisher: Pan MacMillan
Douglas Adams
Mark Carwardine

Three Intertwined Tales by a Great New Writer

Book title: The Golden Spruce: A True Story of Myth, Madness, and Greed
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Golden Spruce: A True Story of Myth, Madness, and Greed - book cover picture

If you've ever enjoyed non-fiction masters like John McPhee or Jon Krakauer, then here is another John to keep track of. John Vaillant has written a book that thousands of writers could have written, but the difference is that Vaillant is extremely talented - his writing could stand alone, page-by-page. The result is a compelling true story told by a gifted and wise writer. This book is vastly satisfying to read.

EAN: 9780393058871
Pages: 255
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
John Vaillant

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