Walk Two Moons is the greatest book I have read

Book title: Walk Two Moons (Newbery Medal Book)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Walk Two Moons (Newbery Medal Book) - book cover picture

Walk Two Moons is an inspirational novel. Walk Two Moons has many vivid details that bring the book to life. In Walk Two Moons, a girl named Salamanica Hiddle goes on a trip to Lewiston,Idaho with her grandparents to say goodbye to her mother who left her and her father. Sal tells them a story about her friend, Phoebe's, life. If I had to chose a book by Sharon Chreech I would Chose Walk Two Moons over any of them.From this book I learned that you should always be yourself, no matter what the circumstance are. Also I learned that a perfect family isn't always the best looking from the outside.

EAN: 9780060233341
Pages: 288
Publisher: HarperCollins
Sharon Creech

This is a prerequisite for case tools.

Book title: Modern Structured Analysis (Yourdon Press Computing Series)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Modern Structured Analysis (Yourdon Press Computing Series) - book cover picture

Do not let the published date this book fool you. The principles are sound and hold true for today. This is a structured analysis book, not a programming book.

This book goes way beyond flow charts. In addition, take you into the realm of entity-relationship diagrams, tools of structured analysis, state-transition diagrams, and behavioral models, automated tools, and various charts such as Gant.

This book is just the beginning and has references for further applications.

(I have the hard back version and have not seen the Paperback)

EAN: 9780135986240
Pages: 688
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Edward Yourdon

Watership Down

Book title: Watership Down
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Watership Down - book cover picture

Watership Down by Richard Adams is a novel about Hazel and his band of rabbits who escape from their overcrowded warren after Fiver, Hazel's brother who can predict the future, warns them of a disaster that will strike the warren. On the journey to find a new home, Hazel and his followers face drowning as they try to cross a river, being attacked by predators, and hostile rabbits from other warrens. Hazel manages to steal does from these warrens and bring them to his new home on Watership Down. After one final encounter with an angry rabbit general and the help of the seabird Keehar, the warren is free from danger and Hazel's rabbits are able to live peacefully. Watership Down is an exciting book that is almost impossible to put down once you start reading it. If you like adventure books that are a little different or that have a twist, I would recommend Watership Down to you.

EAN: 9780140039580
Pages: 478
Publisher: Penguin Books
Richard Adams

on the nose!

Book title: Dumbing Down Our Kids: Why America's Children Feel Good About Themselves but Can't Read, Write, or Add
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Dumbing Down Our Kids: Why America's Children Feel Good About Themselves but Can't Read, Write, or Add - book cover picture

i was a teaching assistant at ucla for two years and i am currently in my third year of high school teaching in the los angeles unified school district. this book is deadly accurate on all points. i see first-hand every day high school students who can't read without difficulty or who can't read at all. i see students who can't compute simple fractions. and we continue to be forced to spend every "staff development day" working on "student learning standards", which are another name for outcome based standards. this is by day. at night, i take classes at a local university to earn my credential. they are useless and don't help me teach better. the united states is in trouble. i have read this book twice. and i intend to read it at least every other year to remind me that if i conform to these ridiculous outcome based standards, that i will be doing my students a disservice. this is a great, great book.

EAN: 9780312134747
Pages: 341
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Charles J. Sykes
Prelude Pr

An indispensible classic

Book title: The New York Times Cook Book
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The New York Times Cook Book - book cover picture

I have been consistently impressed with Craig Claiborne's New York Times Cookbook. I expected the recipes to be complicated and to require expensive or obscure ingredients. This is not the case at all. This is a surprisingly accessible cookbook for someone who has at least basic cooking skills. Not for absolute beginners, but certainly not for advanced chefs only. While other general-purpose cookbooks like Joy of Cooking will provide more nitty-gritty information, this one is pure pleasure cover to cover.

EAN: 9780060160104
Pages: 799
Publisher: Morrow Cookbooks
Craig Claiborne


Book title: Stronghold
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Stronghold - book cover picture

I absolutly adored this book, and the previous series. The characters were amazingly written, and completely real in a sense. I even found myself teary-eyed when Rohan died(sorry if I ruined the ending for some of you!). The Sunrunners magic is the most detailed, astounding magic I've found throughout my long-time fascination with fantasy novels. And to the "reader" who claimed Melanie Rawn could learn something from Robert Jordan, I must disagree. Jordan, although another wonderful author, could learn a bit of something from Melanie Rawn. I never found myself as "glued" to the Wheel of Time series as I was to the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star series (although I do agree that they should have been one series, it could have cut down on quite a bit of confusion.)

EAN: 9780330326339
Publisher: Pan MacMillan
Melanie Rawn

Outstanding, Intriguing and Clear

Book title: The Fabric of the Cosmos : Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Fabric of the Cosmos : Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality - book cover picture

Brian Greene, with this book, has become one of my preferred scientific authors. His descriptive method is not only clear and concise, but also leads to train our minds to understand the complexity of quantum mechanics with real world examples. I have read several other books related to this matter and I wish my start-up book would have been this one. In short, I conclude and suggest that this is a must read book even for non starters as it chronologically assembles the concepts that need to be well understood to learn the scientific reality.

EAN: 9780375727207
Pages: 592
Publisher: Vintage
Brian Greene

Outstanding Textbook

Book title: Essentials of Statistics (2nd Edition)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Essentials of Statistics (2nd Edition) - book cover picture

I teach statistics at 2 colleges. I use this book. It is outstanding in its clarity and mathematical depth. Students with strong math backgrounds will appreciate the fine logic developed by this book as it explains statistics. The word problems are outstanding and relevant to applications across broad fields of interests. The examples are explained thoroughly. This book is very well priced for the student who is struggling to pay tuition, fees, etc. Highly recommend this book to all serious students.

EAN: 9780201771299
Pages: 672
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Mario F. Triola


Book title: The Man in the Brown Suit (Agatha Christie Mysteries Collection (Paperback))
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Man in the Brown Suit (Agatha Christie Mysteries Collection (Paperback)) - book cover picture

I think this is one of the BEST work of myatery by Agatha Christie. Not only was the plot intriguing, the murderer (murderess?) was totally unexpected. I mean, in ALL her books, the murderer is unexpected, but I usually guess who it is. (I'm not boasting!)But in this book, I HAD my theories as to who the murderer was, but when I learnt who the real person was.. I was stunned! OK, I think I've said enough. Time for you to read it yourself & find out.

EAN: 9780425067864
Pages: 240
Publisher: Berkley
Agatha Christie

Want to know more about the early church and the Bible?

Book title: The Bible in Greek Christian Antiquity (The Bible in Early Christianity , So3)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Bible in Greek Christian Antiquity (The Bible in Early Christianity , So3) - book cover picture

This collection of essays about the use of the Scriptures in the early church is valuable to any student of the early church or of the Scriptures. Something often missing from commentaries on the Scriptures is an understanding of how they were used and received by the early church. This information ought to inform our methods for reading and using the Scriptures, as well as our understanding of them.The essays on early liturgies, Christian art (i.e. iconography) and martyrs are probably the best in the collection, but those on asceticism and the use of the Bible by the early Bishops of the Church such as Iranaeus of Lyon are quite good as well.Despite the price, this is a "must have" for any serious student of Church History or the Bible.

EAN: 9780268007010
Pages: 468
Publisher: University of Notre Dame Press

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