Very objective look at a relatively obscure episode.

Book title: The Fall of Che Guevara: A Story of Soldiers, Spies, and Diplomats
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Fall of Che Guevara: A Story of Soldiers, Spies, and Diplomats - book cover picture

Ryan places Guevara's Bolivian adventure in an historical context that gives it hemispheric significance. As a case study of the US's Latin American counterinsurgency efforts in the 1960s, it demonstrates that the mistakes made in Vietnam were not repeated everywhere. Ryan also attacks some widely held assumptions, including Guevara's diminished ties with Cuba and CIA involvement in his eventual execution. Although objective at all times, this is "history with a heart". Key characters, such as Guevara himself, are brought to life by the author demonstrating not only his mistakes but his tremendous integrity, honor, and determination. A must-read for students of U.S.-Latin American relations during the Cold War.

EAN: 9780195118797
Pages: 224
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Henry Butterfield Ryan

our 5 star rated book~ a review by Olivia

Book title: Maniac Magee (Newbery Medal Book)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Maniac Magee (Newbery Medal Book) - book cover picture

Have you ever read a book that makes you want to read more? Well if you like thoughs kind of books, you will like Maniac Magee. My class gave it 5 stars. We think it deserved its newberry award. It is a fun packed, realilistic story. Maniac Mage has lots of actionand mild racism. like in the story there is an east end and a west end the blacks always stayed on the east end , and the whites always stayed on the west end, exsept for Jeffrey Magge he goes everywere. Jeffrey Magee starts as a three-year-old infant that grows up with his aunt and uncle and then leaves to find him selfe all alone. He meets lots of family, friends, and enimies, but yet at the end he seems to find peace with all of them. he looses and gains all at the same time. If you don't believe me then go and get a copy of this book and read it yourself. It will help you understand the difference between mild and extreem racism. It also will show you what the homeless kids go through day by day .

EAN: 9780316807227
Pages: 184
Publisher: Little, Brown
Jerry Spinelli

very good, and a great gift too!

Book title: YOU: The Owner's Manual : An Insider's Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
YOU: The Owner's Manual : An Insider's Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger - book cover picture

I learned so much from this book, starting from the first chapter on. It is easy to understand, as the doctor's put things in easy and even funny terms. I found it all very interesting and helpfull. I found myself thinking that someone should use it in a health class as a suppliment text book, because it is a lot more fun to read than any of my health class text ever were. I am going to give this as a gift, too, and I know my friends and family will like it.

EAN: 9780060765316
Pages: 432
Publisher: Collins
Michael F. Roizen
Mehmet Oz

Tricky reading but pays off

Book title: Anti-Mimesis from Plato to Hitchcock (Literature, Culture, Theory)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Anti-Mimesis from Plato to Hitchcock (Literature, Culture, Theory) - book cover picture

Cohen's work here is especially demanding - a very tricky style of writing, I think - but if you can get past that, the essays collected in this work pay you back. While far too many critical theories sabotage their own projects from the very beginning, leaping into ill-thought generalizations of identity or politics, Cohen is aiming for something much much larger than that. Recommended for textualists, deconstructors, and anyone unsatisfied with the disguised vacuity of today's critical scene. 5 stars for me!

EAN: 9780521465847
Pages: 280
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Tom Cohen

My First Shannara

Book title: First King of Shannara
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
First King of Shannara - book cover picture

This was the first Shannara book I ever read, and it remains one of my favorite books. This novel introduces some really cool characters, like Tay and Risca, as well as one of the best non-valemen/Leah human characters: Kinson Ravenlock. Meeting Jerle Shannara, ancestor of the Ohmsfords and namesake of the series, was also quite amazing. I hope Terry writes another novel set in the early history of the Four Lands to show other members of the Shannara clan and other prominent families.

EAN: 9780345396532
Pages: 448
Publisher: Del Rey
Terry Brooks

lovely book

Book title: Unfinished tales of Numenor and Middle-earth
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Unfinished tales of Numenor and Middle-earth - book cover picture

Though Unfinished Tales cannot be read as a book in its own right, any one who comes to it after reading The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion will indubitably find it interesting, as the book gives various nuggets of information about characters, events and places that are only hinted at in the other two books; e.g. the chapter on the Istari. 'Old' legends or myths of Middle-Earth, like the actual story of Isildur's fall in the Gladden Fields, are given in their 'authoritative' versions. A number of other tales, like the history of Galadriel and Celeborn or the Black Riders' hunt for Frodo and the Ring, are told in different versions or from differing perspectives.
A particular gem is the story of Aldarion and Erendis, the only story of Numenor before its fall. Through it, Numenor becomes a living place, not just a name from legends.
A map of Numenor is also included in the book.
A lovely book - no other words for it.

EAN: 9780395299173
Pages: 472
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
J. R. R Tolkien

great book for researchers

Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
DIFFUSION OF INNOVATIONS, 4TH ED. - book cover picture

this is one of a kind book that researchers in sociology, psychology and business can use. great to be used in determining the audience impact, use of certain media, tools, ideas, etc. the model used is exactly an innovation that researchers can't resist in using. a new paradigm shift in research methodology. the book is full of illustrative stories to use in related literature of a study. E. Rogers is an excellent scholar. i give him a five star award for his innovation. From: Prof. Rudy P. Divino, DBA(cand)

EAN: 9780029266717
Pages: 518
Publisher: Free Press
Everett M. Rogers

An Amazing Adventure

Book title: Hatchet
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Hatchet - book cover picture

Hatchet was written by Gary Paulsen. It is copyrighted in 1987. Hatchet is about a thirteen-year-old boy named Brian Robeson. He was on a single engine airplane on his way to visit his father in Canada. On his way, the pilot has a heart attack. The plane crashes and the rest of the book tells how he survives the Canadian Wilderness. I recommend this book for ages 11-15. Hatchet is very interesting because during his duration in the Canadian Wilderness, it shows how he deals with his parents divorce

EAN: 9780027701302
Pages: 208
Publisher: Atheneum/Richard Jackson Books
Gary Paulsen

Amazing...the most potent story I've ever read

Book title: Maniac Magee (Newbery Medal Book)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Maniac Magee (Newbery Medal Book) - book cover picture

Jerry Spinelli has an amazing way with words. The first time I read Maniac Magee, I cried. I have never cried reading a book before. Sitting there sobbing, I re-read in my opinion the most powerful part of the story, when this young boy, only 12, believes no one cares about him and he is useles. After finishing it I re-read it again, and again, and again....READ IT! It's my favorite book....ever.... I am certain that Mr. Spinelli's next book, which I am reading, Stargirl, will be just as thought provoking.

EAN: 9780316807227
Pages: 184
Publisher: Little, Brown
Jerry Spinelli

A Historical Page Turner?

Book title: An Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
An Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power - book cover picture

This book was required reading for my Business History class. I bought this book expecting boring text that I would probably not even read, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is a very informative and enjoyable book. You can learn much about not only the history of American economy, but about American history as a whole. The best part is that you will enjoy the reading, which I found to be page turning. Not many historical books can be put in that category. Reading this book is a must!

EAN: 9780060093624
Pages: 480
Publisher: HarperCollins
John Steele Gordon

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