Very Well Researched and tied together.

Book title: Only the Ball Was White: A History of Legendary Black Players and All-Black Professional Teams
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Only the Ball Was White: A History of Legendary Black Players and All-Black Professional Teams - book cover picture

This book was not what I thought it would be. Its part stat book, part biography, part history of the leagues. It is not as story-like as I expected and seems a bit fractured in places. Having said that, its a wonderful book that conveys a lot of the zeitgeist of the time. For a book with so many facts, it is surprisingly easy to read. Though, at times it seems to repeat itself, it still conjures up an age when African American players wore their caps sideways, introduced stealing bases on a regular basis etc... It is a shame that so many sad periods in world history become fascinating periods to read about for generations that follow after. Educational, entertaining and solidly researhed, bravo!

EAN: 9780195076370
Pages: 416
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Robert Peterson

Great Read!!

Book title: My Soul to Keep
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
My Soul to Keep - book cover picture

Whew, was all I could say once I read "My Soul To Keep." For a first time Sci-Fi reader, I chose a great book and I am looking forward to more work by Ms. Due. This was a definite page turner, no doubt about that, and if I wasn't in college, I'd have probably dedicated a whole day into finishing this book. The begining was great, the ending was...different, but great, and the overall story was great. Now, if there was a sequel. Anything these days is believable, and Ms. Due made it such. This was a twist from all the other alien/immortal life that people say exist. I am in awe of the information that she provided. Hmm, makes me want to doubt a man who I thought was too perfect...

EAN: 9780061053665
Pages: 352
Publisher: Eos
Tananarive Due

But be warned-

Book title: Ilium
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Ilium - book cover picture

I agree with the consensus of reviews. Simmons has outdone himself. BUT -- this is not a standalone novel. It is the first half of a very, very long novel. Simmons chopped off Ilium at a reasonable point in the plot, but we are going to need to read the second half for the sense of completion a novel normally delivers. That said, hurry to buy or borrow it, and wait eagerly for the next installment.You don't need to know a lot about the Iliad. Simmons provides enough information so that I never felt lost. The Shakespearean allusions were more of a problem. I think a reading of "The Tempest" (or even just a summary) would be helpful. But if you like, you can blow past all of that and still enjoy the novel and get lots out of it.

EAN: 9780380817924
Pages: 752
Publisher: HarperTorch
Dan Simmons

Excellent, unbiased and well-documented overview

Book title: Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict - book cover picture

This book was on the syllabus of Professor Zachary Lockman's course on Israel and Palestine at Harvard, where I first learned of it. It is extremely well-documented, unbiased and comprehensive, and is also a very easy read. One of the most interesting aspects of the book is its documentation of early Zionists' use of terrorist tactics which Palestinians have more recently begun to use. Although some readers criticize the book as unbiased, it is difficult to make that claim since the book is meticulously documented and relies heavily on Israeli and historical documents and newspaper archives.

EAN: 9780312096496
Publisher: Bedford/St Martins
Charles D. Smith

best new novel I've read in years

Book title: The Hours : A Novel
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Hours : A Novel - book cover picture

I'm stunned to discover that there are people who had trouble reading this book or thought it was only for snobbish literary types. I read it while sick and feverish just after reading a wild thriller by Carl Hiason ("Native Tongue") and had no trouble at all figuring it out: it swept me forward, though at times the languare was so stunning I wanted to reread and savor a paragraph here and there. Though I agree that the '40s bored housewife wasn't as well drawn as the other two women, over all I was amazed that a man could depict the inner life of women so well. So many lauded, prize-winning new novels just leave me cold and I mostly read "classics," but this book just blew me away.

EAN: 9780312243029
Pages: 240
Publisher: Picador
Michael Cunningham

You won't be able to put this one down!

Book title: The Cabinet of Curiosities
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
The Cabinet of Curiosities - book cover picture

Forget making any plans-schedule absolutely nothing! You will not be able to put this down! Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have created another page turner with the return of FBI Agent Pendergast (Relic) and Dr. Nora Kelly and Bill Smithback (Thunderhead). As a former crime scene technician and archeology nut I found this book to be well written and one hell of a fun read. If you want thrills and chills this is the book for you.

EAN: 9780446611237
Pages: 656
Publisher: Warner Books
Douglas Preston
Lincoln Child

"And He shall give His angels charge over thee ..."

Book title: Archangel (Samaria Trilogy, Book 1)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Archangel (Samaria Trilogy, Book 1) - book cover picture

I read this book in two days; it has been many years since
such a thing occurred in my life. I had even despaired that there were no more good tales out there to be told. This is most assuredly one of them.

The melding of angel & mortal, in the face of faith versus unbelief, lifted my spirits. The characters were so real to me, I was near to tears by the end of the book. I did not want to leave them; they had become as real to me as true friends. The story is one of adventure & betrayal & eventually right overcoming wrong. But along the way, like any good story, there is much to be seen & tasted & felt.

I look forward to "Jovah's Angel" with great anticipation!

EAN: 9780441004324
Pages: 400
Publisher: Ace
Sharon Shinn

One To Be Savored

Book title: The Rule of Four
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Rule of Four - book cover picture

I fell in love with this book almost from the first chapter, when the main character, Tom, describes the aftermath of a terrible accident that kills his father. The verbage is so rich, yet so personal, and at the same time so alive with semi-comic possibility. The cast of older characters (the main characters are college seniors, but a small bevy of older gentlemen help and hinder them at turns) have a rich, almost mythological quality to them, and the oldest character of all, Francesco Colonna, is a true gem. The story of what becomes of Colonna in late 15th century Italy is for the ages. One of the writers' tricks is their prose, each sentence of which seems to distill about a paragraph's worth of information from a lesser book. There are individual sentences here that deserve second and third readings, not because they are difficult, but because they are savory.

EAN: 9780440241355
Pages: 464
Publisher: Dell
Ian Caldwell
Dustin Thomason

Gripping, exciting, & sexy...

Book title: Bold Wolf
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Bold Wolf - book cover picture

...I am from Maine, so I sought out this particular offering inEdwards' Indian series. The Penobscot have my undying admiration, andCassie Edwards has brought their culture to live. As always, the romance sparkles with sexual tension and that unique tenderness which comes between lovers from two cultures. Strong people have strong conflict, and Shanna and Bold Wolf keep the reader gripped to the last page. Very enjoyable!

EAN: 9780451408419
Pages: 347
Publisher: Topaz
Cassie Edwards

Wonderful for Daily Study and Reflection!

Book title: 365 Tao : Daily Meditations
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
365 Tao : Daily Meditations - book cover picture

I found this book a wonderful read for my morning ritual of Study and Reflection before doing my Hatsu Rei discipline.

It is something that I will definately pass down to my Daughter as she learns the tradition of Tao.

I liked it a little bit better than the book 365 Zen because it was shorter and more to the point than 365 Zen.

It is meant to give the mind something to Meditate and focus on and it does this for me. I Love it!


EAN: 9780062502230
Pages: 400
Publisher: HarperSanFrancisco
Ming-Dao Deng

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