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Book title: Language Disorders From Infancy Through Adolescence: Assessment & Intervention
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Language Disorders From Infancy Through Adolescence: Assessment & Intervention - book cover picture

After repeatedly checking this book out from the library, I bought my own copy. I found the organization of assessment and treatment by age group to be helpful, and the wealth of non-standardized testing methods both appropriate and easy to implement. As the author says, it is designed for the beginning clinician and provides a worthwhile resource for anyone working with children. Though it does provide theoretical discussion, it is primarily a "hands-on" book. I would recommend this book as a primary text, a supplemental text, or a resource for SLPs who are updating their knowledge and practice in child language.

EAN: 9780323006606
Pages: 650
Publisher: C.V. Mosby
Rhea Paul


Book title: A Darkness at Sethanon : Volume IV in the Riftwar Saga (Riftwar Saga)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
A Darkness at Sethanon : Volume IV in the Riftwar Saga (Riftwar Saga) - book cover picture

Fiest has the gift, no doubt. A very large gift, at that! The plot wasn't quite original - the usual Fantasy build-up: find out, go on a quest, journy, fight, win... But Feist has an incredible talent to describe his world vividly. Lots of detail, just like Tolkien, only without prolonging the story unnecessarily. He allows his creative world to thrive within the reader. "A Darkness at Sethanon", even more than the other books in the Riftwar saga, is simply inspiring! The characters, for one, HAVE character. Grim Arutha, wise Pug, evil Murmandamus, shrewd Jimmy the Hand and mirthful Amos. Every different creature is a world in itself. "A Darkness at Sethanon" brings the Riftwar saga to a gripping and satisfying conclusion. Don't believe me? Ask me how long it took me to finish this amazing book...!

EAN: 9780553263282
Pages: 464
Publisher: Spectra
Raymond Feist


Book title: Carnage and Culture : Landmark Battles in the Rise to Western Power
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Carnage and Culture : Landmark Battles in the Rise to Western Power - book cover picture

Hanson does an excellent job of explaining why the West has always managed to be victorious over Eastern cultures. His primary thesis is that our democracy, free-markets and Western rationalism have been the main-spring of our ability to defeat other civilizations throughout history.
Hanson states that the political and economic institutions of the West produce better weaponry and give our soldiers a stake in the outcome of a particular armed conflict. Other political and economic institutions, such as the theocracies in the case of the Islamic fundamentalist regimes of the Middle East, fail in comparison to the West because they do not permit the freedom required to give rise to open scientific inquiry and the dynamic economy required to produce cutting edge weaponry.

EAN: 9780385720380
Pages: 544
Publisher: Anchor
Victor Hanson

Harry Potter II, Best book of the year

Book title: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2) - book cover picture

This book is the second book in the Harry Potter Serries. It is about how Harry ,now in his second year of Hogwarts, Ron and Heirmone discover a serious problem in Hogwarts. Someone had opened the Chamber of Secrets letting loose a horrible monster who attacks people on command. Harry and his pals now have taken it upon themselves to find out who opened the Chamber and stop the monster. If you want to find out what happens to Harry and his friends read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

EAN: 0038332154948
Pages: 352
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
J.K. Rowling

The perfect book for teenage vegetarians-to-be

Book title: The Teen's Vegetarian Cookbook
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Teen's Vegetarian Cookbook - book cover picture

This book has hundreds of recipies. The good thing is that they're not all complicated and full of exotic ingredients. Many of the recipies can be made in under 10 minutes. What I really liked about this book was how chock full of ideas it is. Besides recipies, theres also tips and hints on becoming a vegetarian, short cuts to use while cooking, how to cooperate with a meat-eating family, a glossary of unusual foods, and tons more. There is quotes and ideas from other vegetarian teens to help you get started, too. I highly reccomend it to anyone!

EAN: 9780140385069
Pages: 192
Publisher: Puffin
Judy Krizmanic

Best book on mehndi

Book title: The Art of Mehndi
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Art of Mehndi - book cover picture

This is the best book on the art of mehndi I have found. It is packed with color photo examples including many of stars such as Madonna & Gwen Stefani. The featured designs are both beautiful & unique.The author starts out with a brief history including the wedding customs & symbolism of the designs in India, North Africa, the Middle East, & Asia. She also covers the trend as it has developed in the western world.Next there are clear step-by-step instructions for preparing your skin, wrapping the cone, making the paste, & applying the henna. Even using stencils, applying transfers & painting freehand are expertly explained. Numerous design illustrations follow including tips, tricks & techniques for decorating all parts of the body. I especially liked the floral necklace with bindis & vine belt designs. A resource list for both the US and UK is a nice bonus.

EAN: 9780140284010
Pages: 144
Publisher: Studio
Sumita Batra
Liz Wilde
Ann Marie Gardner

Beyond the human range, a touch of hell a drop of strange

Book title: The Shining (Signet)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Shining (Signet) - book cover picture

Stephen King delivers one of his best stories ever about Jack Torrance, and his stay at the Overlook. Fighting against alcohol, Jack digs into the past of the hotell, while his own violent past catches up with him. His son Danny sees the evil but there is nobody around to believe him, except the chief cook at the hotell. Danny screams out for help with his special giff called "The Shining". But does help get there in time? Or will Jack be able to "correct" his naughty family?

EAN: 9780451160911
Pages: 464
Publisher: Signet Book
Stephen King

Excellent Summary of Latin Grammar with Good Exception Lists

Book title: The Bantam New College Latin & English Dictionary (The Bantam New College Dictionary Series)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Bantam New College Latin & English Dictionary (The Bantam New College Dictionary Series) - book cover picture

I am not quite sure where to begin comparing this to the amount words in the dictionary, as I could never begin comparing it to the mammoth Oxford Latin Dictionary, but it is definitely one of the most comprehensive "pocket" Latin dictionaries on the market. I did notice several careless mistakes in spelling definitions (!), but nothing that someone who is knowledgeable enough of the English language to be using the dictionary would not catch. Overall? VG

EAN: 9780553573015
Pages: 672
Publisher: Bantam
John Traupman

Nice addition to the series

Book title: The Princess Diaries, Volume VI: Princess in Training (Princess Diaries)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Princess Diaries, Volume VI: Princess in Training (Princess Diaries) - book cover picture

I thought Princess in Training was a very nice addition to the Princess Diaries books. I will admit that this was not my favorite book in the series, but I still couldn't put it down. Meg Cabot always does a wonderful job of capturing real teenage problems in her books. I could totally understand and relate to the problems Mia had. Like other reviewers, I thought this book did go a little over the top on the whole sex thing, but it was still a great book. Also, how could you not love Mias student council debate speech? I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend Princess in Training to everyone who likes the other books in the series.

EAN: 9780060096137
Pages: 288
Publisher: HarperCollins
Meg Cabot

Don't let the title fool you - it's deep

Book title: How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth - book cover picture

I was introduced to this book in my first seminary biblical exegesis class. My opening thought was "with its title this the book is going to be a joke." Boy was I wrong. First off, nothing by Gordan Fee is a joke. Second, this small book is one of the best sources on biblical interpretation in the world right now. Third, it is an easy to understand book, yet it does not skimp on the details of biblical exegesis. After my first time through "How to Read the Bible ..." I realized that this was a book that I could recommend to anyone wanting to know more about how to read the Bible and understand every word. The book is not condescending to scholars but is still understandable to those that do not have a theological background. I was a "title snob" and this book proved me wrong.

EAN: 0025986246044
Pages: 288
Publisher: Zondervan
Gordon D. Fee
Douglas Stuart

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