Una obra maestra!

Book title: El Alquimista: Una Fabula Para Seguir Tus Suenos
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
El Alquimista: Una Fabula Para Seguir Tus Suenos - book cover picture

He leido muchos libros de Coelho, siendo todos, obras literarias de profundo talento...Pero el Alquimista es, y seguira siendo su obra maestra. Te cambia la vida completamente.
Con las narraciones del personaje principal, mientras embarca un viaje, aprendes mas sobre la vida, sobre el amor, y mas sobre la espiritualidad dentro de cada uno de nosotros...
Se lo recomiendo a todos que deseen encontrar su "leyenda personal"...

EAN: 9780062511409
Pages: 192
Publisher: Rayo
Paulo Coelho

Simple truths that make a big difference

Book title: The Weigh Down Diet
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Weigh Down Diet - book cover picture

If you are considering losing weight, I hope you will give this a try. The basic ideas in the book are simple and truly effective. Over several months, this book helped me relearn my eating habits and changed my whole life for the better. I lost forty pounds, and have kept it off for a year now with absolutely no regain. Best of all, food is no longer a source of worry in my life. I am not nearly as bubbly a Christian as Shamblin and many of the Weigh Down participants, and I have heard various criticisms regarding Weigh Down (some of which are just silly), but none of that changed the effectiveness of the simple, true message in this book. My family eats a much more nutritious and varied diet now, cooking is much more fun, we are more aware of God, and we feel much better physically. This little book made a big difference to our whole family.

EAN: 9780385487627
Pages: 336
Publisher: Doubleday
Gwen Shamblin

Still a Vision for Tomarrow

Book title: Looking Backward, 2000-1887 (Penguin Classics)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Looking Backward, 2000-1887 (Penguin Classics) - book cover picture

In sharp contrast to the raving, misanthopic Capitalist who gave this excellent book one star, Bellamy laid out his vision for a humanistic society... one which was natural and beneficial to humankind, rather than one which takes advantage of the poor, weak, or less talented. It is sad that Bellamy's vision for the 20th century only saw some chance of coming true with the New Deal and some of the social movements of the 1960s. Today, when crony coporate capitalism, fundamentalist religion, and evil seekers of oil, money and power rule the mindset of this once hopeful country (USA), the chance for humanism is slim indeed. If only the likes of those misanthropic capitalists who mock and distort Bellamy were to dissapear, we'd have a much healthier planet.

And by the way, what we saw in the former USSR or in China today is NOT what Bellamy had in mind; but itself a misantropic, power-based dictatorship-based government which was/is just as unhumanistic as the U.S. is now.

EAN: 9780140390186
Pages: 234
Publisher: Penguin Books
Edward Bellamy

I love the way this book appeals to kids, with no violence!!

Book title: Broken Horse (Saddle Club(R))
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Broken Horse (Saddle Club(R)) - book cover picture

The Author of all Saddle Club books, Bonnie Bryant,has also writen many young adult novels. When Eve, an abused horse, is rescued by Carole, Stevie, and Lisa, no one but Lisa thinks that she will survive. She seems to be getting better but has a turn for the wurst!! I can't tell you any more you'll have to read it yourself!! But I'm sure you'll just love the warmth and caring that this book brings to your mind. I sure did!

EAN: 9780553483758
Pages: 144
Publisher: Skylark
Bonnie Bryant

One of a small set of "must read" books.

Book title: Effective Tcl/Tk Programming : Writing Better Programs with Tcl and Tk (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Effective Tcl/Tk Programming : Writing Better Programs with Tcl and Tk (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series) - book cover picture

If you were forced to identify the best Tcl/Tk book ever written, this would be it. The examples are not just toys. They are useful in their own right. The breadth covered is extensive. Each topic covered is the best I have yet seen. With this book, you can probably even omit reading Ousterhout. It is hard to provide code and then to describe the code in a useful way but this book accomplishes it, with no nonsense. I keep three copies, one at home, one at work, and one in my brief case. McLennon created [incr Tcl] and his intro to it in "Tcl/Tk Tools" is also good. I wish he had written "[incr Tcl] from the Ground Up" as his style is more concise than Chad Smith.

EAN: 0785342634747
Pages: 432
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Mark Harrison
Michael McLennan

What's not to love? Entertainment, education, action!

Book title: Up Country
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Up Country - book cover picture

True, I am a DeMille-ie (sans decoder ring)but he once again transports me to his set, his characters, and yes, lots of action. DeMille successfully fuses his own VietNam experiences with a great story. I felt guilty enjoying his...reparte...with Mang. I took parts of this book as an education as well as entertainment. I appreciated seeing his war experiences through Up Country. My curiosity led me to look up some of his sites. That is when I know I am having fun - I become curious. By the way, his web site states that he is available to receive th Nobel Prize. Well, c'mon to California and we will give you a Nobel Prize - real milk chocolate - unencumbered by the tedious prize money and blinding publicity. Hey, its not a twin sheep or anything. Who cashes those five foot checks anyway? Read and enjoy.

EAN: 9780446611916
Pages: 880
Publisher: Warner Vision
Nelson DeMille

She just goes on and on......

Book title: The World to Come : The Guides' Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The World to Come : The Guides' Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age - book cover picture

I had read all of Ruth Montgomery's books by the time I was 15.... and many many years later ... I simply never thought to wonder if she was still out there. Her last books from the 70's had pictures of her looking so old and ancient as she was, I just assumed she had passed on long ago.....Then I stumbled upon this book!! Flipped out of my mind I bought it right there and read it in about an hour (its quite small).The much needed final chapter to her life's work...Thanks Ruth.

EAN: 9780609604793
Pages: 160
Publisher: Harmony
Ruth Montgomery

Dawn of Fury

Book title: The Dawn of Fury
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Dawn of Fury - book cover picture

I am a rabid fan of Louis Lamour, and like many others have been searching for another author of his stature. Eureeka!!!! I have been successful in my journey. Mr. Compton has captured the imajination of yet another avid western novel reader. I was totally engrossed in this book, I felt all of Nathan Stone's triumph and pain, each and every bullett and knife wound. I am so excitedly looking forward to reading, "Autumn of the gun" and "Killing Season". I tremendously enjoyed this character.

EAN: 9780451186317
Pages: 496
Publisher: Signet
Ralph Compton

600 pages and nothing accomplished

Book title: Soul of the Fire (Sword of Truth, Book 5)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Leather Bound
Soul of the Fire (Sword of Truth, Book 5) - book cover picture

I *really* liked the WoT series thus far. But it sure seemed like nothing much happened in The Path of Daggers. Barely a mention of Mat Cauthan(sp?)... and it didn't seem like much progress made. I am not an author, and have no idea what it is like to be an author, but it seemed to me like it *couldn't* have taken a year to write that book (daggers). I *really* like Goodkind's books thus far as well. I also like broccoli, and carrots, but I wouldn't compare one to the other.

EAN: 9780312869175
Pages: 528
Publisher: Tor Books
Terry Goodkind


Book title: In the Forests of the Night (Laurel Leaf Books)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
In the Forests of the Night (Laurel Leaf Books) - book cover picture

For someone who's the same age as me, she's pretty good! I'm a writer myself and am on my 4th book. I do not write about vampires, ghosts, or anything like she does. This is the first vampire book I ever read and I can not say whether it's original or not, like some people on the reviews were moaning about. I hope to have the luck she does on writing and get published. Good luck with more books. By the way, I loved Aubrey and I'd like to see a book about him and how he became a vampire! He rocks!

EAN: 9780440228165
Pages: 176
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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