These cards are becoming the only deck I ever use!

Book title: Medicine Cards : The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Medicine Cards : The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals - book cover picture

I began delving into the tarot as a tool for both divination and healing at the beginning of this year. I have found that most of the tarot books I have read are cryptic, difficult to understand, and filled with images of impending doom. These cards are TOTALLY different! The messages I get from them are almost always crystal clear. Also, at the end of a reading I feel uplifted and hopeful instead of confused and anxious. These cards not only tell you when something in your life is out of balance, they offer a solution! I strongly recomend them to anyone interested in the tarot, mysticism, or native beliefs.

EAN: 9780312204914
Pages: 240
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Jamie Sams
David Carson

A Great Read!

Book title: The Plague Tales
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
The Plague Tales - book cover picture

'The Plague Tales' manages to skillfully and entertainingly weave two stories together.The parallel time frames kept me wondering what was going to happen next - I almost wanted to skip chapters to find out! Her knowledge of history and medicine is impressive. While the ending was not what I had hoped for it laid the groundworks for the equally excellent sequel "The Burning Road". I look forward to her next book eagerly and recommend this one to anyone looking for a good historical novel. My book club reviewed it and enjoyed it as well!

EAN: 9780553477337
Publisher: Random House Audio
Ann Benson

Great book! An excellent tool to get out of that rut.

Book title: I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What it Was : How to Discover What You Really Want and How to Get It
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What it Was : How to Discover What You Really Want and How to Get It - book cover picture

One of the best self-help books I have read. This is a fabulous tool for taking a good look at where you want your life to go. Sher's new book is good too, but I like this one better. If you follow along with her exercises you will most certainly have a different perspective when you are through. I would highly reccommend this to anyone who isn't sure about which passion(s) to follow, or who is examining their career path, or just wants to get clear about how their weekends should be spent. It is also a good resource if you know what you want to be doing and aren't doing it

EAN: 9780553478006
Publisher: Random House Audio

Murakami's fully mature writing

Book title: Norwegian Wood (Vintage International Original)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Norwegian Wood (Vintage International Original) - book cover picture

I read this book in Chinese. Basically, it is Murakami's most famous work with a sensitive and light description of its character. A not clear plot but draws you into a wondered world. If you read his other works, like wind-up bird, you will feel a little strange or hard to follow. For this book, it will be a different story. It is a simple story with Murakami's way of writing. It will lead you into the real Murakami's world. If you like his work, it is a most. Also, if you like Norwegian wood, I will suggest that his new book "Spuntik sweetheart" will become pretty impressive to you. From some perspectives, Norwegian wood is 1980's Murakami. Then, "Spuntik Sweetheart" is 1990's Murakami. Norwegian Wood is written when he was in European. Spuntik Sweetheart is written in his home country Japan. What is the difference? You better find out yourself.

EAN: 9780375704024
Pages: 304
Publisher: Vintage
Haruki Murakami

Tale of love and betrayal

Book title: The Red Tent : A Novel
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Red Tent : A Novel - book cover picture

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant is a compelling tale with a biblical setting. The heroine Dinah is a little mention character in the Bible. Dinah is Jacob's daughter and Joseph's sister. In Diamant's version she is greatly valued as the only daughter of Jacob's four wives who are all sisters. Dinah shares the red tent with her mothers and is cocooned in their loving protection. They each give her valuable lessons and gifts of life as they see it. As it turns out she will have need all of their gifts to pursue her life as a woman of these times and the unexpected tragedies which overtake her.An excellent read with much depth and meaning. Those that take the Bible completely literally may not appreciate it.

EAN: 9780312169787
Pages: 336
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Anita Diamant

Read this before you buy a purebred !

Book title: Mutts : America's Dogs
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Mutts : America's Dogs - book cover picture

If you are considering buying a purebred dog of any breed, I highly recommend that you thoroughly read this book before doing so. The authors are not anti-purebred but instead protote the idea that mixed breed dogs have so much to offer in terms of health, temperment and companionship There is an excellent discussion of the likely outcome of pairing between different breeds in order to enable you to select a mixed breed suitable to your lifestyle. The writing style is entertaining and informative. This is an excellent book for anyone interested in adopting any dog

EAN: 9780446519496
Pages: 224
Publisher: Warner Books
Michael Capuzzo
Brian Kilcommons

I loved this book--but it was sad.

Book title: Horse Shy (Saddle Club(R))
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Horse Shy (Saddle Club(R)) - book cover picture

I have two friends and we formed the Stable Club. It's almost like the Saddle Club. We loved this book, but it was so sad. I have a horse that looks like Cobalt, but not as tall. (He's not a thoroughbred, and he's a gelding.) But I like her to be in the stories so Stevie can play a horrible prank on her! I've read tons of Saddle Club books and this one is one of my favorites. (I have many favorites!) Go Ms. Bryant!

EAN: 9780553484038
Pages: 160
Publisher: Skylark
Bonnie Bryant

My students loved it!

Book title: . . . If You Grew Up with George Washington
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
. . . If You Grew Up with George Washington - book cover picture

I have several of the "If You Grew Up...." titles in my free-reading area of my sixth grade classroom. The George Washington title is one of the most-often chosen titles--probably because they are curious about our first president. This title also gives a good description of what life was like for the gentry class of Virginia in the 1740s-1760s. Students have been able to use the information to write comparison pieces about GW's life and their own. I highly recommend this title and the others in the series for both the literature and social studies classroom. Weak readers have a high interest in the subject matter; strong readers enjoy a quick read.

EAN: 9780590451550
Pages: 64
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Ruth Belov Gross

Good Read

Book title: Night Prey
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Night Prey - book cover picture

This was the third book from the Davenport series that I have read and easily the best. I liked the feeling of impending doom with the main characters racing against time to catch the killer before he can strike again and before one of the investigators dies of cancer. The eventual solution of this pending collision caught me by surprise. And, in case this wasn't enough, Sandford threw in a locked room murder mystery as a clever subplot. If anyone in Hollywood ever wants to bring a Lucas Davenport thriller to the screen, this would be a good one to start with.

EAN: 9780399139147
Pages: 336
Publisher: Putnam Pub Group (T)
John Sandford

A fun review of evolution, an excellent overview of the beauty of life.

Book title: The Sacred Depths of Nature
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Sacred Depths of Nature - book cover picture

It is refreshing to find a brilliant scientist who is willing to turn nature into poetry and spirituality. It shouldn't matter if you are an atheist or a deist, the description of the common bonds we have with the earth and the different species of the animal kingdom brings tears to your eyes. At the same time, we can have reverence and feeling for the profound desires of humans to communicate and feel intimacy with God who may well be a metaphor for the beauty of the gorgeous biological process.

EAN: 9780195126136
Pages: 197
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Ursula Goodenough

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