The dream will live on

Book title: Jumping Fire: A Smokejumper's Memoir of Fighting Wildfire
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Jumping Fire: A Smokejumper's Memoir of Fighting Wildfire - book cover picture

I jumped with Murray, and most of the other Charcters in this wonderful story. My time with these heroes was the best of my life, and I think that Murray's descriptions of them allows the reader to see why. More than the "jumping"..It is the small parts that amused and amazed me. The twists and turns that a simple conversation would take around a camp fire. How familiar it was to read. I am proud to have known these legends, such as Dunn Dunn and Papa Salinski, and I am proud to know Murray. For the rest of my life, I will be able to open the cover, flip through the pages, and relive the dream and hear the voices of my friends. I believe this to be true for the Non-jumper, as well. Feeling down? Non motivated? Crack this book open and live through Murray.It also provided some good ribbing for the bro's. Thanks, Murray

EAN: 9780151005895
Pages: 448
Publisher: Harcourt
Murry A. Taylor


Book title: Thus Spoke Zarathustra : A Book for Everyone and No One (Penguin Classics)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Thus Spoke Zarathustra : A Book for Everyone and No One (Penguin Classics) - book cover picture

In a world of cheap thrills and fast money, Thus Spoke Zarathustra offers an eciting journey into a path very often left dark. It is a book for unbelievers, for synics, for lovers of culuture and art. It is not a book for scholars who would simply like to master one more book to add to their arsenal and then to be able to bring it up in coversation to impress people. Zarathustra written in beautiful prose, means everything and absolutly nothing all in one. It challenges all values and offers ideas for one to discover oneself. Never telling one how to discover oneself, but simply that one must leave behind many things to rise out of the depths that are ones emotions, Nietzsche gives anyone looking to enjoy a good book what they want.

EAN: 9780140441185
Pages: 352
Publisher: Penguin Classics
Friedrich Nietzsche

The Best Book Ever!!!

Book title: Island of the Blue Dolphins
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Island of the Blue Dolphins - book cover picture

This book was a really good book! This book talked about how she had to survive on the Iland of the Blue Dolphins.It also talked about when she went to save her brother on the Iland!It also talked about how she starved on the Iland! She did'nt wanna kill any animals because she is freinds with all the animals.Will she live or will she die!


EAN: 0046442069625
Pages: 192
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Scott O'Dell

An amazing book

Book title: The Mists of Avalon
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Mists of Avalon - book cover picture

This was an amazing book. I read it when I was only 12, but I loved it anyway. The words would flow, it was like music, and before I knew it I was at page 400, more than any book I had read before. I read the rest, and the end was so sad, I cried because of that and just because I was sad that it was finished. I've never read another book like that in my life, but now I'm obsessed with anything concerning the Arthurian legends, and I'm still looking for a book that can live up to the stadards this one set for me.

EAN: 9780345350497
Pages: 912
Publisher: Del Rey
Marion Zimmer Bradley

scary stories to tell in the dark

Book title: Scary Stories Boxed Set
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Scary Stories Boxed Set - book cover picture

oh my goodness, this book is absolutely fabulous.when i was 12 years old, i was so afraid of this book i would purposely leave it at my friends house.
i actually thought the stories would come alive while i was sleeping.but now, i am 22 and i have been searching for it for ever!
i couldn't remember the title name, i had to search all over the web.finally, when i typed in "book of short scary stories", and i saw the title, it hit me.i am so glad i found it.i never actually read parts 2 & 3, but i will a.s.a.p.

EAN: 9780064404655
Publisher: HarperTrophy
Alvin Schwartz

Leonardo keeps the sparkle in my eyes...

Book title: Leonardo DiCaprio : A MODERN DAY ROMEO (Laurel-Leaf Books)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Leonardo DiCaprio : A MODERN DAY ROMEO (Laurel-Leaf Books) - book cover picture

This book was excellent... It gave alot of great background information on Leonardo's rising career, along with some insight into his life. It was very well done in my opinion, although it seemed much too short. It was very difficult to put the book down, I ended up reading the whole book in about an hour on a Sunday afternoon because I was just so captivated. I'll admit it contains less detailed information about Leonardo's career and adjustment to fame than The Leonardo DiCaprio Album, but it was certainly worth reading. The filmography at the end of the book was a nice touch. I would definately recommend this book to anyone who is as intrigued by Leo as I am.

EAN: 9780440227014
Pages: 144
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Grace Catalano

Finally here - GET YOURS TODAY

Book title: LaTeX Companion, The (2nd Edition) (Addison-Wesley Series on Tools and Techniques for Computer T)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
LaTeX Companion, The (2nd Edition) (Addison-Wesley Series on Tools and Techniques for Computer T) - book cover picture

I have been a TeX/LaTeX user since 1982, and have authored several classes and styles (newlfm). I just got my copy of the new The LaTeX Companion (2nd Edition). I just love it!! Why? 942 pages of text, 94 pages of the index (YEP!), wonderfully clear examples, 136 pages on fonts, a whole appendix on debugging, 72 pp on mathematics, etc. The book is well-written and uses clearly distinct fonts for user commands, internal commands, etc. There are 138 pages about fonts. In the mathematics chapter, there are 104 examples in the Math chapter alone; one REALLY COOL section shows 10 different font choices and their impact on the typesetting of a small page of mathematics. HOT STUFF!!In short, there is only 1 limitation to the book: It does not have LaTeX/TeX lion on the front. That is hard to accept. However, everything else is really good. I highly recommend this.

EAN: 0785342362992
Pages: 1120
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Frank Mittelbach
Michel Goossens
Johannes Braams
David Carlisle
Chris Rowley

Even OSPF itself would be impressed!

Book title: Ospf Anatomy of An Internet Routing Protocol
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Ospf Anatomy of An Internet Routing Protocol - book cover picture

No doubt, this is the bible of OSPF, the ultimate book on the subject matter.J Moy has an amazing writing style and this book is a page turner. It starts from the fundamentals of link state algorithm and then moving onto more specific OSPF message types to OSPF areas etc. It also covers Multicast OSPF and OSPF MIB.There is a really nice FAQ section that answers your day to day OSPF questions and comes as a handy reference.Who better to write the book on OSPF than the person who wrote the RFC and worked hard to make OSPF the dominant IGP! and he also happens to be one of the guys at Sycamore.

EAN: 0785342634723
Pages: 368
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
John T. Moy

The summit of Dumas' career

Book title: The Count of Monte Cristo (Puffin Classics) : Abridged
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Count of Monte Cristo (Puffin Classics) : Abridged - book cover picture

The Count of Monte Cristo is the greatest accomplishment of Alexandre Dumas. This is one of the most intricate and exciting stories I have ever read. The character development and plot are written with such greatness and detail that Dumas is able to make the story come alive. It may take some time to read, and the story may have many characters, but he develops everything so well and brings it all together. Not only is the story itself well developed and fascinating, but Dumas presents many other angles to observe and watch for while reading this book. The entire plot itself is a study of morals, honor, and ontological questions. Throw this in with the elegant setting of post Napoleonic France and you have one fascinating tale that touches on every aspect of the life and times.All of this and more makes this a very rewarding read that everyone should take note of.

EAN: 9780140373530
Pages: 400
Publisher: Puffin
fils, Alexandre Dumas
Robin H. Waterfield

Point Blank

Book title: Point Blank (Alex Rider Adventure)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Point Blank (Alex Rider Adventure) - book cover picture

This is a great book if you love adventure. In Point Blank 14-year-old Alex Rider is a top secret agent who works for the M16. He has been chosen to go investigate Point Blank. He is given top-secret weapons like earrings that if you put them together they make a bomb. He is going to stay at Sir David's house so he can go to Point Blank because the tuition for Point Blank is $15,000. Point Blank is where teenagers with behavior problems go. While at Point Blank Alex discovers that they take the richest boys from the richest families and make clones of them. Alex escapes on a snowboard that is really ironing board with two people that are on snowmobiles that have machine guns. Lucky Alex escapes. Point Blank is a great action adventure book. It can take a fast reader about an hour and a half to finish If you read this book I think you will like it.

EAN: 9780399236211
Pages: 215
Publisher: Philomel Books
Anthony Horowitz

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