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Book title: Getting Through the Day: Strategies for Adults Hurt As Children
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Getting Through the Day: Strategies for Adults Hurt As Children - book cover picture

Time and time again, I have come back to this book for grounding. For validation. For understanding. For direction...and it never lets me down. It is true that the author of a book can only... really.... take you as far as he/she has gone themselves! This books leads the way to what all other self-help books should aspire too! Absence of ego and a genuine sense and practical advice on how to move from point A to point B! I can not reccomend this book highly enough! Out of all the other books that I have on the subject...... this one... hands down... is the one that sits upon my night-stand! It is invaluable!!!!

EAN: 9780393312423
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Nancy J. Napier

starts with tangible topics

Book title: Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications - book cover picture

Anton is now in the 9th edition of this book. Spanning decades of refinement. What you get is a very polished and well written text, that has incorporated feedback from generations of students.

The book starts by describing matrix manipulations and determinants. These are very tangible things to most maths students. Accordingly, explaining how to take determinants or to invert a matrix lets you build confidence in your knowledge. Also, these topics lends themselves readily to many problems for you to do.

After this, the book heads into more abstract territory. Null and range spaces and the rank nullity theorem, for example. You are exposed to the concept of an abstract vector space. Which invariably some students always trip over. So the grounding in the early chapters can mitigate this awkwardness.

The last chapter touches lightly on the interesting applications, like chaos and fractals. But mostly to pique your interest in proceeding further in the field.

EAN: 9780471669593
Pages: 864
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Howard Anton
Chris Rorres

Irving's best!!

Book title: The Hotel New Hampshire
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Hotel New Hampshire - book cover picture

I am a huge John Irving fan, have read every one of his novels, and have to say that this is unquestionably his best. Not only have I read it a half dozen times at least, but I've given away at least that many copies. And everyone I've given it to has come back with the highest praise - one friend read it and started right over with page 1 immediately after finishing it!! If you love to read, or even if you're someone who only reads occasionally, don't pass this book up. It's fantastic on so many levels.

EAN: 9780345400475
Pages: 432
Publisher: Ballantine Books
John Irving

An exquisite thriller

Book title: The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial Killer
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial Killer - book cover picture

The basic plot may seem pedestrian, yet Jason Moss has fashioned a remarkable thriller. And the beginning and ending comments by psychotherapist Jeffrey Kottler is a nice touch. It's not easy to put a new shine on the serial killer theme. Worn are the cliches of dogged cops, bloodthirsty masterminds and cowardly politicos who just want things swept away. This book has enough quirks to push beyond the routine. In his true-life tale, Moss comes across as both smart and fallible, sturdy yet vulnerable -- not the rugged superhero found in most criminology tales. This isn't to say the book is without shortcomings. The prose won't raise your rent. He also has an exceedingly average command of dialogue. Yet the craft with which Moss develops the story more than compensates for any blemishes. "The Last Victim" truly defines the term "page-turner". I would anticipate at least a couple more books from Moss soon.

EAN: 9780446523400
Pages: 278
Publisher: Warner Books
Jason Moss
Jeffrey A. Kottler

A must for those venturing towards e-commerce

Book title: Designing Systems for Internet Commerce
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Designing Systems for Internet Commerce - book cover picture

This is an excellent book, addressing business as well as technical issues.It should appeal to technical and not-so-technical people.It provides (in one book!) almost all you'll ever need to know about e-commerce, business and technical issues, pitfalls, solutions and so on.It would be of value, whether your direction is commerce on the Internet or business-bussiness via a Virtual Private Network. (The principles are the same).I say: Invest in buying this book!

EAN: 0785342571677
Pages: 400
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
G. Winfield Treese
Lawrence C. Stewart

Exactly what I needed

Book title: Learning to Fall : The Blessings of an Imperfect Life
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Learning to Fall : The Blessings of an Imperfect Life - book cover picture

I was searching this website and just reading reviews looking for the book I needed, the one that would really help me when I needed it. I found this book, exactly what I was looking for after my mom got breast cancer. It helped me to realize that there are joys in lifes downs as well as ups. A few weeks after I read it, my grandma told me there was this wonderful book that I had to read. Guess what it was. Learning to Fall has been wonderful for my family. We have since given it to my mom and she loved it as we did. If you're looking for something but you don't know what, trust me, this is the book you're looking for.

EAN: 9780553381580
Pages: 176
Publisher: Bantam
Philip Simmons

Vermeer's images, Eliot's poetry, & the tone of Neil Gaiman

Book title: A Fine and Private Place
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
A Fine and Private Place - book cover picture

Beagle wrote this novel when he was 19 years old, but people three times that age would have some difficulty creating such am entrancing book on the concept of "forever". A Fine And Private Place shares the style of The Last Unicorn, filled with simile and internal monologue. It doesn't treat the concept of blind faith very kindly, but that may be part of what makes it so special. All of his characters are fey and rueful in some degree but not cloyingly so. They are far from ignorant about the ways of this world; their off-center foci make for the eccentricity. An inexplicable raven, a Jewish widow, a pair of ghostly lovers, and a chess-playing old man sound like the stuff of cliche. Far from it in this book. It is among the most lyrical novels I have read. Highly recommended.

EAN: 9780451450968
Pages: 304
Publisher: Roc Trade
Peter S. Beagle

Melodious Story

Book title: Song for the Basilisk
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Song for the Basilisk - book cover picture

I was hooked by the front art (very good one from Kuniko Y. Craft) but kinda hesitate because the story is about revenge (while I'm not looking to read about that!).But, finally I gave it a try and... first, the rythmic sentence carried me into the story, second the unique and mystery of each character haunted me, and third, the end was unpredictable (in a charming way)!Can't wait to read more of McKillips's. :)

EAN: 9780441004478
Pages: 314
Publisher: Ace Books
Patricia A. McKillip

If you want to know this man, look no further!!!!

Book title: My Rise and Fall
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
My Rise and Fall - book cover picture

I will be brief,a man as large as life as Mussolini was , no one but he could write with his vast knowledge of the political turmoil that was slowly tearing Italy apart in the early 1920's.Too bad he came to Italy in the 20th century instead of the 21st!Getting involved with Hitler and his war gives Western writers an opportunity to demean this man.If you take the time to read this you will find the man to be both highly educated and relentless in his faith for the Italian people to move progressively into the 20th century.Buy this book!!!!

EAN: 9780306808647
Pages: 590
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Benito Mussolini
Max Ascoli

We all have a wizard within us ---

Book title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1) - book cover picture

I am an adult member of today's stressful society plagued with unmagical and unwizardly daily happenings. Then, Harry Potter entered my world and unleashed the magic within me. I will be forever grateful to J.K. Rowling for giving birth to Harry. He and his friends at Hogwarts and the horrible horrible Dursley's ( a very Muggle reminder of reality) have become a part of my existence. Please don't think that you have to be a child to read this book - adults unite and read ALL the Harry Potter series. Thank you J.K. Rowling. You've inspired me.

EAN: 0038332175202
Pages: 309
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
J.K. Rowling

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