Book title: Soulmate
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Soulmate - book cover picture

L.J. Smith's Night World is the best, and Soulmate is the Best of the Best. I have read every book in the series and this one is by far my favorite! Thierry was so tragic, I think I fell in love with him! Imagine always having your soulmate die, and her thinking it was you that killed her. It broke my heart. I do wish she had become a vampire in the end, but that would have taken away the beauty of being an Old Soul. I have a hard time seeing why some don't like this book. It is L.J. Smith's best Night World yet!

EAN: 9780340690048
Publisher: Hodder Childrens Book
Lisa J. Smith


Book title: A Candidate for Murder (Laurel Leaf Books)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
A Candidate for Murder (Laurel Leaf Books) - book cover picture

It began in Texas, on a hot summer day where a sixteen-year-old girl named Cary was excited to help her father run for governor. Cary's father made an announcement at city hall saying he'll be running for governer of Texas, Cary realized that she'd be the center of attention. But when she notice that she was being followed by an unknown person and receiving phone calls in the middle of the night she began to realize these things do not fit with being the governers daughter. After the incident happened she had realized something was wrong, she had her friends help look for suspects, she has the suspects narrowed down to a few people. Cary had also remembers hearing a plane to kill someone, she thought it was a joke; soon she is almost certain who the stalker is. Cary doesn't know what to do; she does not want to tell her father because he'll be worry and just might drop out of being governor.

EAN: 9780440212126
Pages: 224
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Joan Lowery Nixon

One of the best books I read in a long time!

Book title: The Viscount Who Loved Me
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Viscount Who Loved Me - book cover picture

This book was wonderful! I actually laughed out loud at many scenes -especially the family game at Bridgerton's country house- and I enjoyed every minute of it. I liked mostly the fact that the hero and heroine, although they had many differences, respected deeply each other.
I am surprised with myself that I didn't enjoy "the duke and I" as much. I will certainly give it another try and buy "An offer from a gentleman" as soon as possible.
A perfect book to get your mind off everything and help you relax and have fun. Highly recommended to everyone!!!

EAN: 9780380815579
Pages: 384
Publisher: Avon
Julia Quinn

How you can trust a review?

Book title: The Divided Nation: A History of Germany, 1918-1990
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Divided Nation: A History of Germany, 1918-1990 - book cover picture

Having seen the vicious review on file for this book I went out and had a look at the actual text. Nothing can be that bad. As ever, the one star rating tells you rather more about the reviewer than the book! This is a superb history, but of course it tramples over some toes of those who have a simplistic right and wrong view of the GDR. No doubt there are old scores to settle here. But it would be asking too much for someone to rise above their own prejudices and judge a book on its merits.

EAN: 9780195075717
Pages: 424
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Mary Fulbrook

Collins delivers again

Book title: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't - book cover picture

This is a prequel to "Built to Last"; if you haven't read that one yet read this one first, even though they were written in reverse order.Taken together these two books provide a step by step guideline to building and maintaining greatness that can be applied to any company, and department, any team, any family, any life.Interestingly, immediately following this book I stumbled across one of my dearest old friends, "Zen and the Art of Motercycle Maintenance", which I hadn't read in about 10 years. Reading it again I found the parallels with Collins' books to be stunning. A "Level 5 Leader" is clearly someone who exists with the fundamental attitude that Pirsig argues so heroically for in his work. It seems that Quality (emphasis on the capital "Q") as described by Pirsig is fundamental to achieving greatness as described by Collins.

EAN: 9780066620992
Pages: 320
Publisher: Collins
Jim Collins

dance upon the air

Book title: Dance upon the Air (Three Sisters Island Trilogy)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Dance upon the Air (Three Sisters Island Trilogy) - book cover picture

This is the first of Three Sisters Island trilogy by Nora Roberts. I have read some of Nora's novels and didn't think much of her works but this trilogy is her best. This is magic reading indeed. I finish all three books in 3 days.The description of the island, the characters and the feel of the whole book are so vivid. You can feel the wind on your face, smell the soup bubbling in the pot and feel the pain of loneliness in the heroine. A must for those who like romance and magic.

EAN: 9780515131222
Pages: 386
Publisher: Jove Books
Nora Roberts

Greatest book of the 20th century

Book title: Decline of the West: Volume II, Perspectives of World History
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Decline of the West: Volume II, Perspectives of World History - book cover picture

Quite simply the most important book of the twentieth century for several reasons:

1] Spengler offers a morphology of history as an organic conception that can used to understand all historical development with genuine insight.

2] Spengler's projection of coming trends (e.g. Militant Islam, environmental crisis, secularization of the elites, "second religiousness" of the folk, etc.) has enormous predictive value. His understanding of current events (from the perspective of 1917!) is more acute and useful than any present day commentator.

3] Without a doubt, Spengler is the most important National Bolshevik thinker.

4] "Oswald Spengler is the greatest mystic of the twentieth century." - Klemmens von Klemperer

EAN: 9780394421766
Pages: 560
Publisher: Knopf
Oswald Spengler

Tha American Pageant: to 1877

Book title: The American Pageant: To 1877
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The American Pageant: To 1877 - book cover picture

This is a wonderful book that can be helpful in many class levels of American History. I personally am using this book in my AP US History class. I find that all facts in the text are completely relavent to the topic being discussed. Bailey also has a way of putting in many little important tidbits and anecdotes that are very humorous and pertain to the subject matter. The book's layout is very well organized. This makes it easy to find any information. In the margins Bailey has put in may quotes from famous historical figures. These quotes always pertain the the subject being discussed and are very helpful when writing essays. The book also does a good job of including the inportance of different ethnic groups in the formation of America.

EAN: 9780669451436
Publisher: D C Heath & Co
Thomas A. Bailey
David M. Kennedy
Lizabeth Cohen

Ms Foley is Wonderful

Book title: Prince Charming
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Prince Charming - book cover picture

Gaelen Foley writes lush romances that make you sigh and wish you were there. This is the last book in this series. I hated to leave this family and wish that we would hear more about them. Rafe is afraid to love because of a past scandal. Daniela see Rafe a useless noble who could do so much more for his people. She teaches him to love again and to learn to trust. He shows her that He does care about his people and is a compassionate man. They are a wonderful couple.

EAN: 9780449006351
Pages: 416
Publisher: Ivy Books
Gaelen Foley

The proof is in the pudding, err broccoli

Book title: The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health - book cover picture

Previous reviewers have complained that there is no documentation, that it is dumbed down etc. Well you only need to follow the advice given in this book and use your own powers of observation to see all the documentation required. It works. Plain and simple. No degree in science necessary! The interesting thing, at least for me, about an alkalizing diet is that while I went in to this diet looking to lose weight, I quickly found out how great it is to have lots of energy, both physical and mental, and it is now about being healthy (of course the weight continues to come off). Highly recommended.

EAN: 9780446690492
Pages: 368
Publisher: Warner Books
Robert O. Young
Shelley Redford Young

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