One of the great novels. I've read it 8 times. My favorite

Book title: Humboldt's Gift (Penguin Great Books of the 20th Century)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Humboldt's Gift (Penguin Great Books of the 20th Century) - book cover picture

A novel as rich as this does not come around every year, or every century, for that matter. Do not deprive yourself of this great treat.Yes, there are many references, but Bellow is child of culture, and what can a writer write about except about his experience, the time he lives in, and the people and books that influenced him along the way? Bellow has great experiences to write about, and knows a great deal about the culture in which he grew up. Phenomenal amount.

EAN: 9780140072716
Pages: 496
Publisher: Viking Pr
Saul Bellow


Book title: Fatal Vision
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Fatal Vision - book cover picture

Joe McGinniss' Fatal Vision is the main true crime book that has shaped my own writing. His treatment of courtroom scenes, and his transcripts of Dr. Jeff MacDonald just talking, plus pithy quotes, make for an interesting blend of technique as he leads the reader to his or her own conclusion. By the end, it's obvious who McGinniss believes killed the doctors pregnant wife and daughter. Also obvious is the fact that MacDonald probably believed McGinniss' book would show his innocence. MacDonald's arrogance comes shining through, mainly from his own words as quoted in the transcripts. McGinniss didn't have to tell anyone what kind of person the doc was -- MacDonald let it all hang out!

EAN: 9780451165664
Pages: 684
Publisher: Signet Book
Joe McGinniss

Good value for the money. Advanced book.

Book title: The Art of the Middle Game
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Art of the Middle Game - book cover picture

I'll not make this sound like an advertisement, but this book is really great value for the money (thanks again to Dover). The book has 5 chapters, one by Golombeck (the translator) which is worth reading, but not much more. The rest are 4 perls by Kotov and Keres. This 4 chapters handle the topics: how to attack the king (depending on the pawn srtuctures and on the castles), how to play whit typical pawn structures (blocked center...) [both by Kotov]; how to defend actively in inferior positions, and how to do analysis (both by Keres, which was a fanatic correspondece player).

EAN: 9780486261546
Pages: 238
Publisher: Dover Publications
Paul Keres
Alexander Kotov

Age of Innocence

Book title: The Age of Innocence (Norton Critical Editions)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Age of Innocence (Norton Critical Editions) - book cover picture

I did not expect to find this book as good as it turned out to be. But, Pulitzers aren't given out to just anything, and Wharton's book deserved it. This is a story where nothing happens and everything happens; where the emotional underpinnings ultimately surface and swirl the reader away in tears. It is a "must read" for anyone who lives in or knows New York City, or for anyone who finds human relationships a good way to better understand himself.

EAN: 9780393967944
Pages: 524
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Edith Wharton

Highly resourceful -- well researched and up-to-date...

Book title: The Magazine From Cover to Cover : Inside a Dynamic Industry
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Magazine From Cover to Cover : Inside a Dynamic Industry - book cover picture

This book outlines the magazine publishing process from A to Z. For example, it discusses the pros and cons of subscription vs. newsstand sales, marketing, pricing, and even staff salaries. Business plans are outlined and commented on by various sources. Relatively recent magazines to "mainstream/suburban" American culture like VIBE are discussed with the respect they truly deserve. Even the quality of print paper is discussed (i.e. Rolling Stone's page quality/texture and size vs. VIBE's recent move to glossy pages). "The Magazine From Cover To Cover" is hands down, the most contemporary and authoritative guide to the magazine industry that I have come across. Look out for my 'zine, Pop Life coming to a media outlet near you, thanks to this book, and of course...Amazon!C.H.R.

EAN: 9780658002298
Pages: 376
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Sammye Johnson
Patricia Prijatel

A fun read!

Book title: Queen's Man (Ballantine Reader's Circle)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Queen's Man (Ballantine Reader's Circle) - book cover picture

I love all of Sharon Penman's books, including this one (though admittedly it is neither as "deep" nor as detailed as her major works). Still, if you're a medieval fan, you're going to enjoy this work. On the other hand, if you're really looking more for a detective story, you may be a bit disappointed--the "mystery" is at the periphery, not at the heart of the book: that is reserved for Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Queen's Man and Medieval England! Penman brings to this book what she brings to all of her books: her love of the Middle Ages, her vast knowledge of the period, and her extraordinary writing ability.

EAN: 9780345417183
Pages: 320
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Sharon Kay Penman

The Rescue

Book title: The Rescue
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
The Rescue - book cover picture

A wonderful and exciting book that will keep you turning the pages! You wont regret picking it up! This books starts off with a horrible and tragic accident! Suddenly the victim and the rescuer are in love! FOr Denise being in love with Taylor is hard to handle at times! Aside form having the greatest relationship in the world, Taylor pulls away! After another tragic moment Taylor realizes what he has and falls in head over his head! A great love story that you have to read

EAN: 9780446610391
Pages: 432
Publisher: Warner Books
Nicholas Sparks


Book title: Anne Frank Remembered : The Story of the Woman Who Helped to Hide the Frank Family
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Anne Frank Remembered : The Story of the Woman Who Helped to Hide the Frank Family - book cover picture

Be prepared. This book will take your mind and body back to the war years. You will feel the suffering, not only of the Jews, but the Dutch people under German occupation.It also serves as an independent witness to many of the events Anne described in her Diary. This was dramatized in a made for television movie about 10 years ago.Miep and her husband Henk opened their home and hearts to Otto Frank for seven years after the war. They helped preserve his post-concentration camp sanity and gave him strength to live. Had Miep read the Diary after Anne's capture, she states that she'd have had to burn it since it implicated people as hiders of Jews. Thankfully, Miep did not read it until years later. Even with Otto Frank's post-war encouragement, it was simply too painful for her to read. The miracle of the Diary's survival and gift to the world is due to Miep's remarkable courage and mysterious fate.

Pages: 24
Publisher: Demco Media Inc
Miep Gies
Alison Gold


Book title: For Love of Evil : Book Six of Incarnations of Immortality (Incarnations of Immortality (Paperback))
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
For Love of Evil : Book Six of Incarnations of Immortality (Incarnations of Immortality (Paperback)) - book cover picture

Wow! This is a great book. The creepy thing is, the more you read, the more you start to *like* Parry (satan). This comepleatly changes your point of veiw toward the other books. When you read them, you know that Satan is wrong and evil and all that. Then you read this... and start to doubt... and by the end your rooting for him!Oh... yes, and it include my favorit IOM character, Jolie. That's always a plus.

EAN: 9780380752850
Pages: 336
Publisher: Eos
Piers Anthony
Piers A. Jacob


Book title: Quest for a Maid
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Quest for a Maid - book cover picture

What a fabulous book this is! I read it out loud to my eleven-year-old daughter and 54-year old live-in love, and we were all riveted. We stayed up till eleven to finish it the night before my daughter went to camp! Great, complex characters (Inge, Meg, Sir Patrick Spens), gorgeous writing, thrilling plot--the big sorcery scene in the first chapter, the witch trial, the storm, the final struggle. I especially like the way Hendry suggests the medieval mind.

EAN: 9780374361624
Pages: 273
Publisher: Farrar Straus & Giroux (J)
Frances Mary Hendry

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