Not about Baseball!

Book title: The Catcher in the Rye
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Catcher in the Rye - book cover picture

Yogi Berra said it paraphrase "I thought Catcher in the Rye was about baseball, but it was just about some whiny kid."That being said, the book, released in the early 1950's, portrays Holden Caulfied as the paradoxical "all-knowing/totally confused" adolescent. The story takes place over a period of several days after Caulfield has been expelled from prep school. His cynical observations on his sorry state of affairs and his contempt for teachers, phonies and apparently all adults in general ring amazingly contemporary despite the book's being nearly 50 years old.I read this book in college, then later as a married adult and parent. It speaks volumes to the alienation of youth in a fast-paced engaging prose. For those who read this growing up, it is worth another look from an adult perspective. You'll be amazed at how different your reaction will be from the first time you read it.

EAN: 9780316769488
Pages: 224
Publisher: Little, Brown
J.D. Salinger

Awesome, poignant and viscerally moving

Book title: Beyond the Narrow Gate: The Journey of Four Chinese Women from the Middle Kingdom to Middle America
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Beyond the Narrow Gate: The Journey of Four Chinese Women from the Middle Kingdom to Middle America - book cover picture

This book was awesome to read, a real tour de force on the human emotion. Anyone who wants to get a good and accurate picture of the Asian-American experience, especially those of the early Chinese immigrants who came to this country should read this book. Leslie Chang does a phenomenal job in evoking the triumphs and tribulations of these Chinese women who fought to find their place in America, to succeed despite all obstacles and the struggle to raise their children with both the Chinese and American tradition, constantly wondering what the best combination should be. Leslie mentions "bamboo generation," this description is very appropriate, and to find out what she means by this, read this book, b/c by its end, you will know what the term means.

EAN: 9780525942573
Pages: 288
Publisher: E P Dutton
Leslie Chang

Better than the rest of the drivel

Book title: O.J. the Last Word: The Death of Justice
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
O.J. the Last Word: The Death of Justice - book cover picture

The Death of Justice is about so much more than O.J. - or the lawyers or the judge or the media. It's an intellectual examination, in a reader-friendly style, that breaks this famous trial down into its component parts so as to examine what went right and what went wrong, what could have been done differently, and what should be done in the future. It's also about tolerance and learning to see things from the other guy's perspective. I found it to be much more important than the other drivel out there, but then again I don't consider an intelligent discussion of both sides of an issue to be boring, or liberal, or conservative. It just is, and we should do more of it.

EAN: 9780312195199
Pages: 288
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Gerry Spence

A rare gem. The perfect complement to "Value Drivers".

Book title: The Intellect Industry: Profiting and Learning from Professional Services Firms
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Intellect Industry: Profiting and Learning from Professional Services Firms - book cover picture

"Intellect Industry" is ostensibly about how to manage people and intangibles in the professional service industry. But, far, far more than that. Fills what was a vacuum in this field. A little gem, with often overlooked fundamental insights that make or break a professional service firm (PSF). An essential book for anyone setting up a new firm. I read it over and over again.I suggest that readers who will certainly find this book useful should also consult the recent 2nd edition of M.C.Scott's first book, "Value Drivers". Equally insightful. Considering them together, suggests that a third book by Scott with the larger over view might turn this into the essential trilogy for the PSF industry.Would be wonderful if "Intellect Industry" and "Value Drivers" were bundled together. Would make for the basis of an excellent PSF management course.

EAN: 9780471985037
Pages: 188
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (Import)
Mark C. Scott

The Odyssey beats soap operas by a mile.

Book title: The Odyssey (Penguin Classics)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
The Odyssey (Penguin Classics) - book cover picture

Anyone who is intrigued by stories of action and adventure will love The Odyssey. Robert Fagles translation keeps the poetry of the original Greek while rendering the story of Odysseus wandering journey home from the Trojan war and his son Telemachus' desperate search for his father into modern English. The wholesale slaughter that reunited father and son do to the suitors who have attempted to steal Odysseus' wife in his absence is far more exciting than any video or made for TV movie. The language is beautiful and brutal at the same time. The plot is vivid and exciting. The moral judgement rendered by Homer on men acting in selfish exploitation of others is the reward for taking the journey home with Odysseus

EAN: 9780140864304
Pages: 12
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Ian McKellen

One of the most beautifully written books I've ever read.

Book title: Outlander
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
Outlander - book cover picture

The first time I ever saw Outlander, I read the back and laughed at it, convinced it was yet another corny romance novel. However, my friend recommended it to me, and I tried it. It was one of the few books that have ever made me cry, and it's so hilarious in some places. My friend and I use those jokes over and over again and never tire. One of my greatest aspirations is to become a writer, and Diana Gabaldon is definitely what Sarah McLachlan is to music: essential, beautifully written, and fun.

EAN: 9780553473292
Publisher: Random House Audio
Diana Gabaldon

Last But Not Least

Book title: The First Four Years (Little House)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The First Four Years (Little House) - book cover picture

All of Laura's books have taken me on a wild adventure, and the last book is no exception. This is the last of Laura's stories but the beginning of Rose's. Almanzo or Manly and Laura have just gooten married. Manly says that they should try the farm life for four years and in the end they'll be happy. This is an amazing book that tells of the start of the Wilder's life together and all the excitement that goes with it. I would highly recommend this glorious story to everyone, especially those who loved the first ones.

EAN: 9780060264260
Pages: 160
Publisher: HarperCollins
Laura Ingalls Wilder


Book title: Lost Light
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Lost Light - book cover picture

I always love it when a new Harry Bosch book comes along, but "Lost Light" was one of the best I've read. At first, I was disappointed that Harry was out there, all alone, and no longer with the Los Angeles police department but, then, when the poignancy of his attempt to solve an old case began to reveal itself, I was hooked. Now I have to worry if we are going to ever see Harry come out of retirement,again. If he doesn't, he will be sorely missed.

EAN: 9780446611633
Pages: 416
Publisher: Warner Vision
Michael Connelly

Beware! Grath is Out for Revenge!!

Book title: The Pearls of Lutra (Redwall, Book 9)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Pearls of Lutra (Redwall, Book 9) - book cover picture

A great story!! It is great because it has adventure and great for people who like battle. Grath Longfetch, of the Holt Lutra, and her family has been robbed by corsairs. They lost The Tears of All Oceans. She was the only survivor and wants revenge on the corsairs for killing her family. Meanwhile at Redwall the Abbot and a young bankvole have been kidnapped by corsairs. For ransom they want the tears because that's where they were taken. So they search for them while some of the creatures go to get the Abbot and the bankvole back. While trying they meet up with Grath. They decide to go with each other to get back at the corsairs. While on the adventure they meet up with shrews, otters, and some seals. Read this book and find out the rest!

EAN: 9780399229466
Pages: 408
Publisher: Philomel Books
Brian Jacques

A must read book

Book title: The Courage to Fail: Art Mortell's Secrets for Business Success
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Courage to Fail: Art Mortell's Secrets for Business Success - book cover picture

This is a book to be read by all those who want to achieve more in life but fear stands in the way, Arts easy to read style makes the book hard to put down, After years of reading self help books I found one in 'The courage to fail' that has helped me unlock the doors to my fears, so I now know that the road to success is paved with failure, which is good, cause its the way we learn and grow. AWESOME book

EAN: 9780070433922
Pages: 198
Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill
Art Mortell

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