Lolita Files takes you there and back!

Book title: Getting to the Good Part
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Getting to the Good Part - book cover picture

Extremely well-written and funny, "Getting to the Good Part" is one book that holds your attention from beginning to end. Ms. Files takes you straight into the lives of her characters. You will feel for Reesy during the "love drama" and her success. She shows us what real, true friendship is about. You will find situations and characteristics we can all relate to. This is one of the best books I have read this year. If you are going on a trip this summer (or anytime) and you are looking for a book to read to and fro--you can't go wrong with "Getting to the Good Part."

EAN: 9780446524209
Pages: 352
Publisher: Warner Books
Lolita Files

oh KEEN!

Book title: The Tick: Mighty Blue Justice
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Tick: Mighty Blue Justice - book cover picture

Okay, folks, if you know who The Tick is, you want this book. If you don't, you NEED this book to figure it out! We are talking here about the defender of The City, the Mighty Blue Salmon of Justice, the inveterate nice guy THE TICK. Fox, understandably, dropped the show (the writer, also the writer of the comics, was a tad slow on his deadlines), but his adventures can live on in Mighty Blue Justice. Learn how to describe yourself in superheroic terms! Learn how to battle deadly evil (and how to identify it!)! Learn how to talk in exclamation points! And learn how to outfit your keen superhero headquarters on the budget of a part time accountant!All this and Die Fledermaus await you, citizen!

EAN: 9780425167052
Pages: 160
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Greg Hyland

The Boy Who Naver Gave up

Book title: Bud, Not Buddy
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
Bud, Not Buddy - book cover picture

The book is about a boy who lived in Flint, Michigan and Bud wonders who is his dad. Bud" mother died when B ud was only 6 years old. When his mouther died she gave Bud a picture of her. Then Bud hade to go to a group home . Bud goes to a house the where the people's names are the Amosses. The Amosses son Todd sticks a pencil up Bud's nose and Bud punched Todd, and they start to fight. Bud's mother left him with a brochuer opf a man who plays a bass in a band and some rocks with letters and numbers on them. Bud continues on his way to Grand Rapids afterr staying in a Hooverville and a limo driver's house. He finally comes to the band leaders place and he will not belive Bud. You must read this book to find out what happens to Bud.

EAN: 9780553526752
Publisher: Listening Library
Christopher Paul Curtis

Couldn't put it down!

Book title: Midnight Magic
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Midnight Magic - book cover picture

This is one of those books that keeps you up at night because you're just not able to put it down! Congratulations to Avi who, once again, has created an adolescent novel full of interesting, complex, and captivating characters. This story is packed with vivid, enchanting descriptions, including those of the castle, the hidden passage ways, the surprising twists, the secret conversations, and the mysterious ghost. Additionally, the gentle use of medieval language serves to establish the setting well, without alienating readers who would normally be "turned off" by such dialogue. As a teacher, I've recommended this book to many of my sixth grade language arts students, all of whom, upon finishing it, immediately ask for another just like it.

EAN: 9780590360357
Pages: 256
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Avi Avi

An incredible read

Book title: Flowers for Algernon: In this beloved novel-the basis for the
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Flowers for Algernon: In this beloved novel-the basis for the - book cover picture

This is one of the best books I've read. Basically, it's abouta mentally disabled man, Charlie Gordon, who has his intelligenceincreased by an operation, and what happens to him. It's an incredible story, but it's not for the weak. If you are someone who cries easily, have a box of tissues for the last forty-odd pages. All I had to do was read the lasy entry to my mom, who'd seen the movie, and she was crying. I, who ahrdly ever cry, was nearly crying. But regardless, this is a great book. Everyone should read it.

EAN: 9780151001637
Pages: 304
Publisher: Harcourt
Daniel Keyes

Great intro to neural networks -- Many examples

Book title: Practical Neural Network Recipies in C++
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Practical Neural Network Recipies in C++ - book cover picture

When I received Pratical Neural Network Recipes in C++, I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to follow. Even though I have an extensive calculus background, I believe almost anyone with a background in statistics or college algebra can follow along. As far as content, Masters has shown his ability to explain a complex subject without making it overly complex. I was happy that Masters did not get too in depth with mathmatical proofs. Instead, he sticks to the point -- how to make artificial neural networks that aid in everything from pattern recognition to stock forecasting. He also explains several different kinds of networks such as genetic, hybrid, and multilayer feedforward, and the various benefits and pitfalls of each. The Neural program that comes with the book was also of great help (It's on a 3 1/2 floppy, not a 5 1/4). I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about NN's.

EAN: 9780124790407
Pages: 493
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann

After All These Years...

Book title: Somewhere In Time
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Somewhere In Time - book cover picture

I have finally found it again. I lost the book and have been looking for it for at least 15 years.To my joy and surprise I realized I could buy it here on On it's own, as it was originally written, this book is wonderful. When you add to that the fact that the remarkably romantic movie Somewhere in Time was based on it, the pair are unbeatable. If you loved the movie, you will love the book. Try them, they are classics.

EAN: 9780312868864
Pages: 304
Publisher: Tor Books
Richard Matheson

No words can explain this brilliant book

Book title: The Wounded Land (The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book 1)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Wounded Land (The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book 1) - book cover picture

After reading the first three books of the Thomas Covenant series, I could not wait to get the next three. I have just finished this book and there is no way I can explain the emotions that you feal while reading it. You care for all the characters, even when Covenant speaks to the 'ghosts' of his old friends. I felt everything that covenant felt and cried at some points. I was shocked to find the land I knew gone. All those who knew him had died, the Ramen and Ranyhyn had fled south,so that no one knew the land before it was corrupted by lord foul (again) and the lords, earthpower and legends of covenant had been replaced by lies. The only thing the people survive on is their blood...

EAN: 9780345348685
Pages: 512
Publisher: Del Rey
Stephen R. Donaldson

A great read

Book title: Davita's Harp
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Davita's Harp - book cover picture

This is an outstanding book because the characters and situation are so realistic. It is also the only book that I have encountered so far that explores what it is like growing up with Jewish/Christian non-religious parents. Potok deals with the tension of Davidita's search for spirituality very sensitively without condemning either faith.

The book also sensitively portrays dream of a better society through human effort and the reality of political fallibility.

EAN: 9780449911839
Pages: 384
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Chaim Potok

Wonderful book... u gotta get it!

Book title: Heart and Soul of Nick Carter
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Heart and Soul of Nick Carter - book cover picture

This book is so good. I can't put it down! It has all the info on Nick and his mom made such a great book. She did a great job writing it. Oh and it even has like genealogy that traces Nick's ancestors. Did you know that one of Nick's ancestor fell in love with Lucille Ball and just kept following her and she never noticed? He kept doing this until the end. It has a lot of cool pics from when he was a baby to him all grown up. Get it while you can!

EAN: 9780451408952
Pages: 192
Publisher: Onyx Trade
Jane Carter

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