Keep writing those western historicals, Geralyn!

Book title: Her Bodyguard
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Her Bodyguard - book cover picture

HER BODYGUARD begins the Bad Luck Brides, formerly known as the McBride Menaces, with the story of Maribeth "Mari" McBride. Geralyn Dawson once again proves she is a masterful storyteller who keeps readers eagerly turning the pages. Mari is a strong, intelligent heroine with spunk enough for two women. She's a match for any man. Her father just wishes the man was NOT Luke Garrett. Must she choose between Luke and her family? If only she knew what--and who--to believe about him. It's a wonderful story with surprising twists and was over too soon. But it's a story I know I'll reread and I can hardly wait for the next Bad Luck Bride, Katrina's story in December 2005, HER SCOUNDREL.

EAN: 9780373770434
Pages: 384
Publisher: HQN Books
Geralyn Dawson

My Side Of The Mountain

Book title: My Side of the Mountain
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
My Side of the Mountain - book cover picture

This was one of the best books that I had ever read. I could not put it down. I hardly ever got bored, it was so adventureus. How Sam lived off the berries, nuts, deer, and some plants and also fish and mussels. He met a college professor at his tree (that he lives in) and Bando (the man he met)ended up staying for christmas. He would bring up the news articles about the wild boy (Sam) so sam could read them. They were trying to find him to take him home (COPS). If you would like to find out the ending, read this book.

EAN: 9780140348101
Pages: 177
Publisher: Puffin Books
Jean Craighead George

Reply to

Book title: What Einstein Didn't Know : Scientific Answers to Everyday Questions
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
What Einstein Didn't Know : Scientific Answers to Everyday Questions - book cover picture

I must reply to comments which state that I (the author) am in error regarding mass and energy. I am not. The misunderstanding--that there are no mass changes in chemical reactions--is, unfortunately, widespread. I had hoped that my explanation in the book would dispel this misunderstanding, but alas! Yes, chemical reactions merely rearrange the same atoms. But the energies of these before-and-after arrangements are different, and hence, so are their masses--minutely, to be sure, but different nevertheless. If a chemical reaction gives off or uses up energy, where has that energy came from or went to? Mass, that's where; there's noplace else. So if energy changes, mass must also change. In chemical reactions, the amount of mass-energy transfer is indeed extremely small, but it's there nevertheless. The discussion on pages 226-228 of my book is entirely factual and correct, not an "unnecessary conjecture." I thank Arnold, however, for the other kind words about the book.

EAN: 9780440508564
Pages: 288
Publisher: Dell
Robert Wolke

Two of a kind--with a difference

Book title: A World Without Time: The Forgotten Legacy Of Godel And Einstein
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
A World Without Time: The Forgotten Legacy Of Godel And Einstein - book cover picture

Terrific vignette history, heretofore little known, of the friendship and mutual discourse of Goedel and Einstein after their exile from the Germany of the thirties to the Institute for Advanced Study. Interspersed with biographical data not found elsewhere is a tale of two eccentrics, and of the philosophical asides and unpublic views of this duet, from Kant, and idealism, to much else. The central story is of Goedel's work on relativity and the discovery of solutions to the general equations that opened up the possibility of time travel and the illusion of time. This finding, unwelcome in mainstream physics, and the object of a posited 'chronology postulate' by Hawking to rule out its implications for cosmology, had lurked in the underground of physics history--until now, perhaps.
This is not only important info on the state of physics but scuttlebutt of the highest order. Be sure to check it out...

EAN: 9780465092932
Pages: 210
Publisher: Basic Books
Palle Yourgrau


Book title: Winter's Tale
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Winter's Tale - book cover picture

Helprins' prose is indelibly melodic in "Winter's Tale" and this book will enchant and intrigue the reader. This isn't a book that can be read and easily reviewed, but one that must simply be experienced. Helprin has created a remarkable character, Peter Lake, aded a city, New York, and entwined them in a timeless fantasy of love and justice, tragedy and remorse, valor and determination. This book is a paean to the human heart.Let me add that any reader who judges a novel by the politics of its' author is no bibliophile, but a captive to their intellectual limitations. Politically left, right or middle, any lover of books, as any lover of words, will delight in Winter's Tale.

EAN: 9780151972036
Pages: 688
Publisher: Harcourt
Mark Helprin

Chock full of info

Book title: Instant Guide to Weather (Instant Guides)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Instant Guide to Weather (Instant Guides) - book cover picture

I was a little unsure of the book because the description says it has illustrations instead of photographs, but these illustrations far exceeded my expectations. Because they are so good, they probably convey the information better than a photo because the conditions for the clouds can be exact. When it comes to the cloud section, you might not even notice that they are drawings at first.

There is a lot of good information in this little book. It is divided into several sections: atmosphere, weather systems, clouds, precipitation, winds, optical and atmospheric phenomena, climate, and forecasting. When you look at the price, and if it is a topic you are interested, it is hard not to be please with it's purchase. It even has detailed information and a drawing of something called a Brockenspecter. I mean really, what more could you ask for from a little book under five dollars!

EAN: 9780517208335
Pages: 128
Publisher: Gramercy
Eleanor Lawrence
Borin Van Loon

Haunting story of Judiasm under the Communists

Book title: A Hole in the Heart of the World : Being Jewish in Eastern Europe
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
A Hole in the Heart of the World : Being Jewish in Eastern Europe - book cover picture

Jonathan is first a journalist. He gives you a penetrating view of what it was like to be in Europe under communism as told by people that lived it. He makes you identify with these people and feel their stories. This is no simplistic story of good and evil. This is the story of real and complex people dealing in their different ways with an impossible situation. Some rebelled, some hid, and some joined the enemy. The only common thread is that they were all alive to tell Jonathan their stories when the Berlin Wall fell. Fortunately Jonathan was there at this unique point in time to listen to their stories and tell them to us.

EAN: 9780140254532
Pages: 352
Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics)
Jonathan Kaufman

Buy it! Read it! Pass it on!

Book title: Wild Seed
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Wild Seed - book cover picture

What's good about Butler's writings is that she challenges your imagination, and compels & encourages your mind to react outside the norm. The book is easy to read; but be forewarned, if you want it as a book to read on the train while commuting, it'll be hard to put down (not to mention you'll almost forget where you are).Immortality, sexual gratification and death, at the hands of one who thinks he owns your very essence, is not to far removed from what some extremists in our world feel is necessary for the existence of their race or nationality. You'll find yourself immediately empathizing with any of the characters.Butler is on to something, so much so that you want more. And though not many have said it, you get it in Patternmaster (but on an entirely different plane and vision). Buy it! Read it! Pass it on to someone who may not have considered it!

EAN: 9780446606721
Pages: 288
Publisher: Aspect
Octavia E. Butler


Book title: Beloved
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Beloved - book cover picture

This book brings the style "magic realism" to it's epitomy. Read ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE if you liked this... This book IS complex, it IS overpowering, and it IS AWESOME!!! I am in high school, and I read it by choice and loved it. I think it's one of the best novels in the English language. Morrison's style is unequaled, and her voice is too. I would also suggest SONG OF SOLOMON, but she is so talented that you can't tell the same person wrote them both. She is an actress with a pen. No wonder she was the first person EVER to be escorted by the king of Sweden when she won the Nobel. BRILLIANT.

EAN: 9780394535975
Pages: 288
Publisher: Knopf
Toni Morrison

Exquisitley written~Breathtaking pictures! A MUST HAVE!

Book title: James Cameron's Titanic
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
James Cameron's Titanic - book cover picture

This book is the best book for anyone who is a Titanic movie fan, whether it be for the actors in it, or for the desire to know more about the making of this awesome movie. In reading over some of the reviews, it escapes me why someone who wasn't a fan of the film would even bother to purchase this book. I guess some people just like to complain! Do not fear being disappointed in this one...It is all you dreamed of and more! NonTitanic movie fans...Buy a book on a subject you ENJOY!!

EAN: 9780006490609
Pages: 192
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
James Cameron
Ed Marsh
Jain Lemos

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