Just The Facts Please!

Book title: The Necronomicon
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Necronomicon - book cover picture

I am saddened by the lack of depth and integrity with the majority of these reviews. Who cares if you believe it is fact or fiction. That is a pointless argument that can't be proven. The point is moot. The real nectar and honey of the matter is based upon practical application. WHAT WHERE YOUR RESULTS?! If you can't answer this question then your opinion is relegated to did you like or dislike the book. I can confidently say that the majority of these posts are by individuals that don't have an inkling of good or bad occult literature if it was to smack them in the face. I can uineqivocally say this is a very interesting book for a serious student of the occult. However one must have knowledge of various diverse disciplines in order to sufficiently enjoy the tasty treat that awaits the ardent student. Pay no attention to the profane and cast their ignorance and stupidity to the wind.

EAN: 9780380751921
Pages: 288
Publisher: Avon


Book title: Sabriel (The Abhorsen Trilogy)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Sabriel (The Abhorsen Trilogy) - book cover picture

Sabriel travels around meeting dark minions of great proportion such as shadow hands,gore crows,and the worst of all Kerrigor. Sabriel is summoned by a zombie and is given her fathers armor. She sets off into the old kingdom trying to find out what happened to her father. When she passes the wall she heads up to the broken charter stone. She feels sick because of the broken charter stone. she decides to travel into death and ask her (mother)whats going on. She tells her that she has to go to her fathers house where she will be told what to do.

EAN: 9780064471831
Pages: 496
Publisher: Eos
Garth Nix

Spare and exacting, no melodrama here.

Book title: The Gifts of the Body
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Gifts of the Body - book cover picture

As a respite worker, I picked this book up not expecting the author to "get it right." I was wrong. She gets it so right I found myself shaken. Brown's words express my own experiences so clearly, so plainly, and her stories are leavened oh-so-sparingly with the piquant emotions that arise in the give-and-take of working with disabled, ill, aging, dying people.Best of all, after reading this book you will know why a person chooses -- or should not choose, in some cases -- to enter this field.If at all possible, find the audiobook copy, read by Ms. Brown herself. Her voice, as sparing as her prose, sings with the subtlest vibration.Understatement is the gift of her voice.

EAN: 9780060926533
Pages: 176
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Rebecca Brown

A Great Book

Book title: True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle - book cover picture

The True Confession Of Charlotte Doyle really [caught] me by the way of her behaiviour with Captain Jaggery and the crew. She was sent to the Providence [of] Rode Island by her father. She was sent to the port by Mr.Grummage, a very unhappy person and who would like things done quickly. She had to [board] the Seahawk alone without the 2 families that were suppose to ride with her. And so, the journey began and she met Zachariah, Mr.Keetch, and a very pleasent gentleman, Captain Jaggery. In her mind, the captain was the only person who had the same standard as her, a rich and well-mannered girl. The following scene would really interets me more. Avi really uses the words that even we don't use in every day life. She has the talent of write another book that will be as good as this.

EAN: 9780531058930
Pages: 224
Publisher: Scholastic
Avi Avi

Your Child Will Thank You and You Will Thank Yourself

Book title: First Feelings: Milestones in the Emotional Development of Your Baby and Child
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
First Feelings: Milestones in the Emotional Development of Your Baby and Child - book cover picture

As a single parent of a 2 1/2 year old boy, I have found this book to be the best teacher, guide, and sanity-saver since the day he was born. This book has given me concrete options for understanding and dealing with every perplexing behavior of my son's. He has a flourishing emotional life because of this book, and I have managed to keep sane.The book is easy to read, gives several solutions to each problem presented, has tables and lists to help explain concepts, and offers a contiguous view of the child and his family's development. If a parent could only read one parenting book, *this* is the one they should read, take to heart, dog-ear and memorize techniques from, through the start of pregnancy through all their children's first years. The family foundations and relationships it helps to establish make the most solid beginnings for family life. Thank you, Greenspans, for this seminal contribution!

EAN: 9780140119886
Pages: 272
Publisher: Penguin Books
Stanley, I., M.D. Greenspan
Nancy Thorndike Greenspan

Classic Best of All Time

Book title: The Heaven Tree Trilogy: The Heaven Tree, the Green Branch, the Scarlet Seed
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Heaven Tree Trilogy: The Heaven Tree, the Green Branch, the Scarlet Seed - book cover picture

This has to one of the best books I have ever read. The story of this noble turned stonecutter in the often brutal medieval period was nothing short of magnificent. Although this book is out of print and quite lengthy (899 pages)it is well worth the historical romance lovers time to read this magnificent story! Love, honor, hate, feuds and heart wrenching forgiveness. This novel covered it all. Absolutely fabulous! I cried so much in the last chapters that someone walking in on me thought a family member died. - Try your best to find a copy and do take the time to read - This has to be a classic!

EAN: 9780446517089
Pages: 899
Publisher: Warner Books
Edith Pargeter

ALexandria Quartet is the novel of the millenium

Book title: The Alexandria Quartet: Justine/Balthazar/Mountolive/Clea/Boxed Set
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Alexandria Quartet: Justine/Balthazar/Mountolive/Clea/Boxed Set - book cover picture

It is not a Masterpiece. It is the best book ever written. Full of characters poetry and love. Lawrence durrell said that it is an inquiry about modern love. This book is perfect in every sence. Alexandria the city with its beauty and decline is the inspiration power. The novel of the millenium. Really. This book has the power to change your life or at least put you in a world so exotic amazing and real that you will start losing your words and breath.

EAN: 9780140153170
Publisher: Penguin Books
Lawrence Durrell

an excellent technical overview of broadband

Book title: Broadband Access Technologies
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Broadband Access Technologies - book cover picture

As the move of the internet towards broadband becomes ever more obvious, "Broadband Access technologies" is a wonderful book that will teach you how these technologies work. It goes through xDSL, cable, fiber, HFC, satellites, LMDS, MMDS, next generation internet, ATM vs IP and lots more.It will tell you how these technologies work, how they compare with each other, what the costs involved are, what the regulatory framework is and could become. It is a one stop book, as you don't have to go through a book on each of these tecnologies.It can be easily inderstood by a non telecom engineer (as myself) who wants to understand the battle going on in the tech world

EAN: 0639785313298
Pages: 400
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Albert Azzam
Niel Ransom

The anti-hero, the ordinary saint

Book title: The Industry of Souls
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Industry of Souls - book cover picture

This is not Le Carre, whose anti-heroes are complex and hard to imagine. Industry of Souls is about one man, Mother Russia, and the indomitability of the human spirit. Alexander Bayliss is not Everyman, but he is what we wish every man to be. As Shurik, the man who endured so much for so long, forgotten save by his friends and his adopted home, the protagonist is so unexceptional, by his own admission, that he basically writes off his personal history in favor of the light of today's sun. Martin Booth is so judicious in his selected perceptions that Shurik's narration approaches gentle poetry without being smarmy, creates images without being treacly, and constructs a world, a true microcosm, in which we would love to live, even in the village of Myshinko.

EAN: 9780312242039
Pages: 250
Publisher: St Martins Pr
Martin Booth

This is good, but sad...

Book title: Princess Nevermore
Rating: 5/5
Binding: School & Library Binding
Princess Nevermore - book cover picture

This is a great book!! It's about Quinn, 15 years old, who lives in the magical world of Mandria, but is not yet ready to become a lady. She wants to visit "outter- earth" (you'll find out what that is) and explore with her friend, Cam. She gets her wish, partly. Cam doesn't get to go with her. She falls in love with Adam, a guy from "outter earth." But there is one problem if they have a relationship, and you will find out.
It's a great book, but the ending is sad. Almost made me cry... >o<
But, I strongly recommend this book, for almost any age!

EAN: 9780590457583
Pages: 232
Publisher: Scholastic
Dian Curtis Regan

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