Intense, saddening, but resilient

Book title: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio CD
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6) - book cover picture

Well, I must say that I waited on pins and needles for my copy of HBP to arrive on the afternoon of July 16th. I have only just finished it (it is 2:15 in the morning in my time zone). I found this installation of the series particularly moving. JKR goes into much more detail about the pasts of several of her beloved characters and some of the more hated of the bunch. I'll try not to say much on that note because I hate spoilers. Rest assured that this adventure lives up to the name and will wisk you away to Harry's world most convincingly. This is definately worth your time. It is no longer a "children's" book (as the characters are no longer children) and anyone who says otherwise has not properly read it. The story is moving, heartbreakingly sad, spirit-lifting, and humourous. This is everything a novel should be, regardless of genre. I raise my glass to JK Rowling and her beautifully spun characters and say, "Well done!!"

EAN: 9780307283658
Publisher: Listening Library (Audio)
J.K. Rowling

Once every 1,000 novels will you be this blown away

Book title: Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas - book cover picture

This many people can't be wrong. I picked up the book because I happen to like Frogs, Sleeping and Pajamas-- I'd never even heard of Tom Robbbins. Since I read this book, I've bought every single one of his books and notice mention of him practically everywhere (check out the inside of the Kerouac tribute for a fore word). This guy writes forewords for EVERYTHING that I happen to be interested in. Crazy things happen, and you NEED to read this. If you can't afford to buy-- rent it from the library.

EAN: 9780553377873
Pages: 400
Publisher: Bantam
Tom Robbins

Characterization of Heaven

Book title: Blood of Heaven
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Blood of Heaven - book cover picture

I wanted to review this book because it is probably my favorite Christian book. I am a Christian, but I read almost a hundred percent secular books because most of the Christian stuff just isn't good enough, but this book is another one of the huge exceptions. Don't let the other reviews confuse you. This is not really that much about Jesus' blood, but about inner conflict. I don't want to spoil the story line so I will leave it at that. The highest point of this book is Characterization. The characters felt so real I it was like they were really alive, and I was watching their drama. This is an excellent book. I would recommend it even if you are of the secular audience.

EAN: 0025986201197
Pages: 336
Publisher: Zondervan
Bill Myers

An excellent "read"!

Book title: Until...
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Until... - book cover picture

McCann enters the heart and soul of women in his characterization of Betty, a professional black, female lawyer just beginning a career in a prestigious all white, male law firm. A woman who outwardly is strong in her profession but inside feels all the same insecurities every woman feels, especially in love and relationships. I kept having to remind myself that this was a man writing this novel and not a woman. It was a good insite into human nature, both male and female. I strongly recommend reading "Until" and can hardly wait to get started on "Always"!

EAN: 9780380805792
Pages: 240
Publisher: Avon Trade
Timmothy B. Mccann

A Great book, a mini Rainbow 6 conspiracy, i dunno

Book title: Stealth War
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Stealth War - book cover picture

I really enjoyed this book, i have not oe tihng against itexcept it was too short, but i feel that way abotu all books, hell, iread R6 all the way throug and i was still elft i nthe open! but if you want a shorter book, not so explicit and a little less profanity than Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 (which is an outstandingly delicious book) than get this!I mean this is totally realistic, yeah, ppl becoming invisible is kinda off the wall, be hell, this is the United States, we've got to have lots of Tech that the bland one sided tax payer doesn't know!and i really enjoyed the conspiracy, some of the concepts ofg the Huntsmen i couldn't understnad liek killinfg JFKm, cause i liek JFK, but really, this was a great book...If you're really interested in Counter-Terrorism like books with new age tech and a twist of Conspiracy, this has got ot be the book! END

EAN: 9780515127249
Pages: 364
Publisher: Jove Books
Jeff Rovin


Book title: Programming in Visual Basic 6.0 Update Edition with CD
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Programming in Visual Basic 6.0 Update Edition with CD - book cover picture

I finally found it!! I had checked this book out from a library and it was the exact kind of book I needed. If I remember right the ladies that wrote this book had written it for a Visual BASIC college class that they taught. It's mostly revolved around the necessities and doesn't stray away to off the wall graphics programs or anything dramatic, but maintains a clear learner's course of Visual BASIC. Plus, it doesn't try to teach you VB in one day, wich seems to be the trend of many popular books. If you're tired of all those "Learn VB in X Hours" books then I'd recommend giving this a try. Heck, there's even a book out now called "Learn Visual Basic in Ten Minutes". lol

EAN: 9780072518740
Pages: 694
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin
Julia Case Bradley
Anita C Millspaugh

A must-have book for xBase programmers moving to Java

Book title: Java Database Development
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Java Database Development - book cover picture

This book is the only one I have found that shows exactly how to read local DBF files (dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, CA-VO, etc.) using pure Java. The writing is very clear and easy to understand, even for a Java beginner, like me. The book contains excellent and thorough coverage of the DBF file structure and of B-tree indexes. These subjects are covered from both the conceptual and the how-to points of view.The chapter on database design presents a somewhat non-traditional, but very straight forward, approach to normalizing databases.Rinehart also includes full examples of several data aware Java user interface classes, and a powerful string class. Full source code is included. For me the source code is the most valuable part of the book.

EAN: 9780078823565
Pages: 944
Publisher: Osborne Publishing
Martin Rinehart

Haugen's volatility theory answers unanswered questions.

Book title: Beast on Wall Street
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Beast on Wall Street - book cover picture

Whether or not Wall Street will give up its current trading practices in favor of instantaneous auctions, this theory answers a lot of questions. The theory explains why stock funds sell at discounts to their underlying securities. The theory suggests why corporate debt ratios have remained as high as they are -- debt isn't actively traded and is thus much less volatile and risky than is equity financing. It may also explain why volatility increases with the length of the trading period. It will also be interesting if the "Asian Crisis" turns out to be a phenomenon that was due as much to volatility magnified by extended, global, securities trading as to inadequate Asian infrastructure and economic policies. Edward B. Flowes, St. John's University

EAN: 9780130800787
Pages: 160
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Robert A. Haugen

Salamandastron: My personal favorite of the series

Book title: Salamandastron (Redwall, Book 5)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Salamandastron (Redwall, Book 5) - book cover picture

When my friend introduced this book to me, I read the first few chapters with indifference. However, when I started to see the suspenseful beginning, I was a bit anxious to read more. In truth, my school grades suffered because I spent every available minute (more often in class than not) reading this book, unable to put it down unless threatened by my vengeful math teacher. I love the many supporting characters, and the delightfully wicked villains, as well as the lovely descriptions, incredible background detailing, and tales of woodlander food that made my mouth water and drool on the library book! (Boy did I get in trouble for that)Brian Jacqes is a literary genius in this book, with the touching bond between Urthstripe and his adopted daughter Mara, the lovely wickedness of the blue-eyed weasel Ferahgo, and the funny antics of the youngest babies with their funny accents. I am going to buy this book today. . chack the records I WILL!

EAN: 9780142501528
Pages: 400
Publisher: Puffin
Brian Jacques

Very Enlightening and Lots of Fun to Read.

Book title: Guns, Germs and Steel : A Short History of Everbody for the Last 13000 Years
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Guns, Germs and Steel : A Short History of Everbody for the Last 13000 Years - book cover picture

I could not put this book down. I have read some great thrillers by Greisham and others, that were less compelling than this brilliant examination of 13,000 years of human interaction over the world and the impact of this interaction on the environment, world history and the various species populating the earth, past and present. I must say that it has added a dimension to my perspective of the history/evolution of the human species. Jared Diamond's scholarship meets, in my humble opinion, the very highest standards. The breadth and depth of his research is staggering. This is certainly one of the best books I have read in many, many years.

EAN: 9780099302780
Publisher: Vintage Uk
Jared Diamond

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