Insightful, carefully researched, refreshing

Book title: The Ten Commandments: The Significance of God's Laws in Everyday Life
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Ten Commandments: The Significance of God's Laws in Everyday Life - book cover picture

This book is a "must read" for everyone ranging from the ultra-religious to those merely curious about spiritual issues. Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Rabbi Robert Vogel draw deeply from their rich religious heritage to share magnificent insights into the timeless guidance we can draw from the gift God gave at Mt. Sinai. The applications drawn will confront, comfort, encourage and stimulate, so be warned that your thinking will be challenged in unexpected ways. What is more, by showing the practicality of God's law in everyday life, the authors dramatically invalidate the claim of many modern Christians that the Law of God is invalid. This is definitely not a book you will read quickly. The authors put as much thought-stimulating content in each page as some writers spread across entire chapters, yet they do it in easily readable form. So plan on taking time with each page, section and chapter to let their insights become part of your life.

EAN: 9780060191382
Pages: 319
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Laura C. Schlessinger
Rabbi Stewart Vogel

Simple to-the- point truth kids love!

Book title: Beginner's Bible®, The : Timeless Children's Stories
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Beginner's Bible®, The : Timeless Children's Stories - book cover picture

I bought this book after several attempts to get my children interested in the Bible. I always look for metaphysical interpretations for children, but am not sure they exist. And I have bought a handful of children's Bible literature so when I read a review for this book I thought, great! When the book arrived my heart fell. I told myself, "another flop!" and was ready to send it back. But my little boy (8) saw it and asked me to read it. And he just loves it!! He asks for more, always more... even though he has tons of other books on his shelves. And I am thrilled. The stories are very simply put and illustrated, exactly like a child needs. Sometimes I shudder at the interpretations (at times a bit too classical for me), but an adult can always explain the stories. This book has an amazing calming effect on kids, and it seems to fill a need they have. Amazing! I think it is a perfect first approach to the Bible.

EAN: 9780310709626
Pages: 511
Publisher: ZonderKidz

WONDERFUL....a very touching story!

Book title: An Italian Affair (Vintage)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
An Italian Affair (Vintage) - book cover picture

I stumbled across "An Italian Affair" while searching for a Father's Day gift. I read the inside cover and found it to be interesting so I bought it for myself. It wasn't until a few days ago that I finally picked up the book to read. Wow, why did I wait? I loved every minute. I also found that I didn't want the story to end...although I am happy to know that Laura finally came into own. I felt as if Laura was a friend and she was telling me her story. I felt I was with her on her journey enjoying every minute while she slowly embraced change and also feeling her pain as she grew. Who hasn't experienced some of the pain and insecurities she describes? A very touching, bittersweet, empowering story about love, loss and life. Great book, great story...way to go Laura! ^5

EAN: 9780375724855
Pages: 240
Publisher: Vintage
Laura Fraser

A Great Book for Forex Trading

Book title: A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics : How to Profit Using Pivot Points, Candlesticks & Other Indicators (Wiley Trading)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics : How to Profit Using Pivot Points, Candlesticks & Other Indicators (Wiley Trading) - book cover picture

The technical tactics and techniques described in this book have already helped me to start making a profit in forex trading on a more consistent basis.

This book's explanation on how to place orders and the different types are the best I've read so far.

Pivot Points used in conjunction with Candlesticks is what I have been using to trade currencies and so far the results have been very satisfying. Thank you Mr Person for writing this most excellent book!

EAN: 0723812650996
Pages: 288
Publisher: Wiley
John L. Person


Book title: The Outsiders
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
The Outsiders - book cover picture

The Outsiders was an excellent book! It's touching story is inspiring and riviting. It shows that there is always a ray of hope in any situation that a young person(or anyone in this case)can face in the harsh world of reality. It explains how words can either touch or hurt any person, no matter what race, religion, or social statis. The Outsiders is extremely moving with it's tale of brother hood and togetherness. Therefore I rate this story by S.E. Hinton with five stars for it's remarkable story of friendship.

EAN: 9780140385724
Pages: 180
Publisher: Puffin
S. E. Hinton

Matches Redwall

Book title: Mariel of Redwall (Redwall, Book 4)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Mariel of Redwall (Redwall, Book 4) - book cover picture

Gabool the Wild, the searat king who never really roamed the seas, captures the ship Periwinkle. On it Joseph the Bellmaker and her daughter, Mariel, along with the great bell meant to be brought to Salamandastron. They became slaves of Gabool, and one day Mariel betrayed him, and found herself flung onto the seas, and luckily enough, survives. After gaining her memory, she sets off with Durry Quill, Danding, and Tarquin to find Terramort Isle of Gabool, and do they run into a bit of trouble! Back at Terremort, Gabools messmate Graypatch betrayed him and sets off with his own fleet to roam the seas. Gabool sends of a wild chase of fleets to find and kill Graypatch, while ships battle, betray and bombard each other, Graypatch finds land and finds Redwall!

EAN: 9780142302392
Pages: 448
Publisher: Puffin Books
Brian Jacques

Ray Of Light's views on Whoopi Goldberg's Book

Book title: Book
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Book - book cover picture

'Book' is a modern work of art. It is a powerful tour-de-force of an "American" woman who went from Rags to Riches. It usually takes me a week to read a book, but this book was so good I read it over a weekend! The book was very intriguing and thought-provoking. I agree with all of Whoopi's pet-peeves, but disagree with her stereotype of different races. This book kept me and my brother laughing for weeks. Get yourself a copy, it's a book not worth missing.

EAN: 9780380729791
Pages: 304
Publisher: Avon
Whoopi Goldberg

Levyrle Spencer can really write a difficult story so effortlessly, Great Read!

Book title: Family Blessings
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Family Blessings - book cover picture

It was difficult to make it plausible physical attraction between a man of 30 and a woman who is 45.but by god the chemistry was thrilling! made me so hot! this book made levyrle my one of the favourite romance writer. the emotions and integrety of the main characters make you really care for them. naturally Lee was doubtful about there future together even after she had given in to the physical attraction... the problems with her daughter, were quiet real. i want to read more and more books of this writer until i can exaust the supply!

EAN: 9780515115635
Pages: 496
Publisher: Jove
LaVyrle Spencer

Outstanding and believable

Book title: Absolute Power
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Absolute Power - book cover picture

I can't recall when I have been so absorbed in a book. Took it with me on a five week car trip and for the first few days saw very little of the countryside as I had my eyes glued to the book.
To my way of thinking it was a composite of two of my most unfavorite Presidents and echoed my sentiments about both. What a spellbinder David Baldacci is. Have more of his books now and promise I will read everything he writes. Also was reading this during the attack on America and was more and more convinced much needs to be done to insure this kind of thing can not happen again. David Baldacci, please continue to write such wonderful reading.

EAN: 9780446519960
Pages: 469
Publisher: Warner Books Inc
David Baldacci

This was one of the best books that I have ever read.

Book title: Little Women (Puffin Classics)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Little Women (Puffin Classics) - book cover picture

I liked the way that the book delt with things that people actually went through. I can not relate to wearing a dress with a hole burnt in it to a party, but I can relate that situation to spiling something on yourself, or getting a surprise stain on your new dress while dancing. They showed the family in all living conditions. Them living in poverty being angry about not having all of the things that they wnat, and them doing good for others by giving them their Christmas breakfast. Sisters will always argue, but they learned to love each other in spite of the things that made them mad. Each of them had something that they had a passion for and they loved each others work. They all loved to read the stories that Jowrote, and tey loved to hear about all of the parties that Meg attended, and listen to the music that Beth played, and Admire the pictures that Amy drew. They were each special in their own way, and love each other even more because of it.

EAN: 9780140366686
Pages: 336
Publisher: Puffin
Louisa May Alcott

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