Insightful & hilarious

Book title: Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) - book cover picture

Extremely funny and interesting introduction to the subject. I'm still reading it and I feel sad thinking about the moment when I'll have read it. Even if you're not interested in archaeology, believe me, when you're through with this, you'll run for the first book on the "Further reading" list. Especially if you're in high school, like me, and are not sure what to do with your life, like me, READ THIS AND YOU WILL SEE THE MEANING OF LIFE!! THIS IS IT!!!That would be all from me; read this book and write me and we can discuss it together. Au reservoir!

EAN: 9780192853257
Pages: 102
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Paul G. Bahn
Paul Bahn

Riveting, suspenseful, intriguing, and so darned addictive

Book title: Drums of Autumn
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
Drums of Autumn - book cover picture

I obviously have not had the opportunity to read Diana Gabaldon's newest book, but am eagerly awaiting its release. I have read the 3 others in the series and loved everyone of them. As to any complaints about the great gap between release dates, I can only say that I understand the amount of time and effort it takes to create great fiction. I'm sure it will be worth the wait. As a recent graduate of history, with a great love for Scottish history, Galbaldon's books invite readers, who otherwise would never pick up a history book, to visit a time that is filled with so much color, tragedy, and romance. I commend Gabaldon on her attention to great is the HISTORIC DETAIL along with beautiful writing that has made me a true addict of this series

EAN: 9780553473322
Publisher: Random House Audio
Diana Gabaldon


Book title: Dreadnought
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Dreadnought - book cover picture

'Dreadnought' is purportedly about an arms race; don't be fooled. 'Dreadnought' is about a time that is no more, a way of life long vanished - and it has the distinct advantage of being true. It has heroes and villains galore, all of them larger than the puerile paraders of a century later, and enough high technology to satisfy. Read it, and learn what civilization was like before the Age of the Common.

EAN: 9780345375568
Pages: 1040
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Robert K. Massie

This Book is Very...Good

Book title: What Katy Did Next (Puffin Classics)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
What Katy Did Next (Puffin Classics) - book cover picture

I really liked "What Katy Did Next." I am a big fan of all of the Katy books, and, although this book is not quite as good as the others in the trio, it is still wholesome, descriptive, and, well--it has a touch of romance mixed in.
In "What Katy Did Next," Katy is invited to go to Europe for a year with her friends Mrs. Ashe and Amy. Katy promptly decides to go, packs her bags, and departs on a vessel bound for England. She stays in Europe for six months, sees the places she has dreamed about, and, as aforesaid, has a romantic scene just at the end.
This is a sweet and satisfying read, especially for girls 10-14.

EAN: 9780140367577
Pages: 240
Publisher: Puffin Books
Susan Coolidge

Dustoff Medic/ Cu Chi-1970-71

Book title: We Were Soldiers Once... and Young: Ia Drang--The Battle That Changed the War in Vietnam
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
We Were Soldiers Once... and Young: Ia Drang--The Battle That Changed the War in Vietnam - book cover picture

The 7th Air Cav. paved the way for Airmobile Operations for other units to follow in later years in Vietnam Campaign. Later 1st Cav. Medical Evacution (Medevac) only unit arm w/ Machine Guns used for evacuation. Dustoff air ambulance / unarmed would be escorted by 2 helicopter gunships. I thank the 1st Air Cav. for that operational procedure. The movie is most accurate in relation to the book.159th DustOff was a separate unit which supported 25th Infantry Divison and 1st Cavalry Division.

EAN: 9780060975760
Pages: 528
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Harold G. Moore

Most enjoyable book I have ever read - and read again

Book title: Ender's Game (Ender Quartet)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Ender's Game (Ender Quartet) - book cover picture

My Dad (an adventure book fan, not a sci-fi reader), brother and I each read the book in less then a day and a half, and each loved it. That was several years ago, and I still think it is the most enjoyable book I have ever read, and one of the most interesting characters I have ever met.A fabulous book for anyone who enjoys adventures, science fiction, or great characters, or anyone who has ever been a kid with an imagination.

EAN: 9780312853235
Pages: 256
Publisher: Tor Books
Orson Scott Card

This Gilead is a wise and healing balm.

Book title: Gilead: A Novel
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Gilead: A Novel - book cover picture

I absolutely adored this novel. When John Ames tells the story of his family he makes his abolitionist preacher grandfather come alive and makes the reader a part of his history. Ames' voice read so true that I constantly had to remind myself that this was fiction. I had to stop reading to ruminate on both Robinson's perfectly selected words and on what they conveyed. I felt like Robinson had distilled the entire Old Testament into one psalm of love and grace. When Ames asks "How do you tell a scribe from a prophet?" then answers, "Prophets love the people they chastize." I felt the growth of Ames' character both as a person and as a small-town preacher. This book reminded me of the best "religious" fiction, fiction that makes us look at what we believe and why we believe it. If you liked Reynolds Price's Roxanna Slade and Haven Kimmel's The Solace of Leaving Early, you'll want to read Gilead.

EAN: 9780374153892
Pages: 256
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Marilynne Robinson

I have given this book to people I love

Book title: The Tracker
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
The Tracker - book cover picture

This book is full of stories you will never forget - bear smacking? - really! It will make you want to read all of Tom Brown's books and may change your life as it changed mine . . I will never look at the world in the same way and will be a lifelong student of tracking and scouting the. But even if this book does not strike a person that way, I have never found a more enjoyable collection of adventures

EAN: 9780425101339
Pages: 229
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Tom Brown


Book title: Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Six Pillars of Self-Esteem - book cover picture

This book is a thrilling message to all who enjoy rising their consciousness and awareness above the cloudy and foggy thinking about themselves. In case you support the psychological rule of the importance of the self-image this book will be an indispensable appendix to all you have read from Maxwell Maltz and others. The language is fantastically clear and the reasoning plain. You will enjoy it...

EAN: 9780553374391
Pages: 368
Publisher: Bantam
Nathaniel Branden

a powerful piece of writing

Book title: A Cab Called Reliable: A Novel
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
A Cab Called Reliable: A Novel - book cover picture

Patti Kim's novel is a powerful and elegant piece of writing that gives a young Korean girl, Anh Joo, a voice of her own while growing up in America. Kim takes us inside the world of this 11 year old girl, where we were able to watch her to grow up and become a woman. I felt as if I was really there with Anh Joo when she was telling her stories. Sometimes I was in tears and other times i was in laughter while reading the novel. Overall, I found this novel to be emotional, moving, and humorous. When I started to hear the voice of little Anh Joo, I just could not put the book down until I was at the end.

EAN: 9780312154899
Pages: 156
Publisher: St Martins Pr
Patti Kim

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