If you can't get the OED, get this.

Book title: The Oxford Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Oxford Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus - book cover picture

This dictionary is a great 2-in-1 reference tool. You can look up a word's meaning for greater clarification and get synonyms at the same time. The definitions are clear and concise; you don't need to look up the definition since they're in layman's terms. It's also pretty complete. I hate looking something up and not being able to find it in the dictionary; that's hardly ever happened to me with this one. They also have many different reference charts in the back which have come in handy, some of which I've actually copied and taken home. It's almost like 3-in-1 rather than 2-in-1, actually--those charts give this dictionary a flavor of the Columbia Encyclopedia.The only thing they left out (which I wish they hadn't) is word origin. But if you want it all (or close to it), this is the one.

EAN: 9780195112146
Pages: 972
Publisher: Oxford University Press

This book was simply GREAT!

Book title: The Giver (Newbery Medal Book)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Giver (Newbery Medal Book) - book cover picture

This book is certainly one of my favorites, I couldn't put it down! When you first start reading it, it sounds a little weird and boring, but that's where most people make their mistake. They just quit reading the book. BUT I advise you not to. Keep on reading, then you'll get to the good part! It is very well written, and it constantly keeps you interested with new developments and discoveries. If you're a book lover like me, read it! If you're not, try reading it because if you don't, you're missing out on a lot of great stuff.

EAN: 0046442645669
Pages: 192
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin/Walter Lorraine Books
Lois Lowry

Do you like to be a class clown read this book!

Book title: Class Clown
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Class Clown - book cover picture

The book Class Clown is a great book for kids who like funny books. In this book, Lucas is the biggest class clown in his whole school. He gets a note sent home in the beginning of the year because he is being distracting in the classroom. He had to
have a talk with his teacher. After half the year passed, Lucas was bad sometimes in the year. At the end of the year, Lucas's class puts on a mini circus for his school. I think that it is a real funny book you should read this book too.

EAN: 9780590418218
Pages: 98
Publisher: Little Apple
Johanna Hurwitz

Actually probably 4 1/2 stars

Book title: Snow Falling on Cedars
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
Snow Falling on Cedars - book cover picture

This is one of the few books in which I didn't mind the overly long passages describing the scenery and the particulars about the characters. The book really came to life for me, and the themes of innocence lost, and past prejudices were eloquently intertwined in the plot. Although the end was a little too pat and sudden (and, thus, the deduction of a half star), it was a decent mystery and a fine essay on the human spirit. I can't imagine the movie doing the book justice, but, then, I am just a rambling accountant.......

EAN: 9780001052079
Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Ltd
David Guterson

Not Gatsby, but Brilliant and Witty

Book title: F. Scott Fitzgerald: This Side of Paradise (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
F. Scott Fitzgerald: This Side of Paradise (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald) - book cover picture

Fitzgerald is best known for The Great Gastby, his later work, but the earlier This Side of Paradise is nearly writing perfection(it is not hard at all to see how this novel catapulted Fitzgerald into superstardom). Amory Blaine is incredibly believable. Pompous, concieted, talented and sensitive, Fitzgerald's semi-autobiographical novel is intelligently written, not condesending like so many later writers tend to act. The unique way the novel is structured only adds to its feel of reality. Word to the wise: if a this-week bestseller is your idea of a good read, stay away from this insightful and clever story of a young man's coming of age in the dramatically quickly changing 1920s.

EAN: 9780521402347
Pages: 560
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fallon is a Remarkable Book!

Book title: Fallon
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Fallon - book cover picture

With Fallon Louis L'Amour comes up with a very different main character. Fallon isn't a gunfighter or cattleman; he's a gambler and a complicated individual. I've read a great many excellent books by Louis L'Amour, and have enjoyed all of them but to be honest, they are uneven. By this I mean that some of them are much better than others.
Fallon is one that I flat out loved; one that I remember well, and of all of L'Amour's always fun to read Westerns, I think Fallon is one of the best.

EAN: 9780553280838
Pages: 160
Publisher: Bantam
Louis L'Amour

One of the best books I have ever read

Book title: Life in the Fat Lane (Laurel-Leaf Books)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Life in the Fat Lane (Laurel-Leaf Books) - book cover picture

I felt so bad for Lara throughout this book. First off she seems to have the perfect life with the perfect boyfriend, friends, and family. In the beginning I wished I was her. Then as she started to gain weight and everyone started to make fun of her. I loved the end when she relized that her life wasn't perfect to begin with. I hope they make a sequal! All teenage girls should read this book.

EAN: 9780440220299
Pages: 272
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Cherie Bennett

Penman's history comes alive with passion and adventure.

Book title: Here be Dragons
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Here be Dragons - book cover picture

Sharon Kay Penman's HERE BE DRAGONS is the first
of a trilogy about the fight for Welsh
independence from English rule. Penman spends
years meticulously researching the history of the
period, and weaves the facts together in a
tapestry of passion and adventure.
The story begins with King John marrying his
bastard daughter Joanna to Prince Llewelyn of
Wales, in an attempt to stop the Welsh rebellion.
What follows is the development of Llewelyn and
Joanna's relationship, the children and the country
they share, and the trials they face.
I am a devoted fan of Penman's work, and have read
everything she's written; HERE BE DRAGONS is one
of my favorite books ever.
The trilogy concludes with FALLS THE SHADOW and
Quincy mystery, THE QUEEN'S MAN, round out Penman's
current repertoire, and I highly recommend them

EAN: 9780345382849
Pages: 720
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Sharon Kay Penman

Best book I've read in years

Book title: Prey
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Prey - book cover picture

I usually take months to finish a book. This book I finished in under a month and loved every minute of it.
This was the first Michael Crichton book I have read and was surpised to find how he can go into enough detail that I a computer programmer didn't feel he was making up complete nonsense but yet felt that non-technical people would get the same level of depth and meaning from his words. He's a talented author.
I thought I would find this book a bit of nonsense, but instead I caught myself quickly wrapped up in the story. He throws hints around and lets you feel like a genius by figuring somethings out yourself which keeps you reading further.
I don't want to spoil this wonderful book for anybody, so all I will say is if you enjoy suspense or mysteries definitely check this one out.

EAN: 9780061015724
Pages: 528
Publisher: Avon Books
Michael Crichton

Though I Doubted

Book title: Ender's Shadow (Ender)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Ender's Shadow (Ender) - book cover picture

Though I doubted how good this book could be compared the rest of the series, I did have faith in Card's writing gift. It has been several years since I read the original series and this was a great parallel. I read the book in three days, not being able to get away from the story of Bean. Bean had actually intrigued me in the first series. Not sure why until now.I enjoyed this greatly. The story of Bean and the way that his mind worked was beautifully told and written. I would recommend this to all Sci-fi fans, but unlike other books I would also recommend this to fans of other genre's. Some of the points brought out in this book have real world impacting thoughts that I had never hit me before now.Ender was a great hero. I think I like Bean's style better though.

EAN: 9780312868604
Pages: 384
Publisher: Tor Books
Orson Scott Card

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Da Vinci Code no knock-off, court rules (Stuff)
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