Great for all writers.

Book title: Discovery of Poetry
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Discovery of Poetry - book cover picture

I've read the book once through and found that it's so resourceful that I'm now going back and doing extensive notes on each chapter. You certainly don't have to do this to gain some knowledge from this book, however she goes into great detail about every aspect of poetry she mentions. Not to mention the poems she adds are works of art in themselves. I recommend this book to anyone who loves to write.

EAN: 9780155001626
Pages: 656
Publisher: Heinle
Francis Mayes

Romance at it's best...

Book title: Illusion
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Illusion - book cover picture

...unpredicatable. There is no formula within sight in this book. JRE (Julia Ross) writes much like Dorothy Dunnet...Nigel very much reminded me of Lymond, but JRE puts much more focus on character development and the romance aspect of her story. This book requires you attention, some pages move very slowly because there is so much detail and things happening. It's not a book for someone wanting a quick bit of fluff to read. It is very emotional, complex, and interesting. The love scenes are fabulous, and also not something you would read in just any romance pulled off the shelf.Bottom line: I loved this book, and highly recommend it.

EAN: 9780425164471
Pages: 368
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Jean R. Ewing
Jean Ross Ewing

Waiting for god(?) can be fun

Book title: Waiting for Godot
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Waiting for Godot - book cover picture

My oppinion: It is a play about time and about human nature.A play wich in so few words shows humans desperatly seeking after a "real life". When only it happens , if only someone or then I shall... A play about waiting without relgion or faith. Just pation. You become involved with "didi"(Vladimir) and "gogo"(Estragon)...(Norwegian translation.)and feel some anger and som pitty in them. But it`s also scary to recognise your own fear of life. (And people around you feeling that way...) It`s easy reading and humorous. And it is after all an absurd story, so if you prefer books with a "story" you should give it a shot anyway, it will properly be a bit suprising because it has a story, just another kind than the traditional one. I would strongly recomand this and also other plays written by Beckett!

EAN: 9780571058082
Pages: 93
Publisher: Faber Faber Inc
Samuel Beckett

Impossible to put down

Book title: Certain Prey
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Certain Prey - book cover picture

In this installment to John Sandford's Prey series, Sandford introduces Clara Rinker, a professional hit woman who's past has led her into a life as a killer, who also happens to own her own bar. While Rinker kills in a chilling, cold-blooded fashion, she still has a likeability about her that makes her hard to resist. Her client however, Carmel Loan, an attorney who retains Rinker's services to kill the wife of the man she is in love with, is more cold and unlikeable than the killer herself. Minneapolis Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport steps in and begins to put the pieces together. As he draws closer to catching the pair. As the stakes get higher, the action increases at a break neck pace. I couldn't put this book down for the life of me and was sad when I was finished.

EAN: 9780399144967
Pages: 339
Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group
John Sandford

This is a great read

Book title: A Slant of Sun: One Child's Courage
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
A Slant of Sun: One Child's Courage - book cover picture

Unlike most books about autistic children written by their mothers, this mom doesn't offer the difinitive methodology for "recovery", no recipe for success. She tells the story of herself and her son to tell what she has found to be the greatest truth of the parent child relationship - love matters. You do your best, you love your child, you teach him/her what is important. So many parents of autistic children, particularly those with very young children, are so afraid of the future, they want answers. You will not find those answers here. This doesn't tell you what to do, but suggests that whatever path you take, be sure it is full of love. This is a lovely book, beautifully written, sweetly told.

EAN: 9780393027426
Pages: 256
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Beth Kephart

Just do it

Book title: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work - book cover picture

Clear understanding. I suggest anybody interested in improving their marriage o the couple to read this book. Sure, I just read it now, but the very things that I have done to make my marriage successful are the things mentioned in this book.
Following the principles outlined in this book is easier and effective.

And if you like many different ideas and techniques about sex and love buy Sex and the perfect lover, the Tantra by Mabel Iam.

EAN: 9780609601044
Pages: 288
Publisher: Crown
John Phd Gottman
Nan Silver

Funny and sexy

Book title: More and More
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
More and More - book cover picture

I'm still laughing over this one. It's not slapstick--that bores me--but there's the kind of humor that sneaks up and keeps you chuckling. Ross and Finch are the best kind of hero and heroine. He's strong but not so pushy you want to shake him, and she has a lot to learn but she's smart. They are sensual and touching together And the other characters in Mayfair Square are great. I hope we get to know more about some of them. Ms. Cameron's books are keepers for me.

EAN: 9780446606134
Pages: 416
Publisher: Warner Books
Stella Cameron
Barbara Steinberg Smalley


Book title: The Murkin Conspiracy: An Investigation into the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Murkin Conspiracy: An Investigation into the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - book cover picture

This book exposes the faults and failures of the government's case against James Earl Ray as glaringly as television exposed the faults in the state's case against O.J. Whether or not, and it seems plausible he did not, James Earl Ray shot Martin Luther King, Jr. the state would have had no chance of convicting him in court. (Perhaps that is why his lawyers were co-erced into pleading the case.) In the "Murkin Conspiracy" every piece of evidence, motive, and opportunity is laid out and examined. The results are less than convincing beyond a reasonable doubt. Did a conspiracy kill Dr. King? This book cannot answer that question, it doesn't attempt to; it merely asks, "Did James Earl Ray?"

EAN: 9780275930295
Pages: 219
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
Philip H. Melanson

A True Masterpiece

Book title: Fahrenheit 451
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Fahrenheit 451 - book cover picture

Very few authors have written a book this significant, this succinct, this brilliant. This is one of my all-time favorite books. I love how he describes everything; and furthermore, the ending was astonishing. The imagery, the action, and the meaning of it all was just stunning. Anybody who knows how to read, must read this book. Starts a bit slow, but once I got into it, I began to appreciate it for what it was. Starting with page 100, I couldn't put it down. I picked up the book at eleven o'clock at night, and by the time it was three in the morning, I was finished. It is that gripping. We need more authors of Bradbury's stature around today.

EAN: 9780345342966
Pages: 208
Publisher: Del Rey
Ray Bradbury

Better than 5 stars

Book title: Leap into Darkness : Seven Years on the Run in Wartime Europe
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Leap into Darkness : Seven Years on the Run in Wartime Europe - book cover picture

A remarkable true story. There are many stories and knowledges of that period of World WarII and German occupation forces and destroyed lives, but this book is tops in recounting and recollecting the harrowing and the horror. The author has you engrossed from beginning to end. Left me feeling the pain and sadness from a family's perspective. Left me with new insight to the German forces and a destruction which that nation wrought without mind nor hinderance for so long. Left me wondering why so long before it came to an end and how and why at all? Left me vividly involved and hearing the cries and feeling the pain.
Left me ever so glad to have read this book and learned from the author, a personal recollection of that time.

EAN: 9780385497053
Pages: 288
Publisher: Anchor
Leo Bretholz
Michael Olesker

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