Great Overview of Nonstandard Folktale Theories

Book title: Breaking the Magic Spell: Radical Theories of Folk and Fairy Tales
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Breaking the Magic Spell: Radical Theories of Folk and Fairy Tales - book cover picture

I really love Jack Zipes, and this is one of his helpful books for folklorists, and amateurs who enjoy reading fairy tales. It presents a variety of 'radical' theories about the meaning and construction of fairy tales. Many of the theories are no longer quite so radical. The book also gives you a good overview of feminist theories about the tales, some of which will surprise. Among other things, that fairy tales are not always about the subjugation of silly blond princesses. I reccomend this book as an intro to folk and fairy tale theory.

EAN: 9780415907194
Pages: 200
Publisher: Routledge
Jack Zipes

A wonderful new author!

Book title: The Light in the Darkness
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Light in the Darkness - book cover picture

I loved Ellen Fisher's fantastic debut novel, THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS! The characters were admirable and full of depth, making you feel for them from the very first page. I've always been a big fan of the Pygmalion plot, and Ms. Fisher has done it here with a style all her own. This is a wonderfully detailed, emotional book, by a fresh new talent in historical romance! I've just added another 'automatic buy' to my short list of terrific authors---thanks for a great read, Ms. Fisher! Looking forward to the next!

EAN: 9780553579222
Pages: 336
Publisher: Fanfare
Ellen Fisher

A Uris Classic

Book title: Trinity
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Trinity - book cover picture

I'm ordering this book in paperback because my current version has literally fallen into tatters from my reading it over and over again. Uris has written a saga of the intertwined histories of two families, one of Catholic subsistence farmers and the other wealthy Protestant industrialists, during the political turmoil of the late 19th century. With consummate skill, the author has depicted the time period and the characters with a deftness unexpected from someone not born and bred in Ireland. Trinity is an absolute classic of the Mila 18 variety.

EAN: 9780552105651
Publisher: Transworld Pub
Leon Uris

An Excellent Book for the Beginner

Book title: The Hamlyn Encyclopedia of Fortune-Telling: Predict the Future and Plan Your Life with This Practical Guide to Techniques
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Hamlyn Encyclopedia of Fortune-Telling: Predict the Future and Plan Your Life with This Practical Guide to Techniques - book cover picture

King is truly the king of exposition. This is a clearly written book on various forms of fortune-telling. It contains chapters on all major techniques from western and chinese astrology to palmistry, numerology, cartomancy, tarot and others. The nice thing about this book is that it assumes no prior knowlege, and is therefore a great reference book to have whether you're a novice or more of an expert. With its how-to procdedures, anyone can try out the techniques for themselves quite easily. I'm a beginner myself with just a natural curiosity for the subject. I really enjoy this book with its broad but concise treatment of the subject. I find myself constantly reading and re-reading it. I also find myself trying out out the various methods on my friends. A beautiful, illustrated and colorful text that is a definite must for any library.

EAN: 9780600597612
Pages: 192
Publisher: Hamlyn (UK)
Francis X. King

The inside scoop

Book title: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs - book cover picture

Reporters especially may appreciate the wolf's hysterical complaints about the press. Real sources and subjects often complain. And sometimes unscrupulous reporters do shoot for a hot angle, slanting news sharply away from the facts. Those two bits of information made me laugh out loud every time I read this new-age classic. The author obviously has some inside skinny.Your kids will miss the ironies, as did mine. But they'll like it a lot if you read the wolf's part with a Brooklyn accent. Go for it. You only live once. Alyssa A. Lappen

EAN: 9780140544510
Pages: 32
Publisher: Puffin
Jon Scieszka

Reading this book will make you a "dog person"

Book title: The Dog Listener: Learn How to Communicate with Your Dog for Willing Cooperation
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Dog Listener: Learn How to Communicate with Your Dog for Willing Cooperation - book cover picture

we have three dogs and two of them were beginning to be a bit of a problem for us. They are young and like any adolescents were trying to get away with things to test our leadership. They were doing marvelously at showing us how out of control we were. I looked at a lot of dog books for answers to our problem, and some were fine but they just didn't click with me or my husband and we couldn't maintain the disciplines that the books called for. I liked this book because it wasn't preachy and it was an easy and interesting read. It made a lot of sense. It helped me understand what was going on in our dog's minds and why they would do what they did. The best part was that we saw immediate results and the whole lot of us are a lot happier now. I think this book should come home with any new puppy.

EAN: 9780060089467
Pages: 448
Publisher: Collins
Jan Fennell

Philosophy that pulls no punches

Book title: Meditations (Penguin Classics)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Meditations (Penguin Classics) - book cover picture

My first exposure to Marcus Aurelius was "Silence of the Lambs" (when Hanibal Lector quotes Aurelius to Clarice). I was intrigued. After reading Meditations, I was even more intrigued, and started buying copies for my friends. I have read Nietzche, Plato, Sartre. But this book tells it like it IS. Aurelius did not shy away from discussing topics we find too embarrassing today: from death to sex, perversity to honesty. This small volume is PACKED with life-giving, refreshing wisdom. And the price??? An unbelievable value.

EAN: 9780140441406
Pages: 187
Publisher: Penguin Books
Marcus Aurelius

my review

Book title: Race of Scorpions (The House of Niccolo, 3)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Race of Scorpions (The House of Niccolo, 3) - book cover picture

On this, the third chapter in the Niccolo series, we fin Nicholas has been "kidnapped" by the 'presumptuous' King of Cyprus who is actually trying to recover his kingdom from his sister.Nicholas is able to help the king and at the same time obtain franchises in his dye works and sugar fields. He meets with Katelina, the mother of his only child, only to lose her once more after they reconcile. Finally, once the island is secure to King Zacco, Nicholas is allowed to return to Venice, where he faces once more his rival family, the de St Pol and Riberac.In this chapter of the story the author makes great use of description in her scenes and they are so vivid! the characters, the settings everything is so masterfully blended with reality and fiction.I loved this book and I have already started the fourth chapter. Good!

EAN: 9780140112658
Publisher: Penguin Putnam~trade
Dorothy Dunnett

You have to try this unique diet..It is absolutely the best!

Book title: The Fat Flush Plan
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Fat Flush Plan - book cover picture

I bought this book because of the interesting title and as it turned out it has changed my life and turned me into a new person. The Fat Flush Plan has some unique elements that no other diet has i.e. lemon water, cranwater and the long life cocktail.Not only have I lost 35 pounds, dropped from a size 9 to 3 but I feel so wonderful. I get to eat and eat and eat and feel confident that I will never gain the weight back. My cellulite is gone...My skin condition (Rosacea) is completely cleared up and I am off my medication for it...These are only two of the benefits in addition to the weight loss that I have experienced.Thank you Ann for all you have done for me and others like me. I am forever in your debt.

EAN: 0639785332701
Pages: 288
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Ann Louise Gittleman
Barry Sears


Book title: Secret Vampire
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Secret Vampire - book cover picture

James and Poppy are best friends (and soulmates). But, one day, Poppy finds out that she has a horrible illness and nothing and no one can help her...except James. James has been hiding something from her. He is a vampire. Will James break the rules of the Night World to save his soulmate and risk getting him and Poppy killed? Or will he let her die and live forever with a broken heart?
Excellent book. I'm truly glad that i bought it.

EAN: 9780340687512
Publisher: Hodder Childrens Book
L.J. Smith

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