Get into the Game!

Book title: Ender's Game (Ender Quartet)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Ender's Game (Ender Quartet) - book cover picture

Ender's Game is perhaps the most enjoyable book in Science Fiction I have ever read! It places children as the central characters in the story, and they are the hope for the future! Of course, these are extraordinary children, with unique talents and abilities. Orson Scott Card touches the child in all of us with his character named Ender, who is placed in the middle of a struggle for the future of mankind. Ender is very much a little boy, but he has a great responsiblity placed on his shoulders that he cannot avoid or deny. He is the best strategist ever! The book is a page turner, and you will be captured within a few chapters. I ultimately read the entire Ender's saga, as well as the Shadow series immediately following! Card is an exceptional author, and everyone should read this one. You will not be disappointed!

EAN: 9780312853235
Pages: 256
Publisher: Tor Books
Orson Scott Card

A book of joy and light

Book title: A Ring of Endless Light (Austin Family)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
A Ring of Endless Light (Austin Family) - book cover picture

I read this book for the first time when I was twelve. I'm 29 now, and still read it two or three times a year. The story is like a symphony, weaving themes of love and death and survival almost seamlessly.
I've found my review, and needed to add to it after four years. The simple and beautiful truths you find in this book have carried me through many times of joy and sorrow in my life. Ms. L'Engle's books add a rare joy and light to the world. Thank you!

EAN: 9780440972327
Pages: 336
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Madeleine L'Engle

Choking from the Smoke is a liar

Book title: For the New Intellectual
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
For the New Intellectual - book cover picture

Choking from the Smoke is a lying second-hander, parasite, looter, value-destroyer, and hater of the good for being the good. Ayn Rand discovered and integrated the ONLY COMPLETELY TRUE AND RATIONAL PHILOSOPHY. We who agree with her are not 'cultists' but are RATIONALLY PERSUADED that she was RIGHT - because she WAS, and to deny it is to deny reality. Those who disagree are merely revealing themselves as the subhuman wretches that they are. These lice who evade reason and reality have FREELY CHOSEN the premises of DEATH - and when the principles of Ayn Rand are put into practice, they will be put out of their misery as they so richly deserve and WANT.Anyone who wants to work for that future can LIVE IN IT TODAY by reading the works of the greatest genius who ever lived: Ayn Rand. This book is a good introduction to her thought.Fight for the DEATH of the looters!In the name of the best within us!

EAN: 9780451163080
Pages: 192
Publisher: Signet Book
Ayn Rand

Great insight on healing, growing & overcoming the past.

Book title: Welcome to the World, Baby Girl
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
Welcome to the World, Baby Girl - book cover picture

Fannie Flagg's newest book shows a different writing style & character development than we have seen from her in the past. The book does a great job of juggling many characters, time periods & places without seeming disjointed. The reader gets to see Dena with all the warts beneath her beautiful glamorous facade. The reader then gradually finds out the deep-seated reasons for her seemingly selfish & destructive behavior. This newest book is a departure from Ms. Flagg's past homespun tales; however, it comes back in the end to the rural Southern life readers have come to expect. Give this very different book a chance and you will fall in love with Dena and all the unusual folks who populate this fascinating book. Ms. Flagg does a great job of weaving small town life, odd characters and a puzzling mysterious past into a must-read book.

EAN: 9780375403774
Publisher: Random House Audio

Great Eastenders Reference Guide

Book title: Eastenders Who's Who
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Eastenders Who's Who - book cover picture

This book is a great reference guide for all Eastenders fans. Almost all characters - past and present - are shown in colour photos accompanied by a short character bio. Name of the actor/actress is also given, though there is no info given about the actor/actress. The beginning of the book also has a handy diagram layout of the buildings in Albert Square so you can get a feel for the proximity of the Cafe to the Queen Vic, etc. All character names are listed at the back of the book, along with page numbers for fast look-up. Some bios may contain spoilers depending on how up to date Eastenders is in your viewing area. This book is a very satisfactory guide to Who's Who in Eastenders.

EAN: 9780563551782
Pages: 128
Publisher: BBC Worldwide Publishing
Kate Lock

Stone Cold

Book title: Stone Cold
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Stone Cold - book cover picture

"Stone Cold" is the fourth Jesse Stone novel by Robert B. Parker, who is best known for his Spenser novels. Jesse is the police chief of the small seaside town of Paradise, Massachusetts. This novel has Jesse working on two important police cases and examining his personal life. A serial murderer is killing people at random with two shots from two .22 caliber guns. The reader learns that there are 2 murderers and why they are killing people. Jesse's life is very much in danger as it becomes apparent to him that he is to become a victim if he doesn't act fast. The other case involves the rape of a teen girl by three punks. Jesse also examines his personal life, and his love for Jenn, his ex-wife whom he still loves. This was my favorite Jesse Stone novel to date and it was a very satisfying read.

EAN: 9780425198742
Pages: 320
Publisher: Berkley
Robert B. Parker

Part of me has always wanted to be a sex worker

Book title: Whores and Other Feminists
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Whores and Other Feminists - book cover picture

The contributors to this book are more than "feminists"; more specifically, these women are capable, intelligent, articulate feminists who have chosen the sex industry over all the other "legitimate" fields for which they are equally qualified.Who hasn't imagined, even once, that it might be interesting to be an expensive call girl, or a giver of healing erotic massage, or a sexy actor in porn movies? The women in this book have made these types of sex work (and many more) into careers, and it's fascinating to read their experienced take on the sex industry and on American cultural attitudes. If you've ever been curious about sex work and sex workers, Jill Nagle's book is for you.

EAN: 9780415918220
Pages: 256
Publisher: Routledge


Book title: Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
Tess of the D'Urbervilles - book cover picture

There is so much to say for Tess. It is an extremely moving and powerful work. I don't care what Aristotle says- it is tragic. Tess is one of the most real heroines I've ever met. If you find yourself a little bored in the beginning- don't give up. I almost did, but I am so glad that I forced myself to read on. By the third phase I was hooked. This work really makes one think about and question technology and religion. It also shows us the cruelty of the Victorian double standard. Read it! But prepare yourself for the heart wrenching ending, i.e.- have tissues at hand.

EAN: 9780001046818
Publisher: Trafalgar Square Publishing
Thomas Hardy

fun, great novel on court intrigue

Book title: La Reine Margot
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
La Reine Margot - book cover picture

This is a lesser known Dumas novel than, say, the Count of Monte Christo. But it is just as good as the others he did: vivid personalities, attention to detail, and fabulously intricate plots. It tells the story of Margot and her marriage to the King of Navarre, an ambitious Hugenot in constant danger of assassination. With the backdrop of the religious wars, she finds love in a knight that she attempts to cloister from the dangers of court intrigue. It ends in tragedy, hope, and the promise of further adventure.Based on available historical sources at the time and embellished with Dumas' unique sense of drama, it is a spectacular read, full of danger, sudden developments, and psychological depth. While it may not be as deep as Stendhal's best works, it is absolutely first rate as a historical novel, a genre that Dumas helped to develop. It stimulates the reader's desire to plung more deeply into French history as well.High recommendation.

EAN: 9780192838445
Pages: 560
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Alexandre Dumas

For all who asked, "What Happens Next!?"

Book title: Magician's Ward
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Magician's Ward - book cover picture

I had first found M. the Magician several years ago in a used bookstore. I thoroughly enjoyed that book...except that the ending left the reader screaming for a resolution between Mairleon and Kim. Magician's Ward more than fulfills our every question, as well as giving the audience another exciting mystery/adventure through an England that should have been. One or two of my friends have complained that Ms. Wrede did not take the implicit titular pun far enough, but, personally, I'm simply elated that she wrote a sequel at all. A definite read.

EAN: 9780312853693
Pages: 288
Publisher: Tor Books
Patricia C. Wrede

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