Excellent guidance for any writer

Book title: Effective Writing
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Effective Writing - book cover picture

Ross-Larson's latest book is more than just a style guide--it's clear-headed advice for anyone who writes, especially on the job. Effective Writing covers sentences, paragraphs, and reports, explaining the essential building blocks of each. I was drawn to this book because I found Ross-Larson's previous guide, Edit Yourself, to be invaluable in tightening my writing. With both books, my writing has become stronger and more persuasive. What's most refreshing is that they're written not for grammar geeks, but simply for those who appreciate and aspire to elegant communication.

EAN: 9780393046397
Pages: 266
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Bruce Ross-Larson

The ONLY cookbook you'll ever need. Toss all others out!!!

Book title: The Book of Jewish Food : An Odyssey from Samarkand to New York
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Book of Jewish Food : An Odyssey from Samarkand to New York - book cover picture

This is an absolutely remarkable book. Not only are there numerous recipies, but this book is rich with information the most religious Jew may not have even known. A friend showed this to me in the library, and the more I browsed through it, the more I wanted to own it. There is a recipie from every continent, pictures, and humorous biographical stories, too. You may as well toss all your previous cookbooks out, and gain shelf space you've been dying for. This is the only book you'll ever need. Trust me, my shayna ponim doesn't lie.

EAN: 9780394532585
Pages: 688
Publisher: Knopf
Claudia Roden

A Great Find

Book title: Cheaters
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
Cheaters - book cover picture

This book was OFF-THE-HOOK!!! This was the first book that I'd read of Mr.Dickey's and it was hard to put down (I hated for it to end). His writing style just pulled you right into the story and enabled you visualize the characters and situations as they were ocurring, plus there was an equal balance of seriousness and humor.If you are looking for a good read, I highly suggest this one; than proceed to add it and all of the others that he's written to your book collection (you may find them so good that you'll want to read them again).Gotta go--Milk In My Coffee is waitin'.

EAN: 9780141800240
Publisher: Penguin Audiobooks
Eric Jerome Dickey

Not "Pop Buddhism," A Guide For The Living

Book title: Tibetan Book of the Dead
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Tibetan Book of the Dead - book cover picture

This is not the Richard Gere "pop Buddhism" approach. This is the work of an English academic in the early 20th Century, as he uncovers an "Oriental" classic for a Western audience. Evans-Wentz even brings Carl Jung into the picture for the Westerners, as Jung's psychology was "New School" at the time and offered a sublime link between Oriental and Occidental thinking. I hold this book in the highest regard, not because it is a mystical Buddhist text, but rather because it offers tips for daily living and and self-actualization. As with most quality philosophical doctrines, this book is a paradox...a book of the dead that is really an abstract book for the living, regardless of religion or nationality. It is a refreshing and enlightening break from an increasingly fundamental world.

EAN: 9780195002232
Publisher: Oxford University Press
W. Y. Evans-Wentz

One Of the Two Best Sci-Fi Books Ever!!!

Book title: Ender's Game (Ender Quartet)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Ender's Game (Ender Quartet) - book cover picture

Ender's Game is a wonderful story. But, if the story was all there was to the book, the original short story would have won the Hugo and Nebula. No, the best part of this story is the thoughts and struggles of Ender Wiggin. As a "gifted" student myself, I completely sympathize with Ender. He is my favorite character, out of any novel, ever. This book actually brought tears to my eyes many times, one of the very few books to do so. If I had Ender's talent, I would also have his problems. I could not bear to fight so well, and hurt so many people. THIS BOOK IS FANTASTIC! The sequels _Speaker for the Dead_ et al, do not receive as many good reviews as _Ender's Game_. There is very little action in the other's in the series, but the philosophy is still there. I love all of Orson Scott Card, but none of his books compare, even slightly, to this series. The only Sci-fi book I like as much as _Ender's Game_ is _Robots of Dawn_ by Isaac Asimov.

EAN: 9780312853235
Pages: 256
Publisher: Tor Books
Orson Scott Card

A five rating, but with a footnote.

Book title: From Bomba to Hip-Hop
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
From Bomba to Hip-Hop - book cover picture

While Juan Flores is perceptive in his discussion of the Puerto Rican component of Latino culture, and discusses other major critics like Perez Firmat and Stavans, I was frankly surprised not to see any discussion of William Luis's Dance Between Two Cultures: Latino Caribbean Literature Written in the United States, which in my estimation is as important as those written by the critics Flores discusses. The value of Luis's study is that he addresses the same Puerto Rican community mentioned in Flores' book, but Luis also contextualizes this community by considering its relation to the Cuban and Dominican components of Latino culture. Anyone interested in understanding Latino literature and culture should also read Dance Between Two Cultures, which contains perceptive readings of Latino Caribbean literature unavailable in any other study.

EAN: 9780231110761
Pages: 272
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Juan Flores

Good book!

Book title: Starfighters of Adumar (Star Wars: X-Wing Series, Book 9)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
Starfighters of Adumar (Star Wars: X-Wing Series, Book 9) - book cover picture

This book was hilarious. It was nice to see Wedge finally taken care of (I'm avoiding spoilers). It was also nice to see a Wedge being a rogue, and him having fun for once (and later kicking the bad guys' rears!). I think it's one of the best Star Wars books written. I love Mr. Allston was able to combine both his usual great sense of humor and a more serious view on everything, all the while introducing a new situation that our wonderful Rogues haven't gone through before. This is a great standalone book, however, I encourage anyone to read all of the books. It'll make more sense. Anyways, how can you say no to a good, funny book!

EAN: 9780553525694
Publisher: Random House Audio
Aaron Allston

a real page-turner

Book title: Franny and Zooey
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Franny and Zooey - book cover picture

You may have read other books by J.D. Salinger, but you're missing out if you haven't read Franny and Zooey. This story is split into two sections and is based on a dysfuntional family, the Glasses. Franny, the youngest of seven, is a college-aged girl who is obsessed with reciting the Jesus Prayer. Throughout the book we learn that Franny is in self-crisis, and how her family members cope. As a teenager I was able to relate with her character, and this made the book so much more enjoyable. Yet another well written novel by Salinger...

EAN: 0019122004995
Pages: 208
Publisher: Little, Brown
J.D. Salinger

Simper Fi

Book title: Flags of Our Fathers
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Flags of Our Fathers - book cover picture

What a story. A sons love for a wonderful father could only have written this book with its forceful glory. In all wars kids go and men come back they that do, and try to fall back into civilian life but with great dismay many cannot. The feel of the country, parenthood, brotherhood and patriotism are all told exactly the way it was in those days. A crowning acheivement by a loving son. I read it in several segments and never once did I get through ten or twenty pages dry eyed. They were all heroes even if they would not accept it. The men of WW2 had to endure more that any of us did in the future, we can only be proud of them and as most have passed away let us always stand strong in the face of the world to protect our wonderful country in their honor.

EAN: 9780553111330
Pages: 384
Publisher: Bantam
James Bradley
Ron Powers

Superb Book on Bosnia and humanity

Book title: Love Thy Neighbor : A Story of War
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Love Thy Neighbor : A Story of War - book cover picture

This is a superb book. Maass provides an extemely readable and informative history of the conflict in Bosnia. But what makes this book so fascinating is that Maass also sheds light on the nature of humanity in general, and the hypocrisy of the United nations and the United States in particular. His thesis is that any society can be torn apartgiven the right circumstances and the wrong leaders.Read this book.

EAN: 9780333669839
Publisher: Pan MacMillan
Peter Maass

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Amazon Topseller Books - Romance

Da Vinci Code no knock-off, court rules (Stuff)
Da Vinci Code effect 'could spell disaster' for Rosslyn (The Scotsman)
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