Excellent for understanding modern science teaching methods.

Book title: Teaching Science Through Discovery
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Teaching Science Through Discovery - book cover picture

This textbook for elementary and middle school science teaching methods provides up to date approaches to making science real and understandable for young children. The need for different methods of assessment is discussed and illustrated clearly. The nature of young children's thinking and needs for hands-on learning is convincingly presented. I have not found a better book for explaining to pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, and anyone providing home schooling, why children need to be taught science in a hands-on, minds-on approach.

EAN: 9780132340892
Pages: 272
Publisher: Prentice Hall College Div
Arthur A. Carin

"Green Thoughts" by Eleanor Perenyi

Book title: Green Thoughts : A Writer in the Garden
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Green Thoughts : A Writer in the Garden - book cover picture

Although I have not gardened in years and have no plans to start now, I have been enchanted by "Green Thoughts." Ms. Perenyi's writing is crisp, intelligent, and witty. Anyone who can take such non-riveting subjects as worms, mulch, and compost (to name a few) and turn them into elegant, fascinating essays deserves some sort of prize. If E.B. White had written a gardening book, it would probably resemble this one. A real treat.

EAN: 9780394717142
Pages: 289
Publisher: Vintage
Eleanor Perenyi

An absolute Must-Read

Book title: The Poisonwood Bible
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Poisonwood Bible - book cover picture

When I first read about what Kingsolver's new book was about, I wasn't thrilled with the subject matter. But I have read all her other books so I thought, why not? I couldn't have been more surprised. I loved this book, couldn't put it down and will recommend it to everyone I know! I loved the different characters telling of the story and I learned a lot about the Congo (I knew nothing before). This is a wonderful book that I haven't stopped thinking about -- it's a book that you're sad to have end, a rarity these days.

EAN: 9780060175405
Pages: 560
Publisher: HarperCollins
Barbara Kingsolver


Book title: The Last Man in Town (An Avon Romantic Treasure)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Last Man in Town (An Avon Romantic Treasure) - book cover picture

GREAT STORY -- Great story teller [author] --
But Adultery????? HuH! takes all kinds!
Loved the pic of Lucas [grin] can't really imagine it! And Priscilla, a very determined little lady who worked at living.
Pic on back must have been the sister, Jeanette, the little scoundrel.
Would like to hear more about Mick and does Jeanette ever really find Robert? Flora was some piece of work! It was so easy to get involved with all of these characters and that makes a great story.
I Highly Recommend this book to all mature readers with an Excellent --M but don't look for this kind of guy in real life - he will break your heart.

EAN: 9780380804962
Pages: 384
Publisher: Avon
Susan Kay Law

A book that speaks the dark truths of depression

Book title: Ordinary People
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Ordinary People - book cover picture

From the first line of the amazing "Ordinary People " to the last the reader is taken on an emotional rollar coaster with the main character Conrad Jarrett. We see a family in dire need of help after the accidental death of the eldest son. Not only do we feel Conrads pain, we are able to see ourselves in him. That's what makes this book so real, the ability to say, "I've felt that way too,". I first picked this book up during a dark time in my life. It helped show me that others have felt this way too and that there is a way out. Conrad instilled hope in me and I feel that all people should read this fantastic book.

EAN: 9780140997187
Publisher: Penguin Books
Judith Guest

It made me cry.....

Book title: The Fire at Mary Anne's House (Baby-Sitters Club)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Fire at Mary Anne's House (Baby-Sitters Club) - book cover picture

This is no "happy, sappy" reading here! I could have mistaked this for a California Diaries book! Really! In the latest edition (and last) of the Baby-sitters' Club series, Mary Anne's house burns down. All of her clothes, CD's, books, and other varous items are gone. Her home is completely wasted. She has nowhere to live and feels lost and hopeless. This has no happy ending like the usuial BSC stories. In fact the ending made me cry! (I won't spoil it for you). This is the last book of the BSC series! The teens in the books seem to be growing up more like the teens in California Daries. In fact a whole new series is coming out about the BSC! Check out the first BSC Friends Forever book: Everything Changes. (No kidding!) It's just what BSC fans have been waiting for: More realistic books. Boy have you got it! I can't wait for the BSC Friends Forever series to make there mark! Check this out, (You too all the California Daries fans!) you won't be sorry!

EAN: 9780590503907
Pages: 136
Publisher: Apple
Ann M. Martin

Couldn't read it fast enough

Book title: Bygones
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Bygones - book cover picture

This is the fourth Lavyrle Spencer book I have read. Before this I was a true Danelle Steele reader. Since finding these books I am hooked. The difference in each story keeps you guessing on the out come. One of the most moving things in this book is when the separated family has to come together for a wedding and then have to pose for a photo as a family. Lavyrle Spencer shares with us there thoughts. The next four sentences are heart wrenching.The last two chapters of this book kept me reading so fast I had to re read it after I finished the book. I just wanted to know how they would end up.Great Book, I'm looking for the next one.

EAN: 9780515110548
Pages: 388
Publisher: Jove Books
LaVyrle Spencer


Book title: Deep Secret
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Deep Secret - book cover picture

Diana Wynne Jones does it again. Although this is considered a book for adults, I find all of her work suitable for adults. This one however may not be suitable for children. She weaves together masterfully all of the complex and colourful threads that make up this gem of a book.Her characters have depth and complexity.You'll not remain untouched by them.There are some to love and some to hate, and some to be fascinated by. There is just the right mix of reality, fantasy,magic,blood and guts,romance, and all the other elements that keep one entranced. This world of the Magids was one I wanted to stay in for a very long time. But, alas, I came to the last page. I totally agree with the Australian reviewer, and all who reviewed this with high praise. To Ms. Wynne Jones, keep writing and write faster please. We need more from you.

EAN: 9780312868598
Pages: 383
Publisher: Tor Books
Diana Wynne Jones


Book title: Bridget Jones's Diary
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Bridget Jones's Diary - book cover picture

I was amazed at how funny and entertaining this book was. Usually when a book gets a lot of publicity I don't like them, but this was definitely an exception.Bridget Jones is a 30-something year old woman living in England. She is obsessed with her weight, lottery tickets, her boss David, and having a boyfriend. She is disgusted with Smug Marrieds, her mother, and parties. When Bridget finally begins finding people to date she is disappointed with the outcome, one is engaged, one comments on "how squishy she is." Will she ever find someone who is just normal?This is a wonderful, funny book, and a must read. You won't be sorry.

EAN: 9780330332767
Pages: 310
Publisher: Picador (UK)
Helen Fielding

A spiritual Journey

Book title: The Hundred Secret Senses
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Hundred Secret Senses - book cover picture

The "Hundred Secret Senses" is the first book I have ever read by Amy Tan. I loved this book. I love her humor, the accents that her characters have, and their superstitions.You gain the understanding and knowledge of a culture so rich with traditions for generations. Her writing to me is effortless and natural. The book is personal, spiritual and funny!
I loved this book and have read several other Amy Tan books as a result of loving this book so much. Amy Tan is a truly gifted writer.

EAN: 9780006550525
Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Ltd
Amy Tan

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