Easy, simple, understandable to anyone

Book title: EVA: The Real Key to Creating Wealth
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
EVA: The Real Key to Creating Wealth - book cover picture

Al's book is a great collection of successfull EVA case studies. It is not intended to be "The EVA book" for financiers. It does what it is supposed to do: Give simple and powerfull examples on the concepts and applicability of EVA to real world companies. One of the strongest aspects of the book is to give examples of EVA implementation on a broad set of industries. The case of US Postal Service is especially powerfull.

EAN: 0723812298600
Pages: 256
Publisher: Wiley
Al Ehrbar

An extraordinary novel: gripping, powerful and true.

Book title: The Tattooed Soldier
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Tattooed Soldier - book cover picture

The last novel I read at one sitting, a long time ago, was Dreiser's An American Tragedy. This more modern American tragedy may be even better. This story literally pulls the reader along, and ever more deeply into lives seldom acknowledged in American letters. Without being in the least didactic, Tobar also brings us closer to the human face of secret wars abroad and homegrown homelessness. As someone who has spent some time in the neighborhoods Tobar depicts, I was impressed by Tobar's fine eye and ear. No doubt most readers will be most impressed with The Tatooed Soldier as an exceptional tale of the most unexceptional human qualities: love, anguish, guilt, revenge, and -- if we are lucky -- liberation. An extraordinary accomplishment.

EAN: 9780140288612
Pages: 320
Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics)
Hector Tobar


Book title: The Library Card (Apple Signature Edition)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Library Card (Apple Signature Edition) - book cover picture

Ignore the other reviews, because they are not accurate.1. The book was far from boring.
2. It wasn't hard to follow, there was definitely a plotline for each chapter.
3. I think it was great how each chapter ended, because it left you wanting more. To me, that is a brilliant way of writing. Keep in mind that these are mostly little kids who didn't like the book.
Silly kids.
They probably don't like it because it's about a library card.
I think Jerry Spinelli is an awesome writer.
We even share the same last name, which is weird considering we're not related and that I live in Canada.
Anyways, he is one of my favourite authors, read and buy all his books, you won't regret it!

EAN: 9780590386333
Pages: 160
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Jerry Spinelli

A great classic from a great champion.

Book title: Lasker's Manual of Chess
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Lasker's Manual of Chess - book cover picture

One of the first chess books I have ever read and it is a gem! Though many of its ideas were a little difficult for me to understand (after all, I was a relative beginner), upon reading and re-reading it I found it to be indispensable. Though the openings are a little out of date, the general advice given, its organisation, and especially sections on tactics and on past and present players are most impressive, as can be expected from a player who was world champion for longer than anyone else (21 years). Recommended for beginner to intermediate players.

EAN: 9780486206400
Pages: 390
Publisher: Dover Publications
Emanuel Lasker

You better know what you're getting into

Book title: Card Control : Practical Methods and Forty Original Card Experiments
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Card Control : Practical Methods and Forty Original Card Experiments - book cover picture

I've yet to see a bad review for this book, and there's a reason. This book is terrific. There is however one issue to be addressed. This book is hard!!! Definitely not for beginners, it has some of what I believe are the greatest but hardest card manipulations out there. I definitely recommend it however to the serious card magic enthusiast. There are enough valuable ideas in here to last you a lifetime.

EAN: 9780486277578
Pages: 219
Publisher: Dover Publications
Arthur H. Buckley


Book title: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction - book cover picture

Oh what a cornucopia of fun and biting, sarcastic commentary. This is an excellent compilation of facts, history and comedy blended together in a format that the NEW GENERATION can not only appreciate but will devour with gusto.

It feels like a textbook--if school was actually fun--and with textbooks like that school WOULD be fun.

John Stewart and his team are really funny and there is good reason why this book is number 1 in Amazon.com sales rank.

PARENTS: Buy this and give it to your kids immediately. What are you waiting for? Go now.

You'll be doing America a favor.

EAN: 0978446532686
Pages: 240
Publisher: Warner Books
the writers of The Daily Show
Jon Stewart

Breakfast With God by Duncan Banks

Book title: Breakfast with God Volume 1
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Breakfast with God Volume 1 - book cover picture

This is a wonderful, intelligent, funny and inspirational devotion book. There is so much wisdom and deep thought packed into each page, that it is a book that you want to read over and over again. I pray that Duncan Banks has a second book in the offing because I will be first in line for a copy of it. There is no doubt in whom Duncan places his life, heart and service. It will give any reader a new insight to God and His love and desire for your life. This book is an excellent book to give to anyone and you truly get more than your money's worth. Thanks Duncan Banks for sharing!

EAN: 9780551032507
Pages: 128
Publisher: Zondervan Publishing Company
Duncan Banks

Absolute Best Buy in Poetry

Book title: Songs of Sorrow
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Songs of Sorrow - book cover picture

I have read and written poetry all my life...almost to the point of becoming jaded. But never have I read words expressing such emotion, such deep feelings, in such vivid imagery. Each poem captures you, pulls you in, until you become one with the words. The style of writing is incredibly simple, never leaving the reader to wonder, "What does this mean?"....and yet there is a complexity and use of beautiful words that lulls the reader into a "flow" to keep you turning page after page, wanting more. Absolutely the Best Buy of Poetry.

EAN: 9780533130160
Pages: 148
Publisher: Vantage Pr
Rex E. Alford

The Perfect Storm Has It All

Book title: The Perfect Storm : A True Story of Men Against the Sea
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Perfect Storm : A True Story of Men Against the Sea - book cover picture

If you enjoy true life drama that is fast paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat this book is for you. Junger is a gifted writer who sifts all the wheat from the chaff resulting in a highly compact narrative. It moves seamlessly between the story line of those unknowingly caught in the path of impending tragedy and the technicalities that cause it without a noticable shift in gears. It is high drama. It is also highly educational. Above all, it is a monument to the human spirit; the spirit of those lost at sea, those who survived and those who risked their own lives in the rescue

EAN: 9780060977474
Pages: 256
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Sebastian Junger

The truth is out there!

Book title: Scotland: A Concise History
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Scotland: A Concise History - book cover picture

A facinating account of the history of our great nation. Having been educated in England, I found that British history in schools is really English history. This book is an opportunity to see a large part of British history from a very different perspective. The accounts of the conflicts between rival families for the Scots crown are as riveting as any novel. This seems to be an accurate account without too much flannel or personal opinion. If you want one book on Scottish history then buy this! Colin...............

EAN: 9780500277065
Pages: 240
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Fitzroy MacLean

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