Come on, think!

Book title: Memnoch the Devil (Rice, Anne, Vampire Chronicles, 5th Bk.)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Memnoch the Devil (Rice, Anne, Vampire Chronicles, 5th Bk.) - book cover picture

Ok, for all the people who wrote that this book is a waste of time, they are horibbly wrong! Either they are very religious and they don't enjoy having their strict beliefs questioned, or they don't want to think about the concept that Anne Rice brings to attention. She is giving an explination to the unkown, beacuse truly, no one can be 100% sure about all of this, unless they have seen or spoken to God or His angels.
Seriously though, it is a very smart thesis and there is a lot of evidence to support it.

Why does God allow such horrible things to happen, when He could stop them with His power, which is unmeasurable?
Why does He test us the way He does? If He does indeed know everything, wouldn't he know what we think and how we feel about things?

If that is so, wouldn't the all the extra hardships be unecessary, if He already knows our hearts? Why would He let us be tortured to prove our faith?

EAN: 9780345389404
Pages: 464
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Anne Rice


Book title: Amelia's Notebook (Amelia (Hardcover American Girl))
Rating: 5/5
Binding: School & Library Binding
Amelia's Notebook (Amelia (Hardcover American Girl)) - book cover picture

This book is great because it has lots of details and great drawings. It tells about how Amelia feels and talks about what is happening in her life. Amelia is a girl that moved to her new house and goes to a new school and misses her best friend Nadia. She's a girl who has a hard time meeting new teachers and students. That is how I know if she has problems in her life. This book is about what had happened in her girl culture. This book made me feel like laughing when it talked about Cleo picking her nose and not eating properly. This book made me sad when she didn't meet any friends and it also made me sad when she didn't like her new house. I understand her because when I first went to my new house I didn't like my house that much either. This book is a blast so you should buy the book and see what happens. I would highly, I mean HIGHLY recommend this book.

EAN: 9780613157087
Pages: 32
Publisher: Rebound by Sagebrush
Marissa Moss

The finest book of its kind

Book title: Prose Style: A Contemporary Guide (2nd Edition)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Prose Style: A Contemporary Guide (2nd Edition) - book cover picture

As an English instructor, I've found this book to be the most help for students whose previous experience in writing focused on larger more content based matters such as thesis statements, topic and support sentences, etc. , rather than on the sentence-level matters of styles. Many of my college students have an adequate knowledge of how to write an argument, but no idea of how to vary their sentences and link one sentence to the next. This book is a great help and the only one I've found that deals with matters like specificity, conciseness, precision, subordination, coordination, tone, and voice in the detail such matters demand. I highly recommend it.

EAN: 9780137131815
Pages: 224
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Robert Miles
Marc Bertonasco
William Karns

A wicked romantic comedy

Book title: Sylvester (Harlequin Single Title)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Sylvester (Harlequin Single Title) - book cover picture

It's difficult to choose a favorite Heyer novel--but Sylvester would certainly be in the Top 5. The plot centers on the heroine Phoebe and the gradual humanizing of the dashing, but proud, Sylvetser, a Duke with wicked eyebrows. This story has it all : an elopement (with the wrong suitor), a roman a clef, a cynical London Season, and a hilarious abduction. When the wicked uncle's nephew cries for his "Button" I cried--with laughter. And of course, Heyer doesn't forget the romance. When Sylvester finally admits his love for Phoebe to his mother (no, this isn't a spoiler--it's a Georgette Heyer Regency Romance, after all) the romantic thrill is all any reader could want.

EAN: 9780373836086
Pages: 416
Publisher: Harlequin
Georgette Heyer

Great way to change eating habits.

Book title: Mastering the Zone: The Next Step in Achieving SuperHealth and Permanent Fat Loss
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Mastering the Zone: The Next Step in Achieving SuperHealth and Permanent Fat Loss - book cover picture

Mastering the Zone is a great book. It teaches you how to change your eating habits, improve your health, increase your energy and feel better about yourself. It provides a simple guideline on how to mix foods that provide a balanced meal of protein, carbohydrates and fat by using blocks (as described by the author) instead of calories or fat grams. It includes great recipes and suggestions on how to choose the right foods when eating out. I highly recommend it. It works!! After following The Zone, I feel better than I have ever felt before. I have more energy, I have lost weight easily, I crave fruits and vegetables instead of cookies and cake and I feel wonderful!!!

EAN: 9780060391904
Pages: 384
Publisher: ReganBooks
Barry Sears
Mary Goodbody

Gore Vidal, our underrated man of letters

Book title: A Thirsty Evil : Seven Short Stories
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
A Thirsty Evil : Seven Short Stories - book cover picture

It seems that Gore Vidal never quite gets the attention he deserves. His is one of the sharpest and freshest intellects around, and his writing is as good as one might expect from that description. It is only his essays, however, that seem to get much attention, but I contend that his novels, and this--his only collection of short stories--deserve, no, demand equal attention. Each story in here is well done and a pleasure to read; they are also stimulating to the mind. How often do I have the pleasure of saying I loved every short story in a single collection? It is a rare experience, I assure you. Highly recommended.

EAN: 9780349106564
Publisher: Time Warner Books Uk
Gore Vidal

What a darling book!

Book title: Last - Minute Marriage (Harlequin American Romance 822)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Last - Minute Marriage (Harlequin American Romance 822) - book cover picture

I love the relationship between the three main characters. There is Zo?, a young widow and mother and Brad, the best friend of Zo?'s late husband, and godfather/best friend to almost-six-year-old Lark. Lark is the charming, adorable daughter of Zo?; she is the most precious character I have come a cross in a long time! The relationship and conversations between her and Brad are priceless and very funny.Great attention-grabbing story line! Brad is writing a column, a column that goes to six small town papers, but no one knows it's him. So to cover it up he asks Zo? for help, makes a major purchase and pops a question. Now wait a minute, with that one sentence you may think you know the whole story, but I promise you, there is a lot more to it. Trust me, these characters will charm you through and through. It's not your typical romance!

EAN: 9780373168224
Pages: 256
Publisher: Harlequin
Karen Whittenburg

The Case of the Incautious Lawyer

Book title: The Case of the Cautious Coquette
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Case of the Cautious Coquette - book cover picture

34th Perry Mason Mystery written in 1949. Openings of Mason Mysteries are always strange, and this book's opening may be one of the strangest. Mason investigates a hit-and-run case. An anonymous letter comes to him, which encloses a key of an apartment and invites him to trespass. Mason feels it a trap, but he visits the apartment. And incidents happen after that are so rapid, strange and unexpected. Even Mason gets a little dizzy and incautious, and he makes a serious mistake and gets into a jam worse than ever.But Mason wouldn't waste time to being depressed. He instantly takes a bold and clever action to upset the triumphant authorities. That IS Perry Mason! That makes me laugh and applaud heartily. And the mystery is very tightly plotted. It is superb all strange incidents in the early stage are solved neatly and logically like jigsaw puzzle pieces fit in. Highly recommended.

EAN: 9780345352026
Pages: 230
Publisher: Fawcett
Erle Stanley Gardner

A Real Glimpse into Society

Book title: Race, Class, and Gender in a Diverse Society: A Text-Reader
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Race, Class, and Gender in a Diverse Society: A Text-Reader - book cover picture

This is a well composed collection of articles that gives a very thorough glimpse of our society and the problems that the social constructs of race, class, and gender provide. This reader provides a nice balance of issues and does not focus too much on any one problem. My personal favorite was an article about cosmetic surgery. The authors challenge the assumptions that it is natural for women to have cosmetic surgery, that there is one set view of "beauty," and that a woman's body is always in need of repair.
This reader is all about challenging assumptions. If you would like a more accurate view of the world, I would highly recommend this book. It certainly opened my eyes.

EAN: 9780205198283
Pages: 450
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Diana Kendall

Touching Classic

Book title: Watership Down
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Watership Down - book cover picture

When first being introduced to Watership Down I was nothing but skeptical. Talking rabbits seemed like a great thing to read if you had nothing better to do. I was dead wrong. I thought (at first) that I was wasting my time reading about talking rabbits. When I got into probally about the 3rd or 4th chapter I began to really get into the book. The bond between the rabbits is extraordinary. Their bond of friendship is unbreakable. Being a lover of many novels I highly recamend this classic. This story is unforgetable and is by far the best book that I have ever read.

EAN: 9780140039580
Pages: 478
Publisher: Penguin Books
Richard Adams

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