Captivating Book

Book title: A Beautiful Mind: A Biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr., Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, 1994
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
A Beautiful Mind: A Biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr., Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, 1994 - book cover picture

I read this book with great interest as I remembered my late husband talking about the genius and insanity of John Nash. My husband got his degree in mathematics, physics and chemistry from Univ. of Michigan about the same time as John Nash got his and he traveled in the same circles as Nash. He, like Nash, suffered from paranoid schizonphrenia and had a difficult life. I saw many, many parallels in their life histories and the insane genuises of the two men. I would love to know what has happened to Nash since the book was written. I thought the book was well written and very interesting. Being a layperson in the field of mathematics--her intensive research could put me off at times but I stuck with this part of it. I admire her for even tackling it and it does add to the whole picture of the John Forbes Nash so I felt it was needed. If you are interested in this field--go for it! It is a definite good read.

EAN: 9780571197187
Pages: 459
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Sylvia Nasar


Book title: Beloved
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Beloved - book cover picture

toni morrison is a genius. there is so much in this novel--it's drenched in symbolism and literally almost every sentence has a deeper meaning than the one it seems to have. if you can take the time to read it more than once and see how different themes connect, what different sections mean, i would definitely recommend it. but if you don't have time for more than a surface reading, i would still recommend it, because there's enough plot and beautiful writing to hold a reader's interest. either way, there is so much to learn in Beloved. it should be required reading for anybody who wants to better understand the history of our country.

EAN: 9780394535975
Pages: 288
Publisher: Knopf
Toni Morrison

The best guitar book you'll ever buy

Book title: Guitar Fretboard Workbook
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Guitar Fretboard Workbook - book cover picture

If you are a guitarist, beginner or advanced, this book will take your playing to another level. In addition to being easy to read (with a little humor thrown in), it may reinvent the way you think about the fretboard. If you are a guitar teacher, it will be an invaluable tool for your students. I've been playing for 16 years, and this book helped get me off the plateau I've been on for a long time. I plan on buying more of this guy's books.

EAN: 9780634049019
Pages: 80
Publisher: Musicians Institute Press

Great and Entertaining Read!

Book title: Desperation
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Desperation - book cover picture

I read this book in just a couple of days. I couldn't stop reading it. And I am one of those people who get bored quick on some stories. But not this one. This book although not the scariest of King's work is very suspensful. It will keep you turning the page just to see what happens next. I don't think King could write a bad book if he tried! This is something that could come only from King's "twisted" mind! This is a defenition of pure American Literature.

EAN: 9780451188465
Pages: 547
Publisher: Signet Book
Stephen King

An Excellent book!!! You won't be able to put it down!

Book title: The Long Patrol (Redwall, Book 10)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
The Long Patrol (Redwall, Book 10) - book cover picture

Another masterpeice! The Long Patrol is an exciting book of courage. The young Tammo who dreams of being apart of the Long Patrol sets out to make his dream come true. On the way he finds out what war is like when him and his new found friends, the long patrol, help to defend Redwall Abby in a desperate time of need. The Long Patrol is a fantastic book and I think that any one of any age should read it.

EAN: 9780399143847
Publisher: Philomel
Brian Jacques

Dig it!

Book title: Holes (Readers Circle)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Holes (Readers Circle) - book cover picture

The title of the book I read is Holes. The author is Louis Sachar. The problem is that a pair of shoes fell out of the sky and hit Stanley Yelnats right on the head. Then the police came and sent him to court. After, he had to go to Camp Green Lake and dig holes. Stanley had to stay there for 18 months. I would recommend this book to a friend who likes adventurous stories. I would rate this book five stars.

EAN: 9780440228592
Pages: 288
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Louis Sachar

Electricity of desire

Book title: The American Woman in the Chinese Hat
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The American Woman in the Chinese Hat - book cover picture

Catherine travels to France to write and to mourn her brother. Her lover Lola tells her she's now seeing someone else (briefly), and this sends Catherine into a depression. She sleeps indiscriminately with both women and men she encounters, acting out her detachment and self-destruction. She ends with Lucien, a man who's her equal in beauty, intelligence, and solitude. Their doomed affair must inevitably end, and each must regain their life back, hopefully before they destroy each other. Maso's style is lyrical and erotic, and is rooted in Gertrude Stein and Virginia Woolf. It's a novel of longing, of desire, of France, and of the world of writers. It also reminded me somewhat of Violette Leduc's work, where it's an honest, unflinching writing that does not shy away from personal pain. Quite electrifying.

EAN: 9780452275072
Pages: 224
Publisher: Plume
Carole Maso

Kernel of Truth

Book title: Gideon
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Gideon - book cover picture

Gideon is an excellent thriller. It is an easy fast read. Most people will read this book straight through. If you are a typical American, then you probably take our democracy for granted including the protections afforded to all Americans under the Bill of Rights. The subtext of this book is a wake up call as to what is happening in our country with globalization and these mega multi-billion dollar mergers. It is this kernel of truth, which has direct application to the upcoming election 2000.It is unusual for a book to be both thrilling, entertaining and informative all at the same time. Gideon accomplishes all of this and more. No doubt Gideon will be made into a movie in the near future. Put this book on your must read list. You won't regret it.

EAN: 9780345423467
Pages: 435
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Russell Andrews
David Handler

Love and laughter at its best!

Book title: Midnight Kisses (Time of Your Life)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Midnight Kisses (Time of Your Life) - book cover picture

If you're looking for a genuinely amusing character driven read you won't want to miss this one! The plot is pure fun and the characters are lovable. The sensual tension is intense and the romance develops at a believable pace. This one ranks right up there with Dara Joy's HIGH ENERGY, only it has a much smarter heroine. If you're in the mood for a fun, sexy read you can't go wrong with this one. It's the perfect book to settle in with after a long stressful day. END

EAN: 9780505523617
Pages: 400
Publisher: Love Spell
Kimberly Raye

Really Awesome Read!!

Book title: The Historian
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Historian - book cover picture

The book was the most interesting book I have read all year. I am an avid reader, mostly of fiction novels, and this is one of the best I have ever read. The way Elizabeth Kostova mixed different point of views through the use of letters and first-hand experiences to portray a world of mystery and suspense where horror becomes reality was truely a wonderful and unique style that I have yet to see in other writers. I would recommend this book to anyone with a thrist for suspenseful thrillers and a novel that envelopes the reader in a world truely beyond imagination.

EAN: 9780316011778
Pages: 656
Publisher: Little, Brown
Elizabeth Kostova

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