Best programming book I've read in a while

Book title: Programming C#
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Programming C# - book cover picture

This is an outstanding introduction to the language and some (but not necessarily all) implementation scenarios (windows forms, web forms, etc). Great review of fundamentals, too, which we all must pay attention to. Some reviewers complain that this isn't 'in-depth' enough. Well, C# is a new language for a new platform. Should one expect a writer to understand and examine the nuances, tips/tricks, etc. that typically characterize an 'in-depth' analysis? Not in my opinion. Instead, Jesse Liberty tells you what you need to know to be productive right away, in a clear, lucid style.

EAN: 9780596006990
Pages: 666
Publisher: O'Reilly
Jesse Liberty

Excellent undergraduate text

Book title: Problem Solving with C++: The Object of Programming, Fifth Edition
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Problem Solving with C++: The Object of Programming, Fifth Edition - book cover picture

I have looked over a good number of C++ books for several of the undergraduate courses I teach. The wrong introduction can turn students off a language for life. Finding an introductory book with just the right pitch and level of difficulty is difficult. Savitch's book seems to fit my needs in this respect. It is accessible, readable and the examples are clear enough for students to work through without having to look over their shoulders continuously. yes, it is a litle on the wordy side, but it is a small defect overall. If you will continue to use C++, Savitch is a firm foundation for moving on to other more advanced texts. The bottom line is that you have to start somewhere in learning programming and this is as good as I have seen in C++.

EAN: 9780321268655
Pages: 960
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Walter Savitch

Wonderfully engaging

Book title: The Child in Time (Collected Edition S.)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Child in Time (Collected Edition S.) - book cover picture

I have been a fan of McEwan's for years now and this novel did not dissapoint. It has so many interesting themes that there isn't a second to be bored. I was especially fascinated by the time travelling aspect of the book.The loss of Stephen's daughter and his subsequent disintigration is masterfully handled. The ending is very moving and beautifully portrayed. The one criticism I had was that after three years he became less obsessed with where his daughter was and whether she was alive or dead. I doubt any parent would rest until they found their child. I know I wouldn't. But all in all, a mesmerizing journey into Stephen's psyche.

EAN: 9780224052597
Pages: 320
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Ian McEwan

All-time Favorite

Book title: Julie of the Wolves (Julie of the Wolves)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Julie of the Wolves (Julie of the Wolves) - book cover picture

I read this book about 20 years ago when I chose it from the school reading list. For once I was eager to write the book report. It transported me. I can still picture the setting and remember Julie's connection with the wolves. The story was at times sobering and heartbreaking but that's what made it so real. Good stories reflect life--maybe not so much these days but in general. This one is going into MY shopping cart.

EAN: 9780060219437
Pages: 192
Publisher: HarperCollins
Jean Craighead George

Harry Potter: A wanted person

Book title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3) - book cover picture

Harry Potter starts his day like any other; eating half his breakfast while his rumbling rump of a cousin Dudley eats the rest. He gets scolded by his uncle for breathing incorrectly. But then, something happens to frighten them all. A highly dangerous murderer has just escaped from prison, but no one knows from which prison. Sirius Black, a fine wizard at one time, is now in hot persuit of young Harry Potter, but no one knows why.

EAN: 0038332164718
Pages: 448
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
J.K. Rowling

What a Talent!

Book title: Fall on Your Knees
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Fall on Your Knees - book cover picture

Ms. Mac Donald has done herself a disservice. How can her next novel match Fall on Your Knees? This book covers the first half of this century in a way that involves and indeed influences the characters. Yet the novel cannot be classified as historical.The author writes like an angel even if some of her characters are somewhat devilish. I liked the way the various sisters confronted or failed to confront their family influences. The descriptions of the New York jazz scene and the First World War were illuminating.This is one of the best novels of the 90's. The writer is certainly one of the new talents.

EAN: 9780224044844
Pages: 400
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Ann-Marie MacDonald

A Satifactional Book For Kids

Book title: Where the Red Fern Grows
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Where the Red Fern Grows - book cover picture

I loved W.T.R.F.G. Mr. Rawls was very descriptive in his writing. I love books like that! I also like it where he makes me cant wait to see what happens next. I think Rawls handled his element of imagery extremely well in this story. In almost every sentence he was apealing to the five senses. This book made me think about responsobility and its meaning. To me its that you fulfill to contribute to your responsobility. Like Billy would feed his dogs, hunt with his dogs, and exercises his dogs almost every day. I would recommend this book to a friend because they could also find a moral lesson in this story. If you want to grow up to be a strong, loving, and caring person, then you..... SHOULD READ THIS BOOOK!!!

EAN: 9780553274295
Pages: 256
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Wilson Rawls

Empowering Information

Book title: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - book cover picture

In this day and age, pregnancy and childbirth are treated as a disease to be remedied, not a natural part of life. This book helps women to realize the power that they can have over their own labor and delivery -- if they choose to.

Ina May doesn't whitewash the fact that difficult labors happen, that pain is a part of the process. But how you choose to approach your labor -- from a position of educated, prepared consumer or a helpless, "fix me, Doctor!" patient -- will affect the type of care that you receive.

I used the information in this book, along with "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way" and "Spiritual Midwifery" to prepare myself for a successful birth. And we had a wonderful birth experience, a midwife-assisted hospital delivery with no drugs.

EAN: 9780553381153
Pages: 368
Publisher: Bantam
Ina May Gaskin

Fascinating--a life changing book

Book title: Atlas Shrugged : 35th Anniversary Edition
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Atlas Shrugged : 35th Anniversary Edition - book cover picture

This is my favorite book--has been ever since I first read it. The characters are captivating--the story grabs you and doesn't let you go. And it has, as the person who first reccommended it to me put it, "this bitchin' philosophy!"Whatever you've heard about Ayn Rand--that she was controversial, that she inspires fanatasicm, that she was a genius, even that her ideas inspire hatred from college professors (and others who don't know any better)--read this book. See for yourself. This book isn't just "good" or just "inspiring." Describing it as a classic isn't even enough. This story is an epic, an American legend.Read it--you'll like it, if you aren't a loser. ;)

EAN: 0050553039002
Pages: 1200
Publisher: Dutton Adult
Ayn Rand

History at a different level

Book title: Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age - book cover picture

Rites of Spring and M. Eksteins changed the way that i viewed history. After attending his classes and reading this book, the way in which i viewed history changed dramatically. I no longer looked at history as times, dates and events that occured, but a living and breathing entity. The power that Herr Eksteins displays in his writing is the same passionate energy that he displayed in his lectures at U of T; he has the ability bringing history alive, both tragedy and triumph. Through his analysis of culture and life that existed in the trenches and hell of WWI he changed the way history is studied. I think that all students who are passionate about the history of the 20th century should have to read this book.

EAN: 9780395498569
Pages: 396
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company
Modris Eksteins

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