As good as always

Book title: Asterix and Caesar's Gift
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Library Binding
Asterix and Caesar's Gift - book cover picture

in this book, a soldier that finished his 20 years in the army is given land as a good0bye gift. Ofcourse, its asterixs village. he sells it to a bartender for some drinks, and the bartender takes his family out there. They are suprised to find the village is inhabited, and they had been tricked-the land never belonged to anyone but the people of the village! they decide to just move into the empty inn there. Lots of things follow: the bartenders wife is so mad at impedimenta, she makes her husband run against vitalstatistix for chief, obelix tries his best to impress Zaza, the daughter of the bartender, romans attack the village, and much more. You gotta read this book!

EAN: 9780340215883
Publisher: French & European Pubns
R. Goscinny
M. Uderzo

Great strategic insights

Book title: The Innovator's Dilemma (HarperBusiness Essentials)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Innovator's Dilemma (HarperBusiness Essentials) - book cover picture

Christensen brilliantly makes the point that poor management is not always the cause of company failure. Often, even top-notch management is insufficient for survival in a technology environment. I highly recommend this book for every manager who is responsible for strategic decisions in technology-driven markets. Once the strategy is established, I recommend the book Survival of the Smartest as a guide to executing the strategy.

EAN: 9780060521998
Pages: 320
Publisher: Collins
Clayton M. Christensen

very informative - a must read if you have sensitive skin

Book title: A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients : Fifth Edition (Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients : Fifth Edition (Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients) - book cover picture

yes this book does tell you what purposes many of the ingredients have. for example, "as an emolient", "as a thickening agent", "a preservative", etc. this book is a consumer's guide, not a text book teaching you about chemistry and cosmetic formulation, so there's no need to be too technical. i have very sensitive skin that's prone to allergies. i used to waste a lot of money on cosmetics because almost everything will give me rashes. when i was tested by an allergist i was reacting to every single sensitizer i received. now i use this guide to learn about ingredients and sort through the vast inventory of beauty products to find the right one. i just bought a newly updated version as the older version did not cover all the newest ingredients.

EAN: 9780609803677
Pages: 480
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
Ruth Winter

A vivid picture of a long-lost way of life

Book title: Little House (9 Books, Boxed Set)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Little House (9 Books, Boxed Set) - book cover picture

I was given this set of books as a child by my aunt, and they are dog-eared from many years of use. As an adult, I plan to introduce my children to these stories to show them how life was many years ago, in a simpler time. I have always felt kind of envious of Laura's life - how she experienced and appreciated life to its fullest in a family of limited means. I hope my children get the same sense of the importance of family and nature and happiness, rather than material wealth.

EAN: 9780064400404
Publisher: HarperTrophy
Laura Ingalls Wilder

As Polished As A Gem From Tiffany & Co.

Book title: A Certain Age
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
A Certain Age - book cover picture

A Certain Age is a novel that fits that famous line: "The book that fulfills the author's early promise." Tama Janowitz has, to state it even more simply, written her most accomplished work to date.Her story of a young professional woman's spiral down on the outskirts of Manhattan's high society is as funny as her previous work, yet it contains a mature tone that questions the artificial, materialistic values her main character worships. A tragic comedy of manners and mishaps, A Certain Age is also a social critique as spot on and effective as Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho and Jay McInerney's Brightness Falls.Ms. Janowitz continues to have great comic timing in humorous situations set at parties, shops, and auction houses. This novel also benefits from total control from start to finish. A Certain Age is a novel as polished as a gem from Tiffany & Co.

EAN: 9780385496100
Pages: 336
Publisher: Doubleday
Tama Janowitz

The fishing boat of Galilee

Book title: The Sea of Galilee Boat: An Extraordinary 2000 Year Old Discovery
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Sea of Galilee Boat: An Extraordinary 2000 Year Old Discovery - book cover picture

People have wondered what the fishing boat of Jesus looked like there have been many interesting drawings of what the apostle's boat looked like. The Kinneret boat (the official name for this ancient vessel) was in use around the time of Jesus and might well have represent a typical craft used by Jewish fishermen in the time of New Testament.This book has complete plans for the Galilee boat as well as a photograph ofa model of this vessel depicting what the fishing boat looked liked when afloat and in action on Galilee.

EAN: 9780306449505
Pages: 420
Publisher: Plenum Pr
Shelley Wachsmann

This is just as wonderful as all the other B-T books.

Book title: Betsy's Wedding (Betsy-Tacy Books)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Betsy's Wedding (Betsy-Tacy Books) - book cover picture

My mother first read the Betsy-Tacy books when she was a little girl (born in 1936). I bought her all the available ones for a Mother's Day gift. I discovered the first Betsy-Tacy in our school's library and read it to my third graders. The first day they made me read the first FOUR chapters!!! I "borrowed" my mother's copies and within the course of one month, I have read all except for Betsy in Spite of Herself (it wasn't in stock)--including Betsy's Wedding in two days' time. I couldn't put it down. I have been allowed to inhabit a wonderful, beautiful world that I didn't want to leave. It makes married life sound so wonderful. Maud Hart Lovelace does an excellent job of creating an entire world--the details, the big picture and everything in between.

EAN: 9780064405447
Pages: 260
Publisher: HarperTrophy
Maud Hart Lovelace

The Best of Many New Liberal Titles

Book title: Bushwhacked : Life in George W. Bush's America
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Bushwhacked : Life in George W. Bush's America - book cover picture

If you are only going to read one of the many new liberal titles out these days, read this one. Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose have written a book that attacks the Bush administration from a new and different direction. Their aim is to explain how the President's policies affect ordinary people, so they go into areas that authors like Al Franken and Joe Conason don't. I enjoyed those contributions to this genre too, but this is a book that might might convince an independent or a Republican to vote for the Democratic ticket in 2004. Liberals should give it to their apolitical friends at Christmas time. By the time they're done, they'll be mad too.

EAN: 9780375507526
Pages: 368
Publisher: Random House
Molly Ivins
Lou Dubose

Extremely insightful

Book title: Conscious Loving : The Journey to Co-Committment
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Conscious Loving : The Journey to Co-Committment - book cover picture

Although I found the title so trite and cloying that I almost didn't want to read this book, I find myself having to agree with a previous reviewer that this is one of the best books on relationships I've ever read. It is extremely insightful, fair, and practical -- if you can really listen and accept what they have to say. While I was reading, I found myself wanting to stop and take notes and examine my attitudes and past programming about relationships. I'm to buy copies or it for friends, and I'm so glad that an intimate friend passed it along to me to read.

EAN: 9780553354119
Pages: 304
Publisher: Bantam
Gay Hendricks
Kathlyn Hendricks

Great little pocket mentor

Book title: A Ph.D. Is Not Enough: A Guide to Survival in Science
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
A Ph.D. Is Not Enough: A Guide to Survival in Science - book cover picture

I bought this book while as a master's student considering the PhD and research track, and it really opened my eyes to the work ahead. The book is interesting, well written, and full of useful advice for making yourself a valued property in today's competitive PhD market. I credit this book with helping me to follow a track that has me now happily employed in academia. So of course I heatily recommend the book to anyone considering a position in research of academia.

EAN: 9780201626636
Pages: 109
Publisher: Perseus Books Group
Peter J. Feibelman

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Da Vinci Code no knock-off, court rules (Stuff)
Da Vinci Code effect 'could spell disaster' for Rosslyn (The Scotsman)
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Court Sees No Copyright Infringement by 'Da Vinci Code' (

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