Book title: The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide - book cover picture

This is by far the greatest set of books in the history of the Universe. It so amazingly clever and satirical that you can't help but laugh out loud. If you know someone who's read the book and says it didn't make any sense and that that made it no good to read, that just means that they are so incompetent that they don't even get the whole "trashing human kind" deal going on. It's not supposed to make sense. If it did, I don't think it would sell so good. Nonetheless, it is the greatest set of books the Universe has ever, and will ever see. If you don't read it, then Vogons will destory the Earth because of your lack of intelect. (You have to have read the book to get the Vogon thing, so many of you will now buy the book just to know what I meant by that, in which case you will end of reading the rest of the book and recommend it to everyone you know.)

EAN: 9780517149256
Pages: 832
Publisher: Wings
Douglas Adams

great book

Book title: Freak The Mighty (Scholastic Signature)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Freak The Mighty (Scholastic Signature) - book cover picture

this story is basically about a boy who doesnt have many friends, but meets one later on in his life. that boy is Max. he's not very normal.hes actually pretty tall and big.one day he meets this boy whos really small because of the disease he has. its a disease where your organs grow faster then the rest of your body,or bones.that boy was kevin,who was often called freak.they go on quests together, with kevin on max's shoulders, until one day something terrible happends to max's friend kevin.Overall, this was a great and sad story.

EAN: 9780439286060
Pages: 176
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Rodman Philbrick

Think insects are boring? Think again.

Book title: Buzzwords: A Scientist Muses on Sex, Bugs, and Rock 'n' Roll
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Buzzwords: A Scientist Muses on Sex, Bugs, and Rock 'n' Roll - book cover picture

Let's start simply. This is a great book. It's not a great book in the way 'War and Peace' is a great book. It's great in the way 'Calvin and Hobbes' was a great comic strip, or 'Monty Python' was a great TV show. It's about insects - wait, don't run away. Buzzwords looks at our world's bugs, and those who study them, from a different point of view than you're used to. This is no high-school science class book. This is a high-school locker room book. Its topics range from calculating termite farts to what educators could learn from porno titles. It does have a few more standard scientific parts, but no chapter will leave you without several good laughs. If you're at all into insects, so much the better. Not only can you steal a few good jokes from Ms Berenbaum (I'm a fan of her puns, like the chapter titled 'Supoenas Envy), but you can show everyone that entomology can be very cool indeed. A must have for fans of either laughter or bugs.

EAN: 9780309068352
Pages: 320
Publisher: National Academies Press
M. Berenbaum
May R. Berenbaum

The Best Story written by Judy Blume

Book title: Summer Sisters
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Summer Sisters - book cover picture

I love all the books that are written by Judy Blume, but my favourite one is this new one--Summer Sisters. It is a story filled with mixture of happiness and sadness, love and friendship. The story talks about two woman in the process of being a child, to a teenage, to young woman. Through the summers, love and friendship had gave the two woman hope and future. The end was quite sad, when one of them died. I definately reccomend Summer Sisters to ANOYONE who loves to read!

EAN: 9780440226437
Pages: 399
Publisher: Dell
Judy Blume

Clear, concise - one of the best books on pricing algorithms

Book title: Modeling Derivatives in C++ (Wiley Finance)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Modeling Derivatives in C++ (Wiley Finance) - book cover picture

This is a brilliant book - It is encyclopedic when it comes to pricing algorthms and very clear in its presentation. A point to note is that even though it covers a lot of background material, to understand the code, I would recomend that you need to understand the underlying mathematics to some degree before launching into this book. Also this is not a C++ tutorial book. Nevertheless this is a fantastic reference and I have used a lot of its examples to help with my work - a must for people interested or working in the field of quant finance

EAN: 0723812667086
Pages: 768
Publisher: Wiley
Justin London

My favorite read of the year

Book title: The Last Day
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Last Day - book cover picture

I've never bothered to take the time to review a book before, but this one certainly warrants the effort. I am immensely impressed with this author and the quality of thought that went into this work. The research is massive and impressive. The writing is absolutely wonderful and moving. And the story is so very unique, I don't know what to compare it to. This is definitely the finest novel I've read this year, one of the best ever. I'm taking the liberty of awarding it six stars: ******

EAN: 9780446605984
Pages: 624
Publisher: Warner Vision
Glenn Kleier

A Legend for Our Times

Book title: Pope Joan : A Novel (Ballantine Reader's Circle)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
Pope Joan : A Novel (Ballantine Reader's Circle) - book cover picture

Fact or legend, the lesson of Pope Joan is the same for us. Church policy toward women still has all the medieval murkiness that is so appalling in Donna Cross's book. The author has been faulted for projecting 20th-century feminist sensibilities into her narrative, but that is one of its strengths. This is a powerful retelling of a legend in terms our generation can understand. What more, or better, can a novelist do?The book itself is a delight: An enormously sympathetic, and yet enigmatic, heroine; powerful, evocative language; and a compelling narrative. The portrayal of a woman making her own way in the Dark Ages in many ways equals that in Sigrid Undset's masterpiece, Kristin Lavransdatter (a book that is highly recommended for Pope Joan fans). I was surprised, pleasantly, to see the passion in so many of the reader comments here; I don't feel alone now in my admiration for this book.

EAN: 9780345416261
Pages: 448
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Donna Cross

The Eye of the Review

Book title: The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time, Book 1)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time, Book 1) - book cover picture

This book which I hold very closely to me is being attacked by many reviewers as being tedious, non-imaginative and some even say that there isn't any characterization. What is wrong with you people, I suggest you read the book and stop thinking about Tolkien and then you'll see that even though it does seem a little bit tolkienish it's so much better.
Also, the ending is not weird, probably, all of this novels appear to end in a happy ending or something where the fights keep on going or the evil ceases for a while. Well, I think that this is one of the most realistic endings of a fantasy series that I have read in a long, long time.

EAN: 9780312850098
Pages: 688
Publisher: Tor Books
Robert Jordan

A Book for the Teenage Soul....

Book title: Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: 101 Stories of Life, Love and Learning (Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul (Paperback Health Communications))
Rating: 5/5
Binding: School & Library Binding
Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: 101 Stories of Life, Love and Learning (Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul (Paperback Health Communications)) - book cover picture

Every teenager should read this book. It's an ensamble of stories by different teens from all over the world and I can guarentee that you will relate to at least one. They deal with anything and everything a young adult has to face during the toughest years of their life. Containing stories from celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt, A.J. Langer, Bill Cosby, Jennie Garth, and more, it proves to be a memorable book that will stay in your heart forever.

EAN: 9780613069144
Publisher: Rebound by Sagebrush
Jack Canfield


Book title: The Missing Piece Meets the Big O 25th Anniversary Edition
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Missing Piece Meets the Big O 25th Anniversary Edition - book cover picture

I'm a student from South America....who received the book
as a gift and inspiration for the better understanding of the
purpose of real love and sharing through life. I even discovered during a radio station interview ,through which
I had the oportunity to transmit some of my experiences;
that many people like the brief,didactic, concise and magnific idea Mr. Silverstein wanted to share.The world
needs it.The whole world should have the oportunity to
read it. Thanks for the spirit of transformation and beauty

EAN: 9780060256579
Pages: 104
Publisher: HarperCollins

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