100% Koontz

Book title: Seize the Night
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Seize the Night - book cover picture

Many will say this novel was unrealistic, too fantastical, or not believable at all. This is where the fear lies. We are frightened by what we don't understand or don't expect. We are frightened by what we think can never happen. Dean Koontz intensifies the fear by putting into a realistic setting, with very realistic characters, and a super-charged plot. Dean Koontz is the master of our time. As a novelist, I have regarded Koontz to be my silent, distance mentor. He is one artist who's got it where it counts/

EAN: 9780553106657
Pages: 416
Publisher: Bantam
Dean Koontz

It's just a book.

Book title: A Course in Miracles (Course in Miracles)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
A Course in Miracles (Course in Miracles) - book cover picture

The people who are bashing this book don't seem to have any real peace based on their degrading judgements, so that alone makes it hard to want to take their word for it. Maybe they think by giving this book such a bad review that they're actually helping others, but it sounds more like frustration that they still haven't found what they're looking for. In truth even if *you* hated this book it does not mean that others can't find some (or a lot of) good in it. Afterall, don't we learn more from our mistakes? If this book is a mistake find out of yourself don't take the opinion of someone else as more important than your own

EAN: 9780670869756
Pages: 1312
Publisher: Viking Adult
Foundation for Inner Peace


Book title: A Prayer for Owen Meany
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
A Prayer for Owen Meany - book cover picture

I read this book about three years ago and absolutely loved it. Just recently, a good friend of mine said he was in the middle of a wonderful book, and low and behold, it was Owen. Thus my brain was triggered and I couldn't get the baseball, armadillo, and tombstone out of my mind, so I looked it up on this site. Just reading the reviews set me to tears, and as soon as I finish writing this review I am going to pick up that diamond among novels and reread it. I LOVE OWEN MEANY.

EAN: 9780552993692
Publisher: Transworld Pub
John Irving

The plot wickedly twists and turns in a most exciting way.

Book title: The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, Book 1)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, Book 1) - book cover picture

Lyra and the number of other characters in the book really made the story come alive. The plot wickedly twisted and turned but was not so confusing as say "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" series. I thought it was cool that you suspected the wrong people until to late. I also thought it was cool that they don't describe in great detail any super gory deaths. It was mostly clean good action.

EAN: 9780440418320
Pages: 399
Publisher: Yearling
Philip Pullman

Easy to use, yet very complex

Book title: Osho Zen Tarot : The Transcendental Game Of Zen
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Misc. Supplies
Osho Zen Tarot : The Transcendental Game Of Zen - book cover picture

Even beginning tarot readers will find this deck easy to read. The essential meaning of the card is printed directly on it, eliminating the need to continually refer to the book for the meaning. But at the same time, the details of the card are intricately designed. You notice something new about a card each time you look at it. Something as insignificant as the presence of a grasshopper could completely change the way you see the card and its overall meaning. The artwork is outstanding with plentiful use of bright colors contrasted with blacks and grays. My favorite card is the "We are the world" card, which shows a ring of rainbow-colored people dancing around the earth, set on a black background. This is a thought-provoking deck that will cause all who encounter it to think more deeply about their lives.

EAN: 9780312117337
Pages: 192
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Suvival guide for couples in the 1990's

Book title: Couples
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
Couples - book cover picture

A great read. If you ever wondered why some couples stick together happly for 60 years and some couples only last two weeks, this is where you will find the answers. Cline has interviewed a great variety of couples, from the infamous/famous/artistic/scientific, from those who met in the Bronx 70 years ago to those who met in a London bar three months ago. Single readers will find out what to look for, couples may find out ways to make a good thing last. Cline's refreshingly unintrusive style lets us gain real insight into the lives of contemporary couples.

EAN: 9780316644846
Pages: 400
Publisher: Little Brown
Sally Cline


Book title: Wild Swans : Three Daughters of China
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Audio Cassette
Wild Swans : Three Daughters of China - book cover picture

I read this book 3 years ago when I first moved to China. The book made its way through the expat community in the city Xiamen where I was living. I picked it up with little enthusiasm, but couldn't put it down. When I finished it, I gave it to my husband and then he gave it to his mother who gave it to his father. I often asked Chinese friends whether they had read the book, but since it is not published in China, most had not read it. I would then ask them about their or their mother's experiences during the Cultural Revolution. Almost to a person, they confirmed what Jung Chang told about in her book. I believe this book should be required reading for anyone going to spend any amount of time in China or for anyone interested in the China of yesterday or today. Don't be put off by the size of the book or the fact that it was written as a disertation. It is a truely excellent book.

EAN: 9780001047280
Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Ltd
Jung Chang

Funniest Book I've Ever Read

Book title: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Paperback
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe - book cover picture

As good as The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy is, this book is better. It's longer, more unpredictable, even weirder, and certainly funnier. I lost count of how many times I laughed out loud during the course of reading this book. It is quite simply the funniest book I have EVER read. In this book such improbable (not to mention hilarous) situations as a computer trying to make tea, the disclosure of the identity of the man who rules the universe (he lives in a shack), a restaurant where you are served just as the universe is about to end, and more pop up. Read this book, it's a riot. When you read the first book in the series you'll like it and want more, and The Restaurant At The End of the Universe will satisfy your cravings... and then some. Unless, of course, you forget to bring your towel.

EAN: 9780330262132
Publisher: Pan Books Ltd
Douglas Adams

The Lost Boy

Book title: The Lost Boy: A Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family
Rating: 5/5
Binding: School & Library Binding
The Lost Boy: A Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family - book cover picture

No person should have to suffer what David did and after reading "A Child Called It " I wanted to see what would happen to him. When the school board finaly got involved I was glad to see what they would do to help David. I was kept on the edge of my seat the whole time watching this youg boy trying to find someone to love him. You wont be able to put the book down once you start, you will see that love really can make a diffrence.

EAN: 9780613173537
Publisher: Rebound by Sagebrush
Dave Pelzer

A bad But brilliant Beginning

Book title: The Trouble Begins: A Box of Unfortunate Events, Books 1-3 (The Bad Beginning; The Reptile Room; The Wide Window)
Rating: 5/5
Binding: Hardcover
The Trouble Begins: A Box of Unfortunate Events, Books 1-3 (The Bad Beginning; The Reptile Room; The Wide Window) - book cover picture

I think his books are brilliant i really enjoy reading them! i read the first book at my local library club and became hooked.I recently saw the film of it count olaf was brilliant in it but not as sly as i imagined him in the book and his house wasn't as grim as i thought all though it was indeed grim and in the film it doesn't show one of the important details from book one when they children go to the neighbours house and look at her law books.However the author should keep up the good work and will we be seeing a book 12?

EAN: 0046594032973
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Lemony Snicket

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